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  1. Yes,I agree, just wondering if she has cold
  2. Who's in charge of appointing the presenters on radio Sheffield?, the one standing in for Toby seems to be ok, but her voice is terrible for radio, sounds like she's permanently full of cold. Hope RS isn't going down the road of 5 live etc where women presenters have to have a husky voices,
  3. Not concerned about anything, like you just interested in S2 & S6 goings on, such as Joao handling in transfer request etc
  4. Maybe along with the other fake companies that Chanciri has you could invent a manager and have a cardboard cutout on the bench, Mourinho or Adkins etc😄
  5. Back on topic, according bbc, blades have £15 offer for McBurnie turned down
  6. Bruce has resigned according to bbc sport, Clemence & Agnew gone too.
  7. FF will be on leave, seems to do what he wants
  8. Never understood how they can lay eggs with the date printed on, hens today eh! Amazing !🥚🤔
  9. Wonder if (when) he goes, he'll ask if he can start when he's watched the cricket for a couple of months! 🏏😏
  10. Being renaming them Chef Wednesday next!😂
  11. Robinson signed up, talk of one or two more by middle of next week! Not for me, well overrated and over paid for what hes done
  12. Good to see you're in contact with most of the toon fans too, i.e post 160,
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