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  1. Thanks for the kind word about Earnest, he was my uncle and also my Godparent. He was a bit of a character, he used to take me everywhere when I was a kid.
  2. In the late sixties I knew a girl called Linda Harben, her parents had two dress shops on Middlewood Road. One was in the Hillsborough shopping center, the other was further along opposite the Park Cinema. I think she now lives in Florida.
  3. No, I know John Reaney. It was John Moyse who had SMC, he used to work at Brook Shaws.
  4. That's right, think his name was Cecil, he used to chain smoke Park Drive cigarettes. He used to light one up, put it down somewhere while he was doing something forget about it , then light another one up. They had a beer off on City Road when the shop was demolished.
  5. Used to know Stuart Ward whose parents had the beer off shop on the corner of Springvale Road.
  6. Drove past the bottom of the lane today, there is a sign that says Blind Bull opening in spring. Hope they make a success of it
  7. Surprised he's lasted this long given the life he's led. When he was in Cream with Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton they were the first so called Supergroup, and rightly so, watch the video live at the Albert Hall think it was 1968. Fantastic group to say there was only the three of them.
  8. Janet Marsden, she used to live at the end of Newall Road. Once gave her a lift to London. Late sixties.
  9. It's now fireworks month. As always its the minority that spoil it for the majority. Time to ban them, or at least the ones that explode.
  10. Make sure your underpants are clean, in case you get knocked down.
  11. See a doctor immediately, I think Jos needs to see a psychiatrist.
  12. Mr Chansiri has got it wrong, he said we are a club vying for promotion to the Premier League. We are a club vying for relegation to League One. No goals, no points, no chance.
  13. Didn't have a good feeling before the start of last season, this season feels worse!
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