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  1. My ESA tribunal is at the magistrates court tomorrow. I have just phoned, they have no disabled parking. They suggested my husband dropped me off at the kerb and I walked in. Does anyone know how far it is into the building as going over a bridge has been discussed. Thanks.
  2. I have asked someone from council to come and witness it. They say they have to wait until the complainant complains, they now have an out of hours number to ring them on. But they havent come out yet. It has been a month and I thought the case should be dropped. I phoned the council officer concerned and she said we are giving it another week. He hasnt been that bad but there was some barking last week! She said she would ring me on Friday (tomorrow) but I am betting she doesnt. Today at 12 o clock the large golden retriever next door but one was barking as someone was going down the road, that started the boxer off next door and then our dog. As it was his walk time, I took our dog out for a half an hour walk and when I returned the neighbours dogs were still barking! What annoys me is these dogs are louder than ours, bark more than ours but they havent had a letter from the council. I have decided to be more assertive tomorrow if she rings me. I will ask that the matter be dropped unless a council official witnesses it.
  3. I went. I thought Benoit David did very well and sometimes you could close your eyes and imagine it was Jon Anderson. I did miss Jon's presence though. I saw a fairly classic line up several years ago of Anderson, Howe, Squire, Wakeman and White and they were good. This was in Birmingham at a larger venue (NEC I think, around 2004). I was confused because I thought Rick Wakeman's son was going to be on keyboards, then I realised it was Geoff Downes from the Buggles era. I also kept feeling, well they need a front man. Benoit David hung back because of Squire and Howe being the classic established band members, but neither of them is really a front man. Basically Jon was missing. Actually, these days, Jon doesnt hit all the notes on some songs and in some ways Benoit David was more like the old Jon Anderson than the one I saw a few years ago. A good night though. I dont know why or what it was but I thought there was excessive vibration from the bass. I dont remember this last time and I wasnt sure if this was the "poor accoustics" of the city hall that many bands complained of in the 70s. I would have loved to hear "America" as second encore, but when they played "You and I" I got very emotional, and didnt know if to cry or jump up and down. I knew "Starship Trooper" would be the encore somehow and I was on my feet by that time. I am not sure if I will buy the new stuff but I didnt dislike it. I thought the venue size was more suited to Yes than the huge arenas though. I felt quite privileged to be there.
  4. A couple of minutes? I dont time him. If I pick him up he stops and I sometimes do this just to keep the peace, it upsets me to have these people complaining all the time.
  5. We have had complaints about our dog barking. He doesnt bark excessively, only when the binmen come, windowcleaners, post etc. But one of my dear and pleasant neighbours has complained to the council about him. He is a small terrier and his bark isnt as loud as the boxer next door and the labrador next door but one. I am doing training with him at the moment, we have had him neutered which has calmed him down a bit. He isnt outside all the time, just let into our fenced rear garden to relieve himself, or he goes for walks with me on the lead. It is alleged that he "barks continually". He was even barking when he wasnt at home, according to the complainant. When we got the first letter from the Council I bought a citronella spray collar which was recommended to my husband by another terrier owner. This was against my principles but we were upset and wanted to do something. It stopped him barking for a while but then he grew used to it. I have tried the approach recommended in the books of teaching him to "talk" then to be "quiet", but to get him barking worries me as I dont want any more complaints. What I keep doing is, keeping some treats nearby, and when he starts barking for whatever reason, I take a treat, give the command "down", then "quiet", make him wait quiet for a minute then treat him. To be honest, it isnt a huge success, but I am at a loss what to do. I have tried a DAP diffuser but this doesnt have any effect on barking. I am feeling a bit singled out also, as there are other dog owners close by whose dogs are larger, bark louder who havent had a letter. If this person takes it any further, I am honestly considering pursuing a harassment complaint. If anyone has any advice to offer, please do.
  6. My husband attended De La Salle 1972-1978, the great Brother Maximus taught him history
  7. They really are stunning, beautiful! I didnt realise the first one wasnt a real baby!
  8. After a break of a couple of years I have a sudden urge to start (now or tomorrow!) knitting a bolero cardigan or shrug for my holiday in a few weeks. I am based in Rotherham, but have car, where can I go tomorrow to buy myself pattern and yarn? I gave my stash away to my mum and she knitted it all up. Can you suggest somewhere open tomorrow please?
  9. I will post for future reference. There are seats, folding chairs, very hard and uncomfortable, but chairs nonetheless. And it was very cold.
  10. I have tickets for the Arctic Monkeys today, I have a disabled ticket and a wristband to go on the disabled area which is raised. BUT no one can tell me if there are seats there! I can walk I just cant stand for more than a few minutes without severe back pain. I have done all the obvious things, emailed the ticket supplier, phoned the grass bowl (no response, left messages etc), Arena box office (told me to phone See tickets), See Tickets is engaged all the time and I have left an answerphone message but got no reply. I presume if I turn up with a folding chair they wont let me take it in. Has anyone been before and can tell me? please?
  11. I am going today and have spent the last couple of days phoning See tickets/the arena/the grass bowl to try and find out if there is any seating on the disabled platform for non wheelchair disabled. No one has any idea and I cant get through to see tickets. If anyone can help please post.
  12. We have tickets for this, but have never been to a musical event at the Cathedral. Is it in the main Cathedral or a separate hall, and will there be refreshments available? The refreshments bit is important, as my husband has to come straight from work.
  13. If you are disabled and have used the disabled seating arrangements at Don Valley Stadium could you send me a PM please? I havent done this before and want to ask one or two questions, but no one at the stadium seems to be able to give me a definite answer.
  14. I had new carpets fitted throughout in my new house about 2 years ago. The lounge is quite large and the carpet had to be joined. This looked great at first, you could hardly tell. But I have quite a powerful vacuum, and over time the join has begun to fray and go slightly bald. When this first started I put some glue under the joint to reinforce it, but it didnt have any effect and its still going. I thought of putting a metal plate over it but its a long length and it would be quite unsightly. Additionally, I have a concrete floor. The cover type metal plates Ive seen are screw in. Im not convinced I would be able to secure it. Part of the join has a settee over it, so no problem, but I have a section about 6 foot long that is exposed. I have thrown a rug on it for the time being, but Im not happy about it. Is there a solution to this? I have thought about tape, glue etc but I want to get it right. As there are already a couple of bald areas I am stumped how to cover them up.
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