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  1. Around 5pm looks like they pulled something out of the river
  2. Would sooner watch paint dry.
  3. That Nicole schitzinger looked like a blow up doll.
  4. He’s was always going to be that way inclined, however he is good mates with sir cliff.
  5. Let the the yanks have him,it’s like Jason Donovan why isn’t he entertaining the ozzies!.
  6. Neither can I ^^^^ I wouldn’t pay him in tap washers.
  7. As I was driving through Malin bridge early this morning I saw 4 police cars outside the pizza shop
  8. At least the residents would all afford to eat..yes it bottlenecks the last time I drove through it was choca block,there always seems to be building or road works around there.
  9. Van found up bradfield -white Nissan primastar
  10. Shops across from fox pub looks like the sandwich shop has a car lodged inside and looks like there’s been a fire! anyone know anything?
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