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  1. They should have given all season card holders first chance of securing their own seats, then those season card holders who have to give up theirs in Bramall lane stand should have had the choice of the remaining seats, then the rest on public sale afterwards, assuming forest take their allowance of course
  2. I don't have a smart tv btw
  3. Haircut lasting 2 hoursPadders, are you having a perm๐Ÿ˜…
  4. Thought you said before, you already had the best two strikers in the league ?
  5. What winnings? , had owls for promotion, all this about best strikers,midfielder etc, let me down big time
  6. Commentry so bias, Hinchcliffe was embarrassing
  7. Nice day out in the cotswolds ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿคฃ
  8. Only one goal in it, you owls will win, best player BB at the wheel, Mackems there for the taking, countiing my winnings already, fill yer boots!
  9. Thats what I used to do, but unfortunately I only have a tablet atm
  10. Two teams that are unpredictable, if they turn up can beat anyone, if they don't ๐Ÿ™„. over 2 legs can't see owls losing, play off final is all yours, my bet is about to pay up when you go up, fill yer boots!
  11. Thanks for the reply. I've just bought a Samsung A13 android, someone said it was more difficult on android, but I'll look into it, want to download so I can have my own tracks/ playlists wherever I go, if possible, cheers, utb
  12. Want a bit of advice, Got a new phone and want to get some music downloaded to play in the car etc, whats the best (reasonable) supplier to use
  13. Great performance, Robinson mom, edging out Berge though again Norwood gets it!, need a couple of midfielders & a decent striker next season, whether promoted or not. Told a mate earlier in season, I'd rather us stay down, build a team round these good youngsters, Brewster , Bogle,Ndiaye etc & be a stronger squad than we have now
  14. Absolute cake walk, pompey on the beach & nowt to play for, count yer winnings !๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. Believe it if it comes off tbh, wait and see. Prince has never had the kind of money to drive us on in the way we thought, too many in his United world to look after, CW blew the cash & walked because the prince realised he was clueless & had become full of himself so denied him any more cash too waste, therefore we had a loan against the first year parachute payment (so I heard) in a desperate CW attempt to stay up. Lets hope it works out ok, but as I say I'll believe it if it happens
  16. you're on a roll now, owls for 3pts over an average WW team , you can't mess it up now, got my money on๐Ÿ˜‰
  17. And they'd be free tickets, bbc will say record crowd!
  18. Crewe won 2 away all season, if ever theres a gimme, it's this, easy 3 pts for you & a certainty for my top 6 bet, fill yer boots!
  19. Switched over to England v N Ireland games during ads, just as they scored the 5th, farcical, a mi**** volley that bobbled 4/5 times before going in past the keeper, who was nowhere, 'a fantastic volley' was mentioned in commentry. Now I believe the womens game will grow over the next few years, but come on the publicity is crazy atm, what with live tv etc
  20. Thanks for the replys๐Ÿ‘
  21. Trevor Francis played his last game for England 4 years before joining owls, Waddle last capped 1991 joined owls 1992 You missed possibly the best owls of all time out Peter Swan
  22. I have a Samsung tabA, and I'm wondering if it is possible to play video/you tube etc through my television via bluetooth, does anyone know?
  23. Cheltenham letting in just over 2 goals per game away from home & only won 3 away all year, now your star men are back, easy 3pts fill yer boots!
  24. They're doing well, but not in the top 3 scorers in lge1 let alone the rest
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