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  1. pintor

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    And Burnley reputedly willing to pay £15 for Craig Dawson!
  2. pintor

    Daniel James

    They are in talks to sign him according to BBC site, although this site is more interested in women's football news than mens!
  3. pintor

    Jeremy Kyle Show, suspended after guest dies.

    Like big brother, they just want someone to have it of with a housemate and the novelty has gone, And in the jungle they want someone to peg out with a bite or choke to death, shear sensationalism!
  4. Flitcroft gone at Mansfield !
  5. pintor

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    Hooper,Matias, Boyd,Pudil,Jones & Abdi leaving owls
  6. pintor

    Congratulations Liverpool

    All this money in the game, doesn't guarantee success, its got to be spent wisely
  7. pintor

    Electric socket

    Thanks everyone, sorted now!
  8. pintor

    Electric socket

    Got an old socket in the house with green, red & brown/black wires to it, can anyone tell me if its earth, live ,neutral, or what combo, thanks
  9. pintor

    Back pain

    I've suffered from back pain most of my life, tried massage, heat treatments, creams etc but the best thing that worked for me was developing my own stretching exercises, done them for 30 years now, . I don't get back ache as often, so I guess it works for me, but not necessarily for others
  10. pintor

    Owls transfer rumours 2019/20

    Might be injured!😉😂
  11. pintor

    Rat in the Garden

    I had one in my garden last year, didn't know of it till, I found it dead under a tree, big bugger n 'all it was!, not seen one since, thankfully!
  12. pintor

    Owls transfer rumours 2019/20

    Played in German second division, never played in Bundesliga
  13. pintor

    The price of football tickets

  14. pintor

    Look North

    Not a fan of look l..ds or calender with that awful Duncan bloke, but fair to LN thay did a decent job on the blades parade
  15. pintor

    BLADES memories

    Remember Ludlam, steve I think?. Used to go with my mate in the John st stand, and stand at the front under the railings,. Remember the Sheffield senior cup, I think they called it?, went to a few of those too,great days!.it was a mad dash back to the station to get the last train home though!

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