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  1. I knew him from school - was always a little bit odd to be honest. A rusty as well.
  2. Just don't leave keys any where visible or near a door - it's quite simple really.
  3. Why not gift wrap yourself and present yourself offereing him the chance to do whatever he wants with his new gift? It'd go down a treat I can assure you.
  4. Buy a newspaper and do a Su Duko if it's a mental challenge you're after, hero.
  5. I forgot you lot act as a double act.
  6. Not as strange as seeing a dolphin in Forge Dam.
  7. I'm glad you've finally realised that. I mean, looking 'me' up on friends re-united, convincing yourself you know who I am, not quite ever being able to just leave it - all attributes of someone who to be honest, you wouldn't trust your kids with.
  8. I've never heard of such a person and I WENT to High Storrs. I suggest you have a re-think......
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