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  1. Da Vinci paintings are in many galleries where the public can see them. The sketches are more rarely seen and give an insight into the man and his work.
  2. Not when we went which was early Friday afternoon
  3. I still have my dads hobbing foot...it is a piece of family history.
  4. wornout53

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    She should not have the right to residence here ever again and for the babys sake it should be removed at birth and brought up away from the influence of her and those like her.
  5. I went with my granddaughter and we both really enjoyed it. I was just simply in awe at these 500 year old drawings that are so accurate and beautiful. I bought my granddaughter a book about his anatomical drawings because she is an art student and really interested in them.
  6. wornout53

    What is a luxury to you?

  7. The only thing worse than the council tax department is Veolia
  8. wornout53

    Being called sweetheart and petal.

    At least he was paying attention to you and not holding a conversation with another member of staff . I am sure he did not single you out and was just being friendly and chatty...better that than an ignorant gloomy silence.
  9. wornout53

    Fitzalan square regeneration

    My son is due to visit in May after 18 years in the states...boy is he in for a shock. When he left town was somewhere lively vibrant and a good place to shop. Now it is a good place to avoid
  10. wornout53

    New home needed for a berieved goose

    I agree with nikki red....Graves park or Heeley city farm or even Whirlow hall farm are the places best placed to advise you.
  11. wornout53

    Winter weather thread 2018/2019

    My dear mum would have said it is too cold for snow lol
  12. wornout53

    Outdoor PE in cold weather

    I have played hockey when the pitch was frozen solid and done cross country in pouring winter rain when I was at school. Unless the child has a health problem I see nothing wrong with it.
  13. wornout53

    Royal mail rant - postman

    The real pits are Hermes who just don't give a **** most of the time
  14. wornout53

    Praise for vets4pets

    Just to add I even received a lovely condolences card from them this morning
  15. wornout53

    Praise for vets4pets

    My beautiful big boy Alfie sadly crossed rainbow bridge on Saturday night. I called Vets4pets at Wadsley bridge on Sunday morning for advice as to how to deal with his body. From the moment the phone was answered I felt supported and as though they cared about both me and my dog. They couldn't have been kinder or more understanding and when we took him in to them they gave us as much time as we needed and even offered to take paw prints for us.

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