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  1. Harry blames his Mothers death for his mental state? I lost my Dad at a young age, I adapted to the situation, and I came from a normal family, no millions, posh houses, privileges. Any excuse is better than none. He thinks he's got issues, it's only just begun, with nightmare Meghan. As Harry said what Meghan wants, Meghan gets.I think Harry was scared he would be left on the shelf, with no Wife, he had two long term relationships prior to Meghan, but neither of them wanted to marry him. Meghan is an attention seeker, and power mad, look at me, iv bagged a prince !
  2. I totally agree, Wallis Simpson wanted to run, but Edward theatened to kill himself if she left him, so she stayed.Wallis really wanted to be with Ernest Simpson.
  3. Meghan has a fractured mind, must seek more attention and fresh excitement, will never be satisfied, whatever comes her way. Watched GMTV this morning, several people commented on how Harry had changed, and dominated by Meghan. From the start she had every Intention of getting him away from England, back to her home turf.
  4. Meghan and Harry want privacy, and less media intrusion, the answer to it all is . . . . . JUST IGNORE THEM. No doubt this will not be right ! They will be crying in their beer being in oblivion.I hope they will be happy, but I doubt it, Meghan wont be able to stand the lack of publicity. Meghan is a loose cannon, and needs to have more respect for the royal family, no wonder the Queen is angry, if I was the Queen, they would be banished!
  5. I am a trained marriage counsellor, for many years, the writing is on the wall, for Meghan and Harry, he thinks he has issues now, it's nothing to what's to come.
  6. Shallow minds have such poor perception, and could argue with their own shadows.
  7. Harry is a prince by his royal birth rite, his wife is a former two bit actress, up her own self importance.
  8. That is for her Majesty to decide, not me ! I don't presume to know the mind of the Queen, I suspect it is all upsetting for her, and the rest of the royal family.
  9. The press didn't kill Diana, she knew the score when she married Prince Charles, having spent so much time around royals, all her life. Diana used the press when it suited her purposes. A stupid paralytic drunken driver killed her, he was vastly over the safe limit for driving a vehicle. I have driven through the Alma tunnel, when I went to Paris, it is narrow, dark, with many concrete posts, the drivers perception was distorted due to his drunkenness, he was solely to blame. The press have followed Diana many many times, it was a drunken idiot that caused her death.😥
  10. Our wonderful Queen doesn't need all this trauma and upset, at her time of life. Her conduct has been impeccable, always, may God bless you maam. Harry needs to grow up, and grow a pair, he has changed drastically since he met Meghan Markle. He has a duty to his birth heritage, not running away like a silly kid, and blaming every one else, it's all down to Markle.
  11. There is nothing royal about Meghan Markle, Kate is beautiful, restrained keeps her mouth closed and has class, she was a perfect choice. Meghan needs to get back to Suites,she has fallen out with all and sundry, and taking Harry down the same horrible road, divide and conquer that's how she operates. I firmly believe in Kama, what comes round, goes round, action, reaction, outcome, consequence! You only had to see how many family were at the wedding, says it ALL, about her ! Well, I say buzz off, and don't let the door hit you on the way out, shame she will have caused so much damage first, and messed up Prince Harry, who still has issues, around his Mums death.
  12. Well the balloon has finally gone up ! Meghan Markle has finally devided and conquered the royal family. Her selfish actions and desires has been just like a wrecking ball, since she married Prince Harry. He's really under the thumb, and probably terrified she will leave him ! I think behind all her sincerity and smiles, she is self speaking and manipulative. I feel so sorry for Harry, when he comes out of his dream state, he will curse the day he met her. No doubt another baby will come into the picture, and complete her final leverage. They say love is blind, so true, but one day Harry will come to the realisation what a prize mess he's landed himself in. I feel sorry for our beautiful Queen, she doesn't need anymore heartache after the Prince Andrew shame. Well Meghan will have a long term meal ticket, that's for sure. My terminology for her would be the destroyer, Piers Morgan was correct about Meghan all along. Wallis Simpson, American sound familiar? It will not end well, and Harry will end up devastated and heartbroken.
  13. I can remember going to the afternoon viewing to see Journey to the centre of the earth, with James Mason and Pat Boon. I used to go regularly on Saturday afternoons, if the film was a U certificate. Sometimes my Mum would treat me to a ticket in the circle, upstairs. My Mum was at work Saturday afternoons. Sometimes, I was the only person in the cinema !
  14. I wish I had found Jesus Christ at a much younger age, and lived by Christian principals, it would have saved me much grief, and silly poor choices I made. I would have found a Christian Husband, served the Lord full time, and hope to save others, to enter his Kingdom. I street witness now, and he is my first priority, along with my beautiful family, and my dogs.
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