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  1. Couldn’t agree more Padders, like I say, if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it Our bodies will let us know
  2. :hihi: Are you for real Let me just say this, I am a very healthy person, never had flu, never had a day off sick in 14 years of working amongst sick people every day....must have built up an immunity to all these diseases I guess So I will not be having the flu jab, don’t need it, don’t want it If ain’t ain’t broke don’t fix it eh......Unlike your brain, looks like needs sharpening :loopy:
  3. Back to the flu jab I’m offered it every year at work, never had it, never had the flu thank god Please don’t call folk like us scaremongering for not wanting it, I think it’s the other way round we are scaremongerd into having it No thank you
  4. You are obviously happy to be injected with the vaccine then Why ridicule people who choose not to have it for whatever reason
  5. I work in a gp surgery, I overheard a gp talking to a sweet old lady 93 years old, not on any medication at all He said you are amazing and whatever you are doing you are doing it right, so carry on as you are, I don’t want to put you on any medication because once you are in the system that’ll be it I can only presume he meant if you go on a tablet for say blood pressure or cholesterol you are ‘in the system’ That means recalls for check ups and blood tests and tablets for the rest of your life, and we just keep having the tests taking the tablets because we are told that’s what to do Obviously someone making money from all these prescription drugs, so why would they not want us in the system for all the repeat business
  6. Absolutely agree Once you are in the system, they got you for good
  7. The quorn lasagne is quite delicious, I prefer it to the meat version tbh
  8. Looking back on this thread from 4 years ago, I can now feel a shift going the vegetarian way Just going round supermarkets recently the once little corner of the shelf with the vegetarian stuff tucked away has now become big news The quorn range is now quite large and to be honest though expensive is quite delicious And the supermarkets are doing their own ranges so it’s certainly catching on There is still some way to go but I can feel this way of eating is going to get huge in the next 10 years.....hopefully Vegan restaurants are also becoming more popular Looking forward to it to be honest
  9. Yeah why isn’t it called ....nhyresdfv ...because we wouldn’t friggin know what the hell that meant lol ---------- Post added 29-09-2018 at 22:57 ---------- I ponder this all the time Padders...
  10. Never seen you, how do I know you are even a real person ---------- Post added 29-09-2018 at 22:43 ---------- Exactly, who made up these words we call language, 26 letters in the alphabet and everything we say is made up of these 26 letters .... and yet we live our lives made up of just 26 letters...bizarre really
  11. How do you know you actually exist, first of all if you didn’t exist then neither would the universe, think about that
  12. They all seemed quite content though, perhaps they have no choice...they didn’t look as though they were starving to be honest The men get 5 litres of free beer a month
  13. Hi Jane, long time no see lol Hope you keeping well xx
  14. No obesity, no fast food places, no mobile phones, hardly any traffic, not sure about the airport though ?
  15. What a great 2 part series, what a bizzare country N Korea is Makes you think, being controlled might not be that bad Let’s face it who is more controlled us here or the N Koreans ... mm
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