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  1. I'm in south stand too and its great to hear everyone get behind the team, UTB
  2. They last won anything (not runners up), in 1992, charity shield after league one win in 91/92 Wednesday league cup winners 1990/91 United league one winners 2016/17 The last of our clubs to win anything
  3. I have cleared it with the council now, thank you!
  4. I m going to pay the tax but wondered if I cant live there without altering the name, as its just for a month. Failing that I can live at a relatives, go on holiday, what would be the situation then?
  5. Having sold my property I'm renting for no more than a couple of months at a friends empty house before new home is ready, do I have to change council tax details for this short time even though I won't own the property.?.
  6. Most owls saying you're on for top six, so shouldn't be worried about swans 2-0
  7. Agree, this squad you have is in need of a clear out, living in hope that they can do what they did 5 years ago, and didn't go up then. The lads brought in Rhodes, Abdi and Van Akens (remember him?), even Forestieri are a drain on the wage bill, get rid!
  8. Agree,Spurs should come good, but domestic form so far isn't to write home about. Liverpool was the team I thought would bury us and we did ok against them and they are a lot stronger outfit than Spurs. The premier league doesn't give you easy games whoever you play so lets enjoy it whatever, and hope Spurs don't come good until we've played them!
  9. Thanks Jeffrey, that is my view, I don't want to buy into it and make it my problem. Now looking at other properties
  10. Am I able to pull out of this purchase, due to the court order, bearing in mind I haven't exchanged or had a date for completion yet?
  11. Thought Southampton were one of the teams we were looking at beating and we gave , imo, our worst performance this season. There are no easy games in the premiership and Burnley won't roll over easy, we need to take our chances when they come along, I'd start Mousset and Sharp and go for it from the off
  12. Think this is it, they are varying it to allow the sale to go through, so I'm guessing they will then have the money to pay off the loan erc
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