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  1. Division 2?, not just yet but don't give up hope Bassett!
  2. Last game of the season and I've backed owls to stay up against a Derby side as bad as Rotherham, and thats bad!, 3 easy points for you if you are as good as you owls say you are, fill yer boots!
  3. Wonder what they'd say if you went to see a comedian and a footballer/golfer/rugby player did the gig?
  4. Still wondering who all the top players were!🤔😁
  5. Think he's locked in the studios tbh, he's ok, but he's on everything going like Alex Scott was, we need a break from him
  6. Another good 3pts awaiting here, against a forest side who are the 3rd lowest scorers in the league behind Wycombe & Derby. Got my money on you to stay up and surely you can beat these and take it to the last game against a terrible Derby side thats as bad as can be, fill yer boots!
  7. Once again a winnable game against a side with 2 wins in their last 15 games, and nothing to play for, therefore there for the taking, if these so called good players owls have anything in em they should win this, fill yer boots!
  8. Early days as regards to the exact details of this proposal, but many questions to be answered, 1 Clubs already saying there's too much football 2 Would the cost of watching on tv go up, even though your club might not be in the super league 3 Will these chosen teams then play reserve teams in domestic competitions, more so than they do now 4 Will a season ticket cover the cost of these extra games, or tickets per individual games be extra, etc, etc.
  9. Yes Sandtex can be used like any other masonry, make sure surface is dry and free from dust etc, using gloss on steps isn't really recommended especially if outside as when wet they can be slippery
  10. Wolves rumoured to be interested in McBurnie, Steve Bull saying they should sign him🤞. If we can get rid of Lundstram, Rodwell (another waste of a wage), maybe a goalkeeper and Ampadu goes back to his club, that should free up a little money, don't forget we've still got Freeman out on loan as well
  11. Prince may be reluctant to spend again after Wilders blown most of it and not omproved the team, so loans and a mini clear out needed to raise funds. Hopefully McBurnie will go to wolves and Mousset can be sold/ used part exchange for a goalscorer. As for new manager, I'd go for Howe, but money might be an issue, so maybe we'll wait to get Jokanovic when his current job finishes, whatever the silly season will start soon, lets hope improvements are made
  12. Surely this is a vital win for owls, a Bristol side like many others who are inconsistant at best, my 50p is on and I expect to collect from this great team you say you have, fill yer boots!
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