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  1. Given that it says it has a famed vegan kitchen and on the top of the menu it says made from plants my guess would be that it is fully vegan
  2. On one occasion help with an education matter and on another occasion a housing matter
  3. Vets4pets at Pets at home at Kilner way
  4. I have had to call on Gill Furniss for help a couple of times and got what I needed fairly quickly.
  5. Saw lots of films with my dad but the first one I saw alone at the pictures was Song of the South
  6. He was my mums newsagent....I remember going in to pay her paper bill
  7. I knew Alf Timms.....he and my mum almost got married lol. My brother worked in the mill with him and so did my ex.
  8. My dad and my mother in law both worked at Middlewood. Arthur Pemberton and Gwen Bramall.
  9. Try Lizard lounge in the Jericho works next to Towsure on Holme Lane
  10. His two friends are now done and I cannot thank Abbeymoor vets on Halifax Road enough. They are both extremely nervous cats to the extent that my family who visit often have not really met one of them because he goes off and hides. The vets understood this and made the whole thing as easy as possible for them.
  11. Trust me I cant wait for his little friends to be done...after just a few days he is a much more laid back cat.
  12. For anyone who might be concerned about having a precious tom cat neutered dont be. Frodo...who went missing for 3 days not long ago had his date with the vet today. He complained at the lack of breakfast but was at the vets for 9am. The veterinary nurse phoned me at 11.15 to say he was fine, awake and eating. My daughter collected him this afternoon and he is his usual self and more bothered about the small shaved area on his front leg than his 'bits' or lack of them...no stitches...no buster collar. The fact he is now neutered and chipped is a great reassurance and his two slightly younger friends are booked in for next week.
  13. We used to have a vixen visiting the bottom of our garden when we lived in Parson cross..on one occasion with cubs
  14. Update...after 3 days of worry he was found...dirty, hungry and tired but safe and well
  15. Missing from Wincobank a ginger and white intact Tom cat. He is very nervous of strangers and also loud noises. He went missing at a time when for family reasons there were many more people than usual around and may have wandered up towards Concord park.
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