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  1. It's a scam - TV Licencing wouldn't use a hotmail address. As to the postal reminder - no idea.
  2. Why not? If you order and pay for your ticket on-line, you may not even have to queue to collect it - many tickets will download automatically to a mobile device, and you have less chance of losing them, as well as saving time.
  3. I take your point - a bit - but from my personal observations, VERY few don't seem to travel, or go anywhere, without a phone - even those older than me, and I'm 66.
  4. @Thirsty Relicme too - the insurance implications alone would be concerning me.
  5. Not a great help to the OP's relative, but there are a number of ways to buy/collect tickets, only one collection method that needs a bit of advance planning, that being the one where for longer journeys involving multiple operators means you HAVE to obtain a paper/card copy. I use the rail service quite a lot, and never have a problem. For future planned journeys, I buy the ticket in advance on-line and use the best available option - download to my iPad or 'collect' at my originating station on the smart-card, or collect in advance from the ticket machine at the station, if it HAS to be a paper ticket. For shorter or 'impulse' journeys, I again buy online and download to the iPad - you only need (usually) to allow a few minutes for it to become available. Most people able to travel should be able to use the on-line purchase option, surely?
  6. Not often I agree with you @tinfoilhat- but you are spot-on with that comment.
  7. One of the problems you will sadly face when you have to expose the address publicly, but your email provider should have filters in place to mitigate some of the obvious spam.
  8. But they are not pedestrians once they begin to drive!😀 Cyclists also kill - but somewhat obviously not to the same volume as car drivers - before some smart alec tries to take me to task
  9. Please explain to me how someone driving a motor vehicle - a 'driver' by definition - can be a pedestrian - a 'walker' by definition - be one and the same?
  10. Looks like BT sent you a message intended for someone else then. You shouldn't have any further problems, but I hope you have kept that email, just in case things go pear-shaped - not likely, but the BT system is not renowned for being fool-proof.
  11. @NewBizYou're 'avin a larf, aren't you - there was NO forward planning or measurement scheduled, it was a hasty, ill-conceived idea from the off, and even Planner1 won't be able to wriggle away from that - although it isn't really up to him to do so as he wasn't involved in it.
  12. Virgin Media and if an engineer was due on Monday, you would already have been told about this by Virgin.
  13. RiffRaff - it will be interesting, especially as a switch from BT to Virgin involves an engineer visit to install the VM service.
  14. @Wazzock- That appears to be a standard SF response, unfortunately.
  15. I know I have said this on another thread on this subject, but cooperation between operators - WITHOUT the need for political interference - for that is what it is, as @busdriver1has pointed out, can and does work very well if it is left to those with a proper understanding of the industry - the example I always give is the operation in the Surrey/Sussex/Hampshire area, where, as at this time last year you could buy a ticket for £9.00 and go almost anywhere in the region, on many operators (sadly, not on all Stagecoach services - they are the only operator of any size not to participate for greedy reasons). The idea was masterminded by the Brighton & Hove Bus Company, a Go-Ahead group company, with the support of all the local authorities in the area, and for someone like me who enjoys exploring by public transport where ever I can, it is fantastic innovation. Link: https://www.buses.co.uk/discovery-ticke
  16. Have you even read the replies above? They explain the reasons for your perceived 'delays'.
  17. I'm still confused - are you talking of when you are on the list of posts/in the reply box or where? (I do wish this forum would allow screenshots to be posted, a picture would explain it easily)
  18. Where on the posts do they appear, and when?
  19. There was, apparently, also coverage on local and national news media - although as I have been ignoring 'news' programmes &c during the current situation, I was not aware of that. There is no benefit to anyone, but it was exactly as you describe - just to grab funding 'because it was there', with little or no thought as to how best deploy it - typical council 'planning'.
  20. I think there has been plenty of notification about this on local media - including here. I'm not a cyclist, or anyone who needs to go in that area, but I'm well aware of it.
  21. Which, had he been using the cycle lane, he could have ignored.🤣
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