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  1. Thank you all for your replies they were very helpful 😁
  2. Hi Not sure if I'm worrying unduly. My 77 years old mum has been told by the chemist that she now has to pay 10 pounds to get each prescription delivered to her home. Has anyone else experienced this. I don't live close by so a bit difficult. Thank you
  3. Cany someone please tell me how much do plumbers and electricians charge if you call them out on a Saturday or Sunday please.
  4. Thank you everyone. My Mum said her bank want to charge her 50.00 to look at her deeds, is that what banks charge, seems like a lot to me.
  5. My Mum is in Sheffield and needs to buy a new sofa. Can anyone recommend where is the best place to look and best value for her money. She doesn´t have a car so somewhere on a tram or bus route would be best. Thank you.
  6. My Mum isn´t sure which side is her boundary and her neighbour has been on at her to buy a new fence. If she stands with her back to the house which side is her boundary. She lives in S2 Thank you.
  7. We had a party at the above club several years ago which was spoiled by an ignorant minority of the clubs members. They seemed to think it was ok for them to help themselves the the buffet we had paid for, for our guests to enjoy. When we asked them to stop and leave our party we were subject to verbal abuse. We also had to put up with members using the toilets to take their drugs which was quite upsetting especially as we had young children present. We also had to put up with abuse when using the bar to buy our drinks. The staff just were not interested or were to afraid to say anything. When I phoned the person I had made the booking with the next day he just was not interested. If we hadn´t have been leaving Sheffield the next day I would have taken things further. Personally I would not touch this venue with a barge pole unless big changes have been made since our party.
  8. I hope someone on here can help me. We are trying to find the above solicitor. Not sure if he is still in business or if his clients were passed onto another solicitor. We are trying to find a copy of the will made by this solicitor by my husbands mother and step father who recently died. We cannot find our copy of the will and are not sure what to do next. We are in Spain which makes things it bit more difficult and the Spanish lawyer says we need to contact the English lawyer. Many thanks. C
  9. I used to know a Heidi who lived at totley we went to Richmond college together, she is the reason I met my husband. If she is the same Heidi I would love to get in contact with her too.
  10. Hi, I didn´t even realise that the hoopoe was a rare bird. I am from Sheffield but now live in Spain. The hoopoe is quite common here and we often see them in our garden.
  11. Does anyone know Linda Rogers, she may have changed her name through marriage by now. She used to live on the Wybourn, went to Hurlfield school and the last I knew of her which was 30 years ago she worked at South Yorkshire Police Headquarters. She will be 51 now. I have tried Friends Reunited and Facebook but no luck.
  12. Hi, can someone please tell me what I should be paying for a plumber or electrician in Sheffield, that is the hourly rate. Thanks.
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