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  1. pintor

    The will to win-the blades have it..

    If only that chance before half time had fallen to Billy too!
  2. pintor

    Basil Brush. Bum Bum.

    Might be a lot of makeup, just to fox you! 🦊😆
  3. pintor

    Leeds v Blades

    I get the idea that whenever we play on sky they dont want us to succeed, l...s are perceived as the big club in Yorkshire, the rest are seen as minnows on a good run. Many of the pundits arent old enough to have been born when l...s were a footballing force, (40+ yrs ago!), if they had been around then they might see them differently. Give a bit of credit to this part of Yorkshire sky, whichever Sheffield side play, be interesting to see how look l...s report on it tomorrow!
  4. pintor

    sheffield wed v blackburn rovers

    A lot stronger teams to come now after a good run against lower teams(bar blades!), your confidence is up and its a possibility
  5. pintor

    Leeds v Blades

    Sky commentators were totally biased, I like Don Goodman but even when blades scored he was saying more about how l...s could get back into it than the goal, they did everything but shout out "come on l...s, !
  6. pintor

    sheffield wed v blackburn rovers

    Surely a win today, even Rovrum beat em!
  7. pintor

    will the Blades go up?

    Score more goals? 4th highest scorers 63 2nd best goal difference 2nd meanest defence Guess its wishful thinking on your part! Score more goals 4th highest scorers 63 2nd best goal difference 2nd meanest defence Guess its wishful thinking on your part!
  8. pintor

    will the Blades go up?

    Most of the teams in the premiership bar top6, dont even think about winning the league when it starts in August, imho, its possible for the top teams in the championship to compete with the bottom 9 or 10 in the premiership. WHU,Leicester, Everton and say like Wolves/Watford this year make up the rest, staying in there and if they are watching the books, make themselves financially ok. Teams should try and get into the premiership and stay there at least, not give up while in the championship
  9. pintor

    will the Blades go up?

    If they do, I hope its automatic, playoffs are a lottery, last time owls bricked it thinking they would get Fulham, then lost to the worst team left in Huddersfield
  10. pintor

    Blades v Brentford

    Best defensive display of the season(home),. Cranie was already on when Sharp replaced Baldock. If you keep two men up front when down to ten men, the opposition has to leave 3 men back, 2 marking and 1 covering, therefore making it even out somewhat, good tactics by CW, and a good win!
  11. pintor

    The derby!

    He could be captain blade, these owls seem to watch a lot of our games judging by their comments!
  12. His two assistants gone too, Says they hope to have someone in by Wednesday, maybe Wagner or Jakanovic
  13. pintor

    The New Wednesday?

    So no problem then, especially in this poor league as you call it!
  14. pintor

    The derby!

    So you'll lose another final then!😊
  15. pintor

    The derby!

    According to the Star, their reporter Henderson, Norwood, Crainie & Mcgoldrick's rating was 7, the rest 6 The owls ratings were Aarans, Reach, Fletcher & Forestieri 7, the rest, including Bannan (where was he?) 8, did he watch the game at all?

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