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  1. I agree totally, @Resident - I fortunately haven't had to travel on buses too often recently , but when I was, I usually found it was the free pass holders who were the trouble, along with (and I'll get hammered here) our 'ethnic' friends. The drivers do a stressful enough job trying to get through horrendous traffic without having ignorant individuals trying to assert their 'rights' - to the detriment of everyone.
  2. OK @spider1 - I'll accept it works for you (a bit like my mobile), but I wouldn't touch SKY with a bargepole, for personal reasons.
  3. Did you get a new number? A lot of people claim to get similar calls on their mobiles - I've had the same mobile number for 25+ years, and can count on one hand the number of spam/scam calls or texts I've had, so it could just be luck. My comment re: what UK telecoms firms can do stands - unless you specifically block international calls yourself (or ask your phone provider to do so, which may cost), there is nothing they can do about phone users in other countries.
  4. As, at a guess, 99% of these calls originate outside of the UK , it is impossible for UK telecoms firms to do anything to stop them. FYI, from doing a bit of research when these were a real pain, other countries (mainly Western) have exactly the same problem, so it is not a situation unique to the UK.
  5. I used to get a lot of these spam calls, and before the spammers started using pre-recorded messages, had quite a bit of fun winding the callers up. Nowadays, if the number is unknown to me, I ignore it - if someone I'm not expecting a call from really wants to get in touch, they can leave a message and I'll call them back at my convenience. I have found this method works very well - I consider myself unlucky if I get more than two unsolicited calls a month.
  6. I can kind of see your thinking there - but I don't think the logic is very clear. If you were going to get lousy weather on 29/02 and we didn't have it, you would just get the same on 01/03 - wherever you put the 'extra day' doesn't really matter, the weather will be what it will be.
  7. Hulleys have mini/midi/normal buses - I would imagine they will use whatever they have available to gauge initial demand and then decide on a suitable vehicle for regular use. ENCTS passes are valid on all services - I think.
  8. Wet & windy - and dark. But what do you expect at this time of year? Even in a 'quiet' year February/March can be the dodgiest months.
  9. One problem, @Longcol - I don't think most of those pavements are wide enough, as alluded to in my original post.
  10. It is always a good idea to have some trees along a corridor such as this, but the only problem I see is quite a major one - where would they actually plant them? - this areas topography doesn't give many options.
  11. Just looked at the Met Office forecast for next week - can't see anything particularly out of the ordinary?😕
  12. Some people are just plain stupid, @Baron99.
  13. If it helps, as I had an instance on Friday - Firefox x64, v72.0.1 (the current)
  14. @ECCOnoobThanks for a common sense and informative response. If I were inclined to do so much typing 😀, I would have said very much the same.
  15. Well said, @redruby, I, like you, have been using buses for many years and found 99.9% of drivers to be brilliant.
  16. I haven't forgotten this @Retro Queen - just had nothing to report as yet, but it is still front & centre on my radar.I can only suggest in the interim that all those affected flood the PTE with complaints - sadly contacting First in Leeds will get you nowhere, they are just not interested, as I have discovered. I'm away until early January, but will be having words with Olive Grove on my return.
  17. click on the users name you wish to PM, you will see their profile - there is an envelope icon 'message , click that and away yo go. HTH
  18. Having read the linked story, you'd probably lose on your first bet, and there is no clear indication on your second.😀
  19. That was aimed at you, @Lex Luthor, not makapaka, and apart from the all-caps bit which was caused by shock, was a simple question. Tell me where I was not polite in my reply to @makapaka?
  20. @makapakaAs I read that article, the headmistress believes it 'excludes' children of other faiths from celebrating a Christian occasion. Put simply, she is wrong - if parents of children of other (or non) faiths wish to remove their children from the concert/service or whatever you want to call it, that is entirely up to them, but the UK is still, nominally at least a Christian country. By the way, I am an atheist, but still believe that those who wish to celebrate what for them is an important festival should be allowed to without al this 'inclusivist' nonsense. WHAT are you on about?
  21. You lot must be really unlucky, the only courier I have had problems with has been the late (un)lamented CityLink, twice - one item delivered to #3 the next road up, and one 'signed for' left on top of my bin store.
  22. Not my link - but I'll give that it has been posted.
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