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  1. Antiques roadshow, haven't seen this in a while because of Fiona Bruce, can't stand her, she's typical bbc and this is proving it, such a snob!
  2. I have a elderly neighbour who's confined to house generally but not poorly, her daughter who who is a podiatrist calls everyday 2-3 times, is this ok?
  3. Maybe the government should have talked it through with insurance companies and clarified whether you would still be insured under the new mot rules they've introduced, how about people self employed etc who can't afford to tax their car till government money comes through, maybe prioritising household bills first
  4. Maybe its equipment from the club gym or existing training facilities
  5. What about the staff at the garages dealing with all manor of people bringing their cars in, how can you ensure they are not potentially passing the virus on,i.e. they are touching and sitting in the car that you then get in to drive home etc?.
  6. Sure it was your daughter you took Pads🤔?, better claim amnesia if the missus finds out!🤣🤣🤣
  7. One show tonight with Alex Jones,, her accent is awful, you want to watch but its getting unbearable Now Sarah Burden, worst voice on radio, now they're pushing her on to television, her laugh is out of the Rony Robinson book too!!
  8. If stores start to restrict what you can buy, what will happen when you go shopping to get things for yourself and say an elderly relative,friend etc who is isolated at home?, if you can't shop for them is it look after yourself
  9. Personally & I know a lot won't agree but I think the football authorities should cancel the 20/21 season and then when games resume (hopefully before xmas) play out this season, leagues,cups, champions league etc, cancel the euros and play them in the new year, around March/April This way clubs have to stick with the squad they have, till end of season whatever, no new signing till summer of 21.then resume August for 21/22 season
  10. Talk of gatherings of 500 people or more being cancelled in near future, does this include houses of parliament?
  11. Forest are hit and miss, frustrating for their supporters, could go either way
  12. How about cash machines, filthy at best of times, and supermarket trolleys, surely these can be cleaned or disinfected more often, i.e sprayed etc 🤧
  13. Yes shes fine till she talks😏 The guy on the sport relief advert, typical bbc Jamie Carracher on sky, whiiiiiiinnnnnniiiinnngggg all the time
  14. Ive said for years that we ought to introduce in schools a period of time,say an hour per class, per week, where they go out and pick up litter. This might get them to think twice about dropping it if they know(and understand) that they might have to clean that up later. This won't happen because of health and safety but could be an idea
  15. Or maybe just one of the taxi drivers, oh wait a minute!
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