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  1. I knew him from school - was always a little bit odd to be honest. A rusty as well.
  2. YakQueudrue

    Sheffield Star Newspaper

    Change is not good.
  3. Long gone are the days of Nightowls and Mark Meadowcroft.
  4. YakQueudrue

    Friends house burgled.

    Just don't leave keys any where visible or near a door - it's quite simple really.
  5. Have you never heard of Google?
  6. That would be the most tempting option, agreed.
  7. Atkinsons and class in the same sentence?
  8. YakQueudrue

    Painting plates with kids

    Ecclesall Rd, not EcclesHall Rd.
  9. Why not gift wrap yourself and present yourself offereing him the chance to do whatever he wants with his new gift? It'd go down a treat I can assure you.
  10. YakQueudrue

    Sort of pulled over last night by Police???

    What is your major malfuction?
  11. YakQueudrue

    S11 Top Booze Houses

    Buy a newspaper and do a Su Duko if it's a mental challenge you're after, hero.
  12. YakQueudrue

    S11 Top Booze Houses

    I forgot you lot act as a double act.
  13. YakQueudrue

    Parrot in Norton Lees ?

    Not as strange as seeing a dolphin in Forge Dam.
  14. YakQueudrue

    S11 Top Booze Houses

    I'm glad you've finally realised that. I mean, looking 'me' up on friends re-united, convincing yourself you know who I am, not quite ever being able to just leave it - all attributes of someone who to be honest, you wouldn't trust your kids with.
  15. YakQueudrue

    S11 Top Booze Houses

    I've never heard of such a person and I WENT to High Storrs. I suggest you have a re-think......

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