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Oaps To Work Extra years from april idea

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before you all start this is page 2 the sun sat dec 17th the goverment are to ask all those who retired early and those about to retire ,or those who dont have large amounts of cash to retire ect,to return to work or stay longer ,to save the country having to import workers from abroad ,they are also thinking of doing midlife MOTs to get you to change your job ,so you can work longer in life past the pension age,they are also asking OAPS to help with charities ect ,so what do you think is needed to sole the 1.2 million staff shortage, bigger wages,lower the working week or any other ideas ,somthing needs sorting but what?

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they have decided that all workers will have a medical at midlife so if thats the case they will retrain you to a lighter job so you can work longer even if its a new job .

14 minutes ago, pattricia said:

A person who has a manual job eg; builder, plumber, roofer, bricklayer would not be able to physically work longer, but a person with an office job would.


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this is a goverment idea they are reporting about,we cannot carry on ploughing food in the ground and destroying apple orchards and having no staff for main jobs including the NHS we need workers so they have 2 choices and the report says which way does the goverment go,invite foreign workers to our country like we invited many nations before or do we try to get our workers to work longer in life?

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It's up to everybody's personal wishes and state of health etc and many are caring for parents or partners.

If they want retired NHS workers to go back, they will have to give them proper salaries and conditions.

A bit rich if this is coming from the  well paid idle people  in Westminster who think a 3 hour meal or a wine party, discussing something is working.

They don't know what work is.

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