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  1. i went to waltheof school .left in 66 . the names stephen france . waltheof had some good teachers like pop he was a gentleman . then they were some sadistic bas...ds like ben holland and marshall .cooper .i could go on but i wont . i had 20 of the cane in one day and all before 2.00 .is that a record wich still stands ,
  2. where can i see live music ie bands trios .. in sheffield city center monday nights many thanks
  3. anybody worked at george turton platts in the mid 70s . there was a strike can anyone give me the dates please .
  4. Where can i see them live !! Anybody out there seen them ??
  5. i know they piggyback off vodaphone . but the rates seem very enticing ..just wonderd why ?? many thanks
  6. asda pay as you go ..is the service any good .can see the tarriff is cheaper but hows the reception ect
  7. thats lower drop just below the cross keyes
  8. i worked at stanley garden tools woodhouse mill 1972..79
  9. where can i get video cassettes converted to dvds .
  10. try the white swan at dronfield . open mike every tues also waverly pub friday nights with martin and friends
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