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McFadzean brothers


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Rumours going around that Kyle McFadzean wants to leave MKD in summer and come back to SUFC. I think he has done a great job in their back four, so would be surprised if this is true, unless it is for personal/family reasons. When I last saw him at Stadium MK this season, he had filled out and looks stocky and strong at 6 feet 1 inch.


Younger brother Callum, out on loan at the moment, is being scouted by Wigan, I assume with a view to bringing him in over summer and trimming their wage bill.

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Pair of numpties, one of em use to go to goals and thought he was Messi...


That would have been Kyle as he used to go to Power League as well and in all fairness he is a good player and a professional football at that on merit so I think it is a little harsh to attack him for that. If he thinks he is better than the others at 5 a side football then the truth is that he is as he's the professional and they aren't

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Professional or not does that excuse arrogance/being a tool (speedy's phrase) drinking Stella at 10am in an inappropriate environment? Just asking.


Considering my reply was in relationship to CorkerSWFC saying that one of the thinks he is messi when playing football at goals and not to the comments above, I can only assume that this comment wasn't aimed at me :roll:

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