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  1. I think Sheffield cutlery companies managed to hasten their own demise by lack of investment, lack of change in business practices and continuing to produce expensive cutlery and other products, straight razors for example, for a market that no longer existed.
  2. Deceit, a four parter about the police investigation of Colin Stagg/murder of Rachel Nickell. Very good I thought, it was on C4 earlier this year, now on All 4.
  3. There are two more series, 86 and 89. Both worth your time to watch, not quite as good as 83, which I thought was excellent. Try The Team, also on All 4, euro cop series.
  4. OK, let me put it a blunter way. I couldn't care less what any serving or former armed forces personnel think about Covid restrictions, their background is utterly irrelevant to the discussion. You specifically raised it, as though any currently serving member of the forces has done anything at all to defend or support our personal freedoms in this country. They haven't. They project the government of the day's will overseas.
  5. Why is it unanswerable? Why does serving in the forces give you some special knowledge or right to decide what is or isn't permissible? I'm struggling to see how serving in forces and the current covid restrictions are in any way linked or related.
  6. What I make of that is you basing your comments on hearsay.
  7. Usual inhabitants? Presumably you are referring to the homeless and similar? I walk through there quite frequently and don't recall seeing any of that. Haven't you said in another thread that you never venture into the city centre? Apologies if I'm mistaken.
  8. A few days ago you said I was classified as unvaccinated because I hadn't had a booster. Not particularly relevant to the comment above but I asked you who was classifying me, and billions of others, in that way. You never responded so I can only assume you were just inventing it to promote your stance. Either you made it up yourself, were misinformed or lying, which one? When you have an answer, come back to me.
  9. Oh dear. That wasn't freedom fighting, that was just you walking through the arcade at Hillsborough, making zero impact. Please don't associate your trivial actions with those who have made sacrifices to fight for their freedom.
  10. There is no planning application yet submitted, according to the planning website, so I would assume it's a long way from a done deal, or bulldozed through, or indeed any deal at all or even likely to be built next year. Don't put your faith in any men from Greenhill, is all I can conclude..
  11. The planning permission is the thing which would stop it, and can be refused on traffic concerns I believe.
  12. Is this the first bit of humble bragging about winter driving skills of the season? Standard fare on these threads, use a high gear, use a low gear, low revs, high revs blah blah blah.
  13. And where does it go from there? Just disappears? Or in reality, fills Dyche Lane with cars, with traffic queing to turn right up Dyche Lane to the ring road traffic lights. Along with all the trucks making deliveries to the stores.
  14. I imagine they could put as much design effort in as humanly possible, and still not get around the hard fact that there are more cars than road space.
  15. Or maybe to understand that traffic can be managed to a reasonable level, but that there is a limit to what can be acheived given finite resources of money and space, and that the best that can be done given those limits is what has been done. Anyhow, I'll wait until smithy266 has thought outside the box and then we can all look forward to a traffic free visit to the shops.
  16. No children had died, in the very short period of time for which data was available, but you had no idea if the disease may take longer to show serious effects in young children. Where you live and who you live with can make a big difference to the impact of viral diseases. In short, a guess, which fortunately for you turned out to be correct. And then you use that outcome to try to suggest your initial guess was based on some kind of insight. Nice that you write off the over 80's. Typical callous approach of those opposed to the vaccine, to justify their choice, "keep the vulnerable safe" meaning lock em up in their houses whilst the rest of us crack on.
  17. What's your experience of traffic flow modelling and design of road and traffic control systems? Using that knowledge, what specifically would you do differently?
  18. Nope, just interested to know how you knew they'd be the same, other than guessing/hoping? Only in hindsight were you correct. If you can outline the scientific process, it would inform the discussion.
  19. So you based your advice to your son on data which might be limited in how applicable it was to the the UK? DId you know it was the same variant in the UK, in March 2020, did you know the effects of geographical/racial differences, did you consider the data was very time-limited. And then despite all that, you concluded, in mid-March 2020 that the risk to your son was zero? Remind me to ignore any judgements you make on here. You still haven't "Come back to me", to quote yourself, on who is classifying me as unvaccinated. Should be an easy one to answer, surely.
  20. Why would you assume that, not all vaccines work that way. Anyway, back to my original question, who, other than you, is classifying me as unvaccinated? Which government body, which organisation? Come back to me.
  21. You haven't answered the question. Who, other than you, is classifying me as unvaccinated? Which government body, which organisation?
  22. Classed as unvaccinated by who? I'm within 6 months of double vaccination, no booster yet, so who's classifying me as unvaccinated? Does the same apply to those who were double vaccinated as of today?
  23. I can find nothing other than those who haven't been vaccinated are classed as unvaccinated. If you have differing information, please share.
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