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  1. Have to say that I like it, and I doubt there are many developers queueing up to build in what is an area of the city on its uppers. What powers do you think the council legally has in such a situation? Not saying I agree with it, but does the council have the powers to enforce strict adherence to the original scheme?
  2. Its such a minor imposition that it is of no consequence.
  3. People of Sheffield! The call has gone out! Get yourselves to Abbeydale Rd Sth with your brushes, your shovels and your buckets!
  4. Sorry, but just because your life doesn't suck, doesn't mean others aren't struggling massively, both mentally and financially. This new normal you seem so accepting of, with its huge unemployment issues in the entertainment, arts, sports and hospitality sectors, definitely sucks. I'm just a user and lover of all the above. Imagine if your livelihood depended on it? Imagine thats what was supporting your family? Not so trivial, as you described it earlier.
  5. I tend to stick to a marinara, margherita, or a salami piccante. Not a fan of pizzas with masses of toppings, so the limited range at Napoli works for me. Cool picture of Maradona on the box lid too.
  6. I would pick Napoli Centro over Proove, had a few tepid pizzas from Proove delivered during lockdown.
  7. There is a clear difference. One is independently assessed, the other isn't. I've prepared technical files for CE marking of industrial systems. They sit untouched and unreviewed by any independent assessor.
  8. Who on this thread works for the council? Not Planner1 AFAIK.
  9. I would guess the same. They are in my own professional area. That's why we can CE mark equipment, because they conform to European norms.
  10. Probably beyond? You're "sure" most of their products will fail? What are the applicable British Standards for food production? There are UK laws which enshrine parts of the relevant EU regulations into law. Much as there will be across the EU. Where's any evidence that food production standards are generally higher in the UK, as compared to the rest of the EU?
  11. Dore, on the edge of the Peak District, and has Dore and Totley rail station, which is on the Hope Valley line. One of the best areas in Sheffield, a village joined to the edge of the city. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/to-rent/details/55653765
  12. Another entitled driver complaining about a minor inconvenience to repair the roads which allow them to travel. Are traffic levels any different on any other school day, in comparison to the first day?
  13. Because they are a business, who are fully entitled to charge for every service they provide. Have you used Reed before? Do you have a track record of doing business with them? An account with them? Do you work for free over the weekend and bank holiday? I don't, in fact I put my rates up, as do most.
  14. How much has it cost SCC? How much is recouped in rates from shops which would not exist without an anchor store to attract footfall? And it's about more than pounds and pence, it's about keeping some life in the city centre.
  15. Very much so. Money well spent by SCC.
  16. I've yet to hear a single one. At least, one that isn't a soundbite.
  17. Sorry, not a clue. Edit....Google says https://www.citydoc.org.uk/citydoc-sheffield/
  18. And so it begins. Brexiteer lacks the moral fibre to own what they voted for. Unsurprising.
  19. Think some destinations require a negative test certificate on arrival.
  20. The alternative to providing pedestrian refuges and cycle lanes etc isn't "a big scrum", there's a middle ground. But that would involve motorists sharing the road space with other equally legitimate users without getting all upset about having to slow down momentarily, or maybe having to walk a bit to finish their journey. It's only dangerous because motorists lack patience. If a motorist is unable to decide that the way is not clear to proceed, and should wait until it is clear to do so, then they should hand in their licence.
  21. Hilarious. I'm sure the loved ones of those killed by motorists will be laughing along with you.
  22. What a humanitarian you are. Shameful.
  23. The Oxfam shop at Broomhill always has a varied selection, particularly the non fiction, history in particular. Picked up quite a few obscure books there.
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