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  1. Should have mentioned, out of curiousity I installed this OS (32 bit version) on an old Samsung NC10 (2GB ram) and I dont tjhink it has ever run so fast
  2. Or maybe Neverwares Cloudready version of Chromium https://www.neverware.com/freedownload
  3. Flash drive problem solved using Partition Manager. Thanks to you all for your advice/help
  4. You have it right I have looked in disk managment and here is the result click here http://postimg.cc/hQdyhXPX How do I repartion please
  5. I have just unsuccessfully tried using two Kingston 8GB flash drives to install 64 bit and then 32 bit a copy of the Cloudready operating system onto to an old Samsung NC10 laptop. The problem I hit is that it was installing the USA version of the keyboard and not showing a method of swiching to the UK version. After I gave up trying to install the OS I formatted both flash drives to clean them out (and there is nothing showing in them) but instead of getting the 8GB back they both show a capacity of only 63.8MB and this only what they will accept. Anyone know how to get the 8GB back. Thanks
  6. I know that at this time of year the depot is always busy but is there a quietish period ,if so could someone tell me which day/time please Thanks
  7. If so, tell her that her lost bus pass in the bus shelter outside of Swallownest Coop has been handed over to a First bus driver and may finish up at SYPT
  8. I can remember a Sam and Lil (car'nt remember who was on the piano) at the Minerva they also held talent nights, that must have been mid to late 1950s
  9. I may be wrong about this because I am thinking back around 50/60 years but I seem to remember a Jack Scholfield buying fruit and veg in Parkway fruit market. Did he own a fruit and veg shop around the 1960/1970s
  10. I have had no problem with this site https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/cheapenergyclub
  11. I think I saw some 60 and 100w in Handsworth Asda earlier this week while looking to stock up (with no luck) for some old type 60w candle bulbs.
  12. If its possible how about one of these https://www.mymemory.co.uk/integral-120gb-p-series-5-sata-iii-ssd-drive-560mb-s.html?wgu=711_116019_15388030267001_3784a07008&wgexpiry=1546579026&source=Webgains
  13. Around 1939 the lower Manor Estate had inside bathrooms (an offshoot of the kitchen) and a inside toilet, I also seem to remember a small coal place next to the toilet in a short corridor that was a offshoot through the back door. Every room except the living room (coal fired) was cold in winter Click on this link for more https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manor,_South_Yorkshire Whoops, I did not use the quote button, this post is a reply for "ianparkin"
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