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  1. lol cycleracer i dont mind getting you a beer
  2. i wish you could have a meet when i come over from canada i am here for 3 weeks i come over on the 7th sept and go back to canada on the 27th sept i would love to see you all
  3. in 1975 nora was to old to have a baby she was old in 1964 do you have the same nora
  4. i am coming over from canada in a few weeks i was hoping to meet all of you i will be only here for 3 weeks so let me know if you can come and meet me i will let you knw the date whould love to meet you all
  5. i do hope i can make it over in time dont know what date i am coming yet
  6. thank you for all that info i will let you all know when i stop big hugs to all
  7. you know what jon your so right they would have
  8. good web site thanks for telling us about it
  9. yes we can but never had any will try it i will be in sheffield soon and if i like it will get it there
  10. what kind of drink do you like the most it can be any mine is coke if i go out it will be dry white wine are rye&coke
  11. just to see if we had some of the same friends in the past and we might even meet one one here
  12. would you like to go to the moon and if so what would you take with you
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