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  1. I had problems in the past but my present delivery guy is wonderful
  2. In my own school life Mr Abrahamson at Marlcliffe school....wonderful man, inspiring teacher who left me with a lifelong love of learning. More recently Mrs Skates at Beck school and Mr Walkden at Ecclesfield.
  3. I reccomend Echo pharmacy online....they got my medication to me in more or less the same time as usual and it is free
  4. I am not quite 70 but I am avoiding going on public transport, going to crowded places etc and basically staying at home. This is to hopefully prevent me getting it. Apart from taking sensible precautions I am continuing to enjoy life and my hobbies etc. although just in case of the worst scenario I have a hospital bag packed and my family know where it is.
  5. Flu is usually an epidemic which occurs every winter...coronavirus has shown an ability to spread far wider than flu and with the corresponding problems of the threat to the very young, the old and those with compromised immune systems. It has now officially been declared a pandemic. Flu places a strain on the health service every winter...this will be twice as much of a problem. It is not just the strain a pandemic puts on health care but also the effect on the economy of a country because of companies having to close or scale down operations due to lack of staff. As for allowing everyone to get it and get it over with I have several members of my family who would not stand a chance due to age and health related issues.
  6. My uncle Les Harrison worked here from starting as an apprentice die sinker roughly around WW2 until he got his leg crushed by a die in approximately 1980
  7. Hillsborough at one time had 3 wool shops...Matthew's and Fernees facing each other on Middlewood road just below Minto road...and one at the bottom of Dixon Road run by Margaret Hawley.
  8. Harry knows that he is not needed as part of 'the firm'. He is 6th in line to the throne so can afford to say enough...he was originally the spare heir but with the birth of William's children he no longer fulfils that role. The media have been vile to him and Meghan and on top of that he has endured the continued stories about what his mother was supposed to have done or not done. When the whole Prince Andrew debacle erupted I think it was the straw that broke the camels back. I wish him, Meghan and Archie a happy future away from the straight jacket that being a senior royal imposes. His mother was a beautiful woman who died before she got a chance of happiness so he should seize this chance with both hands.
  9. My late partner's pet peeve was what we nicknamed the lane changers waltz where on motorways or approaching roundabouts a driver tries every lane to get that 10 seconds ahead
  10. They would have had to protect him from me too! Crass disrespect and ignorance.
  11. Fireworks can be fun....they can be pretty and enjoyable but the fact is that they are explosives. They have to ban the sale to the general public before areas of cities become no go areas at this time of year due to mindless idiots using them as dangerous weapons. Animals, pets farm animals and wildlife are frightened by them as are vulnerable people e.g. people with autism, PTSD and the elderly. I am not a kill joy but as a child bonfire night was just that...it was one night when families got together for food and fun and fireworks. Now it goes on for weeks and turns areas into virtual war zones.
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