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  1. Think after Fletcher, Forestieri & Fox getting released, the likes of Bannan need to really up their game to earn new contracts, or Chansiri doesn't like players with names starting with F!😅
  2. Lee Mack is as funny as toothache, how he gets all his work is a mystery to me, must be well in
  3. News today that BAME are to get coaching opportunities within football due to lack of chances. Sky sports news has an interview with ex blade Keith Curle, who imho, gives one of the best and most sensible interviews on the subject, no feeling sorry for himself etc, credit to him I say
  4. She spoils the show with her accent agreed, Baker always seemed like another Schofield to me🤔
  5. Thats the sky footage that everyone saw, wheres the Hawkeye film of the incident where they say they can't decide on a goal or not
  6. Where is the footage of the goal/non goal from Hawkeye, has anyone seen it?!
  7. National treasure, R.IP
  8. Think blades should appeal against this, this was an injustice to both clubs, it was in effect a game in hand, just imagine if this was the end of season game, Villa need 3pts to stay up & blades 3pts to go top 5. No technology, or no technology working properly (admitted by Hawkeye), so no goal, so all the other first round games this week should have had Hawkeye turned off tbf. Ive been saying since technology was introduced there could be trouble one day. If this had been a major final,champions league, world cup etc there would have been an outcry, imagine the top clubs with billionaire owners?, they would take it to the courts, appeals, counter appeals etc. Both clubs should demand a replay, if blades on tye field lose fair enough, but not like this
  9. Yes it would be needed to see all games, but look up the Live football on tv, site and this will give you all the matches in the coming weeks
  10. Think yourself lucky that you can watch quite a few free of charge, whilst we Sky subscribers are paying up front for ours
  11. Some good programmes as you say on BBC 4, but BBC 3 will no doubt become another LGBT obsessed channel like the rest of the beeb, if they can make BBC 4 a subscription channel why can't they make all BBC channels subscription and do away with the licence
  12. Sorry trying to answer 2 threads at once
  13. True, the fact they left the kids alone should haunt them whether they catch an abductor or not. I see "we don't want any publicity ", Meghan is poking her nose in again!
  14. Cardinal, is anyone else having trouble telling what they are saying!?
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