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  1. Another big game you should win easily, going on what you owls are saying you're on a roll now, got my quid on, fill yer boots! Btw it's Morecambe not Morcombe!
  2. Butland sat on the bench at palace, went there for £1m, get him in!
  3. Agree with despritdan, fleck & norwood offer nothing so far, so I'd go Foderingham, Baldock, egan, davies, robinson, basham, freeman, osborn, berge, sharp, brewster🤞
  4. Another 3 pts for owls ,as you say you'll walk this league, so a side like Rovrum hold no threat, fill yer boots!
  5. We need em, sorry to say McBurnie works hard but he's no footballing ability whatsoever , he's had enough time now to prove himself and he's failed, miserably, Burke looks lethargic and seems to be there because he runs fast, and Mousset has talent but doesn't put a shift in. Fleck and Norwood look past it I'm sorry to say, Norwood will be ok at this level, but can't cut it in premiership, get the youngsters and a few signings in, give the manager time to rebuild the squad even if we are in this league for another year, I'd rather have that and go up better equipped in 2 years time
  6. Same problem thats needed addressing for the last 18 months, no quality up front whatsoever, three Wilder signings that are hopeless, McBurnie, Burke &Mousset need shipping out as soon as possible, imo the new manager is having to assess his squad during the first few games, having missed a pre season, and been left with an old and low on confidence squad can't see anything happening till Huddersfield game, where we should win, 🤞 Lets hope Davies arrives tomorrow
  7. Easy 3 points today for owls, as it sounds like you're going to walk the third division according to some on here, my moneys on, so fill yer boots!
  8. Blades play offs Owls mid table Rovrum 8/9th Barnsley mid table Donny mid table Chesterfield promotion
  9. Owls mid table Blades play offs
  10. Agree with your selections cmonkes, and like you hope you're wrong about Brewster. In my opinion Moussets head has been turned by the money he's on, if he could knuckle down he'll make a player, Brewster needs to pull his socks up and start producing or he will be moved on imo. This season will give these two and the likes of Norwood, Burke & McBurnie the chance to look good again, but this is no good when we get back in the premiership, we'll need to replace them as they're not good enough at that level, I'd rather we moved them on over the next season whilst signing some better quality players and blooding the odd youngster. If Arsenal or anyone comes in for Ramsdale at £32m+ I'd take it, Jack Butland went for £1m, I believe, get someone like him in. Hope Berge stays,as he should excel at this level, try him Osborn & Bogle in midfield with always two up top & didsy behind, fingers crossed for a good season🤞
  11. Odubajo joins QPR, says free transfer
  12. Agree, we couldn't match the wages or ambition if it's a genuine offer, I'd say anything over £32m and let him go, if he stayed and reached full potential he's worth £50m, If!. Go to palace and get Butland
  13. Thats why they sold Buendia for £38m, so they can get Bannan, doh!
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