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  1. Preston have lost every home game so far this season, only one goal scored, surely you'll win this,fill yer boots
  2. Same age here, rang my clinic, and receptionist said " yes can you come today?!", said yes,then she said " I've spoken to a colleague & we have none left, call back mid December to see if we have any, or visit the pharmacies ", ok, I called the Morrisons number and got through to Boots!, " we haven't any, it's liking getting gold", ok, I rang another number for Morrisons told by them " over 50s from December 1st", but your board in the car park (Dearne valley) has been advertising for weeks, flu jabs Β£8, "sorry, we can take your name and number and give you a call when it comes in", I left my details and won't hold my breath, who's kidding who!
  3. Happy birthday will be next to go if its left to the BBC & the snowflakes, they'll say it implies that everyones happy when that's not the case!, defund the BBC
  4. Can see Pulis getting you out of trouble, as most owls on here believe they have a good enough squad, can't see a problem tbh
  5. Had a @mail susupposedly from Apple, it said my Apple account (I don't have one) has been closed and wanted my details to reopen it. The name in the address bar sounded weird, BEWARE,
  6. Agree 1000%, I was thinking that whilst watching, he's annoying but without him its not the stones
  7. Owls average gate last year was around the 18,573mark according to worldfootball.net
  8. Recently watched the Stones, sweet summer sun, Hyde park concert on sky arts, not been a great stones fan but their sound is brilliant, only thing is Jagger poncing & skipping about like a big fairy, fit though he is for his age I can imagine the other band members thinking "he's off again!"πŸŽΈπŸ™„πŸ˜…
  9. Sheridan left Wigan to go to Swindon, how does this guy keep getting work?
  10. I wonder if Look Leeds will dedicate their programme tonight to him, as they did with that other cretin Saville?!
  11. Should fit in nicely then!πŸ˜‚
  12. Wouldnt bet against going straight back up, very poor league atm
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