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  1. Before my partner died we used to go at least once a month often more for a coffee and a cake or a meal in pleasant clean surroundings with lovely staff. It is what it is...it gets very busy hence the need for an extension but it is somewhere that all ages can have a pleasant hour or two.
  2. My son and his partner visited from America last month and we went round the city centre with them....I am Sheffield through and through but found myself embarrassed by the state of my own city. Few buildings with any history, historic buildings being demolished and soulless glass and concrete in their place.
  3. I second Swifties on Abbeydale road....fascinating place just to look round and if they cant help then no one can
  4. What makes me laugh is I live within walking distance of Meadowhall but the easiest way to get to a supermarket is by tram to Morrisons at Hillsborough or by bus to Rotherham and go to the Tesco near the bus station.
  5. I doubt very much whether this will ever be generally accepted by society because of the fact that people find it strange and 'wrong'. Any deviation from what is seen as the norm will always be viewed with suspicion even though it in no way harms society.
  6. Uniform prevents the one child in the latest Nike trainers and whatever the top fashion jeans etc are and another being picked on because they have only got trainers and jeans from Primark. My granddaughter does not like wearing her uniform but knows that it forms part of the rules of the school she attends. She loves dyeing her hair blue or purple and does...on the day she breaks up for the summer so that it can fade back to it's natural colour or just be dyed back for back to school. Discipline never harmed anyone and parents should back the schools in their efforts. No...uniform in itself does not make a difference to education but it makes a difference to the school as an entity and also provides a means to identify which school pupils are from if they are causing trouble on buses, in shops etc.
  7. Members of staff who rather than being simply teachers are responsible for pupils welfare
  8. Anyone know what the loud bangs are that have happened 3 or 4 times this evening. One single loud bang at a time..very loud in Wincobank Fife street area. My dog is terrified of loud noises so he refused point blank to go for his walk tonight.
  9. Given that it says it has a famed vegan kitchen and on the top of the menu it says made from plants my guess would be that it is fully vegan
  10. On one occasion help with an education matter and on another occasion a housing matter
  11. Vets4pets at Pets at home at Kilner way
  12. I have had to call on Gill Furniss for help a couple of times and got what I needed fairly quickly.
  13. Saw lots of films with my dad but the first one I saw alone at the pictures was Song of the South
  14. He was my mums newsagent....I remember going in to pay her paper bill
  15. I knew Alf Timms.....he and my mum almost got married lol. My brother worked in the mill with him and so did my ex.
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