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  1. An attribution would be a very good idea, although I hold my hands up to not noticing the link the one time I hovered over it - very unusualbut not unknown, especially while skimming the posts.
  2. No attribution, as I said, and as one who doesn't take too much notice of the BBC news site - how was I to know where to look? Like most people, I'm not physic.
  3. @whiteowl- I assume there is a valid point to that picture (and the comments? @Mister M - As there is no attribution or way of dating the photograph, it could be pre-CV19, and as for the rest of your comments -typical!
  4. I could understand the 'Active Travel Scheme' excuse for the two failures, but Pinstone Street - really??
  5. Those of us with half a brain cell wouldn't include you in @West 77's little clique, we know you have more sense. 🤣
  6. Actually, I probably watch less TV than you - mine hasn't been on more than 5 hours this MONTH, so far.
  7. @francypantsIgnore him - I usually do. 😉
  8. The OP? - although he has gone quiet? A certain ex-council employee? I'd have to re-read the topic to find any further suggestions - which I won't be doing today as I have quite a bit to do and I'm a bit busy on another (tech) forum I help out on.
  9. You also qualify as a knowledgable contributor, Where have I said otherwise?😉
  10. I agree, @Jeffrey Shaw- and he knows what he is talking about, unlike the odd one or two in this topic.
  11. In other words - a 'non-job' for the boys. I agree with your second sentence totally.
  12. Agreed - but the 'mayor'/leader is never appointed on their abilities, just on who they know - or other dubious criteria. I'll re-read the report when I have a bit more time to cut through all the flannel.
  13. I would very much doubt it - the internal electronics would probably not be compatible.
  14. I agree that it should be a co-ordinated approach, but as the two statutory bodies (Council/PTE) can't even get their approach synchronised, do you really think the operators have got a look-in? I certainly don't. I'll have to revisit that 'report' although when I first read it, I didn't think much of it.
  15. Even if it is, which is highly likely, it wouldn't have had the disruptive effect to public transport if bus services had not been 'temporarily' diverted that way. No - but they should have realised that city centre stops are most probably some of the more intelligent points - which is why they have been so for as long as cross-city services have existed.
  16. 👍 @Kidorry- Have you sorted it yet?
  17. With respect @fools- I have read the topic correctly, as the OP confirms, and I see no ambiguity in post #3 - clearly the problem is that when the OP moves the laptop downstairs (away from the router)then he loses connection. Not all wireless problems can be resolved without buying kit, especially ones which relate to the cheap but functional (in an ideal environment) modem/routers supplied by budget ISPs.
  18. I agree - but surely the council should have foreseen this? I am not a city planner, but even I could gave told them that Arundel Gate, especially the east side, is unsuitable as a bus timing point.
  19. So the council can't even get its own projects 'approved' - at least - no timescale for implementation - in a reasonable period. You couldn't make it up! (Or could you?) EDIT - but how is a plan to provide replacement facilities at that location going to help those who want Fargate/The Moor/Castlegate &c?
  20. Actually, @Andy C, at the speed SCC/SYPTE 'work' , the could be temporary, in a 5-year programme of 'improvements'.
  21. I think it was more a view on the incompetence of SCC/SYPTE to provision a service which meets peoples needs, rather than totally foul things up.
  22. @foolsIf you read the topic properly, the problem is when the laptop is away from the router. The OP, I suspect, wrongly thought installing a wireless card in the desktop would solve the problem.
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