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  1. pintor

    Philip Schofield and we buy any car

    Something about this bloke, when he says "hello Phillip Schofield here!"🤮
  2. Is Bruce being asked to start in february to give tuna man time to sort the finances out, cant be easy adding another £2m a year on the wage bill with all this going on!. Surely Bruce would want to be around during the transfer window to strengthen the team and be in charge of deals etc
  3. Found a dead rat in the garden last year and it looked like it was white underneath its body, any ideas!
  4. pintor

    Swfc v luton

    £55,000 when he went to QPR
  5. pintor

    Swfc v luton

    Didnt end his career, Mobley played on another 2 years, Saw him play, ever present in both till going to QPR
  6. pintor

    Swfc v luton

    owls will have to defend better than at Hull, that third goal on Saturday was a joke Bannan just stood there and watched!
  7. Karanka gone at forest!
  8. pintor

    Steve bruce on his way to swfc

    He was in fact sacked at Villa after a poor run!
  9. pintor

    Sheffield wednesday to sign 3 players

    Have next years premiership season ticket prices been released yet?!
  10. He's taking you for fools, he had most of last season off with a extended holiday, couldn't care less for the club and now this. Will he be suspended and have his wages stopped till he's arrested?
  11. pintor

    Owls Forum with Chansiri

    The stars Dom Howson wrote today, "as part of his closing statement, an emotional Chansiri said he is putting the championship up for sale". Chansiri also quoted as saying "I am here to make your dreams come true!, Talk about deluded!
  12. If you read my post I said hes playing with f1, He knows that they need him more than he needs f1, hes their biggest asset and could walk away at any time. Driving talent is not in question.

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