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  1. Here in North Notts,we have brown bins for garden waste ( paid for by householders,though admittedly at a very reasonable rate).Needless to say,they weren’t collected last week - no explanation offered of course! It seems we’re all having the same problems.
  2. Dawn - Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons
  3. Can’t somebody else phone the vet/RSPCA for you?
  4. I think our gardener is somewhere between the two - knows his stuff ,but does more general tidying than anything ,and that suits us fine .We think he is good value anyway!
  5. PetPlan every time - they only take the excess once,at the beginning of the course of treatment ( some companies charge it at every appointment) ,and never argue about cost etc.Maybe a little more expensive than some,but with insurance,you do get what you pay for!
  6. I seem to have provoked heated discussion here ,simply by answering a question - how much do people pay their gardeners - in an attempt to help the person who asked it! How I choose to spend my money ( which has all been earned - and taxed!) is absolutely nothing to do with you,but I offer the following comments:- We are neither ancient or infirm,but have a large garden which would be difficult to maintain without help. Neither of us have ever claimed any sort of Government Benefit. The gentleman who helps us in the garden did not in fact fix the hourly rate - I did,as I would not insult him by paying less for the excellent and reliable job he does. I pay him by Direct Debit,clearly accountable -I have no idea what he puts on his Tax Return,but you maybe interested to know that he did in fact work for HMRC before he retired,so I imagine he knows the rules.I am pretty sure he is not liable for VAT,he would have to do an awful lot of gardening to reach the threshold! Maybe you should think twice before passing judgement on people who do the right thing?
  7. My parents used to go regularly to productions at the Lantern Theatre - they loved it.This would be late 1960s,maybe early 1970s,I think.
  8. Here in North Notts,we pay £12.50 per hour - hope that helps.
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