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  1. i live in chesterfield, and we have scrapmen are coming around once a week looking for what ever they can get. a bit like the old ragman who would give you a ballon or a toy. these blokes come in their pick up van and just take what might be lieing about xxx
  2. hi my names steven belk, we moved on the estate from pitsmoor in 1960 in april 1960 me my 2 brothers and 1 . there names were michael. and david and my sister susan, we all stayed there untill we started work, when we moved on the valley we couldn't believe how great it was all grass, trees and woodland we would often go to the stream to see if we could find any thing but alas no there were frogs and lots of frog spawn there were thousands of them we woud take as much as we could carry in any container we could find we had loads of these tiny animals put them in a wash bowl untill they hatched we did have some success and reared them to adulthood bot most perishished we were proud parents for a couple of week, the odd newt was il there were people coming from all over europe to see what a great job the council, had done the best in britain, i'm afraid it's gone adrift since the 90s, it wants bringingback to what it was like. don't let idiots destroy a model estaste, like i said at the begining we moved there in 1960 and some of the family still live there, I am the eldest Belk of that genaration left my dad charley, diein in 1999 and mum died in december last year
  3. if you ever get up to juction 31 on M1get off Motorway there and make your way round the round about at barlbourgh and head go to dobbies garden ce it we went to leelly bathats then up the hill to the cafe great stuff told us it wa good for the brainentre theree and go and have a look round all the shops they have there from cotton trader, shoe shops mobility aids shop and lots more if you go into dobbires farm shop. they supply all kinds of gifts books clothing furnishing a tropical, marine, and cold water fish there along with equiment aquariums all sorts of stuf but back to your original question they sell saraprella in the farm shop sure will be able to buy lots of bottles worth a try a used to grow up on the stuff we would go to a caf'e in heeley and one londodon road on the left going up ust before thee old cinema i loved it. good luck in your quest regards steve
  4. thats an easy one go round tesso's with a brush and shovel just before they close and sweap the butchers floor and you can make as many as you can make watch out for sawdust though x
  5. how much does it cost to have botox in my wifes lips i want to buy it for her for christmas and can you recmend a clinic chesterfield pref of sheffield at a push regard steve
  6. i know these mirrors are expensive.and it would have been an accident put i think you should put it down to experience
  7. yes it's the old midland station, you cant miss it with the waterfall in that sculpture beets the old one that was there for years, think it was called the dyson fountain after the the late very late sidney dyson fountain who was an alderman for shessield for many years
  8. not many i would have thought. one day a couple of years ago my wife and me decided we would go over and have a fish and chip supper, we got there at late tea time when we got there nearly all the eateries were closed or about to, we ended up getting a buger from a sea front burger stall then we went home, cold and hungry oh bugger x
  9. hi forumers do any of you know if owt is going on in sheffield and surronding area tomorrow and the following day i'm a bit bored and need some where to go that don't cost and a leg. also does any one know of a good hypnotherpist in sfefeld, chesterfield
  10. sorry forumers out there, but the idia of having an ikea on the streets of sheffeld is a nonon starter. they would like nothing batter then to build a superstore here but the council think we have to many of these kind of outlets, we need fresh blood to come into south yours,just how many B&Qs etc can south yorks support. the powers that be should find a big enough site to accomodate the population of south yorks . think the defuncted sheffield air port that land you could build the bigest mart in britain on all that land there's enough to build a large town there
  11. i am disabled and use a scooter to get round. i see many abled bodied taking their dogd for a walk at night they do it at night hoping no one will see them leave their dos turds an the pavement or grass they dont give a toss about the mess when i take my dog for a walk before bed i hold him with one hand or tie him to the steering joy stock, if he goes down for a crap i have a poop scoop with aa plastic bag on it so i can get rid of the mess in a bog bin which are every where no excuse is there
  12. for sre we got one going on now at 2pmm thursday afternoon 16/06. the worst one my wife and me had gone for a walk at forge dam we had been gone about half an hour, and started to make our way way back. i looked up at the sky and all we could see was this giant black cloud in front of us then it turned a strange yellowish colour then i turneded purplish the heavwns opened as that time neithe of us had a coat on only t shirt, and shorts my wife wore the same thing. then the rain came down so hardwe ended up taking ouw tops off my wife had only her bra on and me my shorts the amasing thing was then walking back along the path. well out of the undergroth dead leaves and bank out came hundreds if not thousands of frogs and toads we got back to the car and started to drive put as cars came by all we could hear was the popping of frogs and toads thats the worst stom i've been through
  13. try the carribeen, or the whole sale fruit market or your local grocer or tesco to get em for you
  14. the best thing to do is have your post redirected to your locfal post office and pick it up your self, have you got some where the secret the post could go maybe a cupboard or box, have it dwlivered to your mums or even under a door mat mky posty puts my mail in a cupboard next to front door thats locked but surey this is up to the royal mail to make sure its delivered safely and for them to replace any damaged item tell them there was £500 quid in the envelope and your claINING IT BACK OFF THEM. I THOUGHT ALL MAIL BELONGED TO THE QUEEN SO ASK HER FOR IT BACK
  15. google micks garages they will get it even if they dont stock it, and reasonable prices
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