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  1. Simon Calder ,the travel expert reported the radio last night that Thomas Cook holidaymakers were being locked in their hotels until they paid in full for their holidays, apparently they are sending reps over to try and rectify the problem
  2. Reckon Freeman in midfield & McBurnie with Robinson up front, need to go at saint right from the off, utb
  3. Could be a chance for you to get 3 points as terriers haven't won yet, lost all 3 at home too, so far
  4. Huddersfield v Wednesday 12.00 on sky, no other championship game on Sunday
  5. Can anyone tell me when the students invade the city on their annual return, hopefully not on Saturday, absolute grid lock last year getting to bramall lane,3 hours from the parkway!.
  6. Got the lines "I was blind" "Now I can see" "You made a believer "Out of me?" Its Primal Scream - Movin on up!
  7. Sorry again but thats nothing like it, its when they are celebrating on the field at wembley after they win promotion, then the credits roll. Sounds like, My lifetime goal, but I dont know if its the song title
  8. The programme is on again on Sunday 11.30pm sky sports football
  9. Looks like Monk according to the press, Hope so, all this speculation could become a habit!😄
  10. And now its a poor league this season bar Fulham & that other Yorkshire team, any half decent team will be up there
  11. No mate, sound is similar to the rolling stones but cant make out what it is
  12. A long shot I know, but watched the Salford City programme the other night, the one where they won the play off final, does anyone know the song that was played at the end of the programme?,sounded like a rolling stones track but not sure
  13. And likewise being a good player doesn't make you a good manager
  14. 20 years ago!, the game's moved on now, whoever gets the job has to be given time to stamp his own idea's on the team, Bruce came in and added a few loanees that did ok, but the good run was against teams (bar a couple) with nothing to play for or who were almost relegated . This season 3 wins against poor teams, and you're saying top 6! . The Huddersfield game is a winnable game as they are off form at the moment, then come more fancied sides, patience is stretched at the moment, but thats what's needed when a new guy comes in
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