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  1. If it's household waste, perfectly straightforward to take it to the tip. If it's business waste, perfectly straightforward to get a professional contractor to dispose of it correctly.
  2. Dont flatter yourself. Nothing radical about putting car users and their convenience above all else. We already spend billions upon billions on just that. Radical would be investing an equivalent amount in joined up public transport, and safe walking and cycling routes.
  3. Yes. Not everybody wants or has the means to have an ebook reader. I spend enough time looking at screens at work. I have the means to buy an ebook reader, but much prefer to read a paper book. As such, most of what I read for pleasure comes from Ecclesall Library.
  4. So we should only pay for things we want to pay for? Can I opt out of the part of my tax/NI contribution which ends up in your pocket? No, I can't, and I wouldn't ever want to. Sometimes it is worth paying for something which contributes to the good of society, and I count most of what the BBC does in that category.
  5. Judging by the quality of your writing, yes.
  6. Neither are your own postings.....I read the same article myself yesterday, very interesting. In their defence, the volume of material published by the BBC is possibly such that to perform a detailed check on everything is too costly.
  7. Would be happy to see any pavement parker have their car crushed. I reckon after a well publicised first crushing the problem would cease to exist.
  8. My kids know how to string a sentence together. As do I. I'm happy to pay as much "road tax" as you want, for my zero-emission bicycle. If I had an electric scooter, more than happy to do the same.
  9. This^^ I'm sure in your decorating business you generally get paid after the work is done. I've used your firm for decorating and I paid on completion. Same should apply here, although sounds like it's a bit late for that.
  10. Is there a way of reporting them to whatever professional body they may belong to? Presumably your first step would be to start using another accounting service to get you back on track, and sort out your VAT situation with HMRC.
  11. You should, just had a hot roast pork sandwich with all the trimmings from there. As great as ever, and they sell really good pies and other pastries.
  12. Only been for lunch....Had a curried cod dish which I enjoyed. I think they've expanded into the premises behind now also.
  13. Takes about 3 seconds of wondering why? Because they are owned by somebody/some company. I imagine your settee isn't used at night....open the doors and let em in.
  14. Ok. I was happy and full with sharing 4 with one other, plus a pud of my own. 6 plates would be a lot of food, but each to their own.
  15. Stopping to think would require being able to think. There's the problem. Ignorant and uneducated, with a lot of xenophobia thrown in.
  16. Can't see any mention of US government concerns over that lab in your article.
  17. From http://www.welcometosheffield.co.uk/visit/news/2020/jan/14/new-year-new-future-for-iconic-sheffield-hotel "It is anticipated the hotel, to be re-named The Quays Hotel – Sheffield will open in early February following the implementation of new systems and the recruitment of staff. The new operator’s plans will see the hotel’s gym facilities becoming active again for guests and non-residents, where there was a membership of more than 1,400 – this is scheduled for the end of the month. "
  18. Presumably you are suggesting they should eat cows?
  19. I commute pretty much daily by bike and have yet to see all these black clad cyclists with no lights weaving through traffic. I never see them out riding 4 abreast either, and I'm out most every weekend in the Peaks.
  20. Or catch a train. Endcliffe in SW Sheffield is a short walk to Sharrowvale and Broomhill, and Ecclesall Road where you'll find cafes pubs and restaurants, delis etc. Also a short walk to parks and Botanical Gardens. And 20 minutes drive to the climbing edges in the dark Peak.
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