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  1. I have a bt base unit, with answer phone I'm about to throw away and just wondered if this would work with other phones, or is it only compatible with this model, any ideas?
  2. Well done, Thats the one, couldnt think if it was Michael Mosley or Giles Coran, cheers
  3. I may have this wrong, but can anyone remember seeing a tv programme recently where the presenter met and talked to a 130 year old man
  4. The law regarding handball states that any goal scored or created with the use of the hand or arm will be disallowed, "even if it is accidental "
  5. Maybe have a community cop (if they still exist) with the power to fine them if they don't turn engines off
  6. Harry, like uncle Andy and uncle Edward before him has basically only a minor role to play in royal life, whilst being well looked after, and Megan has convinced Harry that they could make more money by moving out of the family unit and going it alone. Just imagine the stories they can sell, books etc, its all about fame for her, let em go, take back the house, cut the support, let them pay for their own security etc, but when it all goes belly up he'll come home,tail between legs asking to join the clan again
  7. Another journeyman who I wouldn't touch with a bargepole
  8. Often at the primary school close to where I live, when the parents come to pick them up in the afternoon some will sit for 30/35minutes with their engines running just looking at their mobiles, surely there should be sign stating engines should be switched off whilst waiting, its can't be healthy for the kids let alone anyone if you're sat in the garden
  9. How long did it take you to get there, i.e. hold up on M1?
  10. Rodwell in at centre back, Ravel and old uncle Leon get a run out too!
  11. Go onnthe bt site and you can check your bill
  12. You should join the queue to drive Fletcher to WBA if this is true,!
  13. Going through a similar thing since mid November, told by one guy at bt I'm due £5 for every day I'm not connected. the guy said £155 should be credited to my account. I checked today 3rd and it's been connected as they said it would, my bt account says £33 in credit and my bill has been paid, fingers crossed!
  14. Rodwell's signed for blades
  15. pintor


    If VAR is used in the women's game, that first body part you quote should be interesting to hear on commentry! 😉
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