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  1. I moved house to one with meters for gas,electric and water, British gas send you @mails asking you to submit your meter readings within 14 days when the bill is due, you just go to your meter and press 9, that gives you the reading and you can then submit it online at British gas. I missed the first reading and had a estimated bill for £550, I read the meter and it was £304, make sure you're not paying too much with estimated bills, check on your statement
  2. Bet Pochettino is kicking himself taking the Saint Germain job now!😀
  3. Norwood has like most been great for us, but he doesn't seem to be on it this season, if we are going back to the championship he will maybe recover his form (hopefully), but the squad needs a good sorting out at seasons end, most of the team that got us into the premiership will be in their 30s even if we come straight back up, so won't cut it then if not now. Signings have been poor and those we have signed would struggle to command a fee anywhere near what we paid for them now,I'm sure they will address this at S2 come seasons end
  4. If you read the post I mention about neither of them heading the ball
  5. Agree, Norwood was shocking yesterday, why didn't CW hook him of at half time, he was partly responsible for all three goals, if you look closely at the first goal, the corner is coming in right in his direction and he turns away from it, frightened of heading the ball, reminds me of the guy at S6, Bannan, another thing is he's virtually useless when we lose the ball, also like BB, so we are carrying a player against teams like Spurs. As for Burke he can chase a ball down, quickly making up 30/35yards then he looks round and there's no one to centre it to, didsy is way off the pace, we need two up front in every game from now on, let didsy play just behind them
  6. Agreed, he's causing them to panic behind them, they're not settled with him there. It must be hard to replace Henderson, who imho is the most confident keeper I've ever seen, including the greats, but Ramsdale isn't up to it atm, He's not big enough imo for a keeper in todays football for one thing , we need to get someone like Heaton in from Villa
  7. Wonder if Barton is in the frame, him and his staff quit Fleetwood?
  8. He would be stupid to quit, where's he going to go?, never was going to a top club, Newcastle at best. People forget he is a relatively inexperienced manager who's had a fantastic run since the Northampton days, now he should stay, rebuild and come back stronger and more knowledgeable next year
  9. Can see an easy win for owls here, DC are inconsistent, fill yer boots!
  10. Always laugh when "hard tackling Hunter" is mentioned, I think of that pathetic attempt that cost us the result against Poland in 73!🙄😏
  11. Back on thread, does anyone know if the people stewarding, club officials etc who currently attend matches are tested on a regular basis
  12. Henederson also produced a worldie at the end to prevent an equaliser
  13. There are a lot of Englishmen and women, presenting programmes about England and ruining them too
  14. The Fred guy is ok on First dates but this was rubbish, he did a voice over on a programme about Monaco earlier this year and his voice ruined it
  15. First the bad part, the third goal made was a good goal but the keeper should have saved it, and if Jags needed a reason to hang his boots up it was this, he should quit now and save us some money, legend that he is he's doing himself and the club no good. Overall even though they were far more talented thats obvious butwe didn't chuck the towel in and when Mousset and Brewster came on we had more about us, Burke offers nothing imo, we need two up front maybe go 4312 with Didsy just behind the front two, on to Brighton
  16. This is something that for me is very worrying, I've said from the beginning imo these people are either money laundering in a round about way, i.e. all these different companies that don't exist etc, or they haven't got the money they claim to have, i.e. mortgaging things offf, look at the Glazers at Man Utd. A lot of clubs are playthings for owners and I wonder when all these contracts for players are signed, what happens if the owner pulls the plug, who honours these contracts, or does the club collapse. Makes it hard to believe how these people make all this money in the first place, bar daddies help
  17. According to BBC football website today, the PFA has been called in after Wednesday players haven't been paid on time, only receiving a percentage of their November pay, this is the second time this year this has happened
  18. I don't know why Jags is even on the bench, O'Connell out, we try Robinson, then Ampadu, then Enda in the centre, then Bryan (where did that come from!) all while Jags is in the squad, then he's selected on Sunday, he's obviously not match fit 38 yo, and must be one of if not the highest paid in the squad, give him and Sharp a coaching job and use their saved wages towards bringing others in, Jags is a legend but his day has gone imo.
  19. Nobody worse than you,you're bottom, but get your drift. If there's a game you'll win it's this, they are terrible
  20. I've had 3 calls now claiming to be BT, saying that my broadband has faults etc affecting it, Indian sounding guy who answers after a long pause & you can hear loads of background noise, I asked him what my BT account number was that he wanted to know about, I said I could hardly tell what he said & hung up 01185742779
  21. Exactly thats all we need Egan be banned again
  22. Cruel ending, deserved a point to be fair, but that was always the threat a breakaway goal tbh, fleck isn't fit by look of it, he looked knackered second half, Burke didn't do anything. Brewster must play now, give him a run in the team, Mousset injured again, get rid of him & burke in January& get another forward in, hopefully the finished article, not another Wilder hopes to polish into a diamond. Would blades fans risk £5m in wages in January for a 6 months loanee, or go down knowing if we come back up the same scenario will persist?
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