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  1. Why doesn't he play Brewster, has me wondering whether he was signed by the prince /board with out Wilders approval ?
  2. The signings have been abysmal, Wilders hasn't addressed the striker problem since we left the championship 2yrs!, none of the players, bar Berge, maybe have improved the team imo. Here's a question, (given the choice baring in mind the nucleus of the team will still be here next season), do we stick with em , knowing that if we came back up they're not good enough, 2 yrs older too, or have a clear out and build again,hopefully a stronger squad to challenge the season after. I would give CW ten games max next season, if no improvement he must go
  3. Doncaster chairman says on their website, he's disappointed in Darren, having made efforts to support him over last 18 months, assistant manager Jamie Smith has left DRFC as well
  4. Said for years there should be one hour per week, per class( class can be split each week into smaller groups) where theyy go out litter picking, I know health and safety would poo poo this but if they were picking it up maybe they would eventually get the message and think about dropping it on the first place. Failing that we need to get the long term unemployed to give up one day per week doing it,( supervised of course) do something for their benefits
  5. Two up front is a must for us on the premiership, unless you have a quality unit like Leicester's, who are brilliant at counter attacking, you've no chance with one forward. As you say a number 10 type player is an option, but Mcgoldrick isn't quick enough to make the ground up, Norwood wants to float the ball around the field, but is hopeless when the ball is lost, therefore we are carrying 2 players who neither have pace or defensive capabilities. Norwood will be retained as he will be good again in the championship next year as his game suits it. We need to have a overall of the squad, let Brewster have a run till seasons end, along with Bogle, Baldock can go for me, he's a decent player but no goal threat when going forwards. Signing wise CW has signed McBurnie, Ramsdale, & the ever elusive Mousset? who we would struggle to get even half of what we paid for them now, so I guess we're stuck with them, I'd go in for Woodrow at Barnsley & offer one of the above as bait, Sharp to retire to a attacking coaching role. As for Jags, need to release him & put the wages towards a n other player, Rodwell "remember him!" same, and no more stupid signings thinking CW can polish a brick into a diamond, Mousset, Burke,Morrison etc, sign the finished article!
  6. Easiest game of the season for owls, as poor as they are in this poor championship they'll beat these as they are chronic, so much so I have got my money down on you lot, don't let me down 2-0 fill yer boots!😉
  7. Slightly off topic Pads but a good post, particularly on the tv subject,. In the last few years I used to tune in and watch the build up to most games on Sky, and now I can't stand it, studio pundits,stats, rewinds etc, so boring, bringing the likes of Richards,Hasselbank,and the like to the fore, then the kneeling business, even the players are getting sick of it now!. I daren't go on about the adverts in between, its one long propaganda vehicle, that for me is ruining the game, not to mention VAR!. I used to look forwards to a game being on, but not anymore
  8. Wilder should stay where he is and have a season to rebuild and come back up, if no improvement, move him on, but at the moment he becdaft to resign, if Wilder quit, where's he going to go, he'd not get a better club, I mean no other premiership club would have him at present, championship club at best, therefore unless he goes for more money he doesn't want to quit
  9. Decided to watch this and as said in a previous post above, Stoke let you off the hook. Owls playing hoof ball, bar one header from Rhodes, and as also said in an above post, the keeper who many owls rated the best in the championship last year, even though he was 3rd choice at the club at the time, make a howler for the goal, 90 minutes I'll never get back!
  10. If ever you had a gimme this season its this, shocking team, they and Coventry are your get out card, both showing no signs of surviving, easy win for you & 3 points
  11. Decided to watch Rob & Romesh vs Golf, never seen them before, yet lots of build ups for this show, now wondering why anyone finds them even remotely funny
  12. Never mind, licence fees are going up, we can have more cooking & woke programmes in future
  13. Wycombe, second lowest scorers & worse defence in the league, this should be a mere formality for owls tonight, easy 3 points & fill yer boots!
  14. Depends who's fit as regards changes, for me Brewster needs to be given a full 90
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