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  1. I don't really know what I can add to the discussion really. I do suffer from a type of hayfever, in October time when the leaves are all falling off the trees and rotting the spores give me breathing difficulty that has at times in the last 5 years especially been bad and made me visit hospital. People for whom the hot weather makes life uncomfortable have my sympathies, same with people whose joints hurt in the cold weather etc etc. I love all the weather extremes we get here and although occasionally people post taking the whatsit out of my advance warnings I suppose I'm just using something I enjoy to try to help others, especially when it comes to snow etc.
  2. I'm not certain we'll see much lightning up here since it is quite cool and the storm so far is losing energy as it is crossing the channel. It is however very slow moving and we could be in for some pretty serious rainfall totals over the next 36 hours. There's already early reports of flash flooding on the SE Coast and the ground is very dry up here. I'll even stick my neck out and say the bridge at Upwell St might well be unpassable at some point
  3. I understand where you are coming from but unfortunately the weather will never suit all, winter is bad for people with poor circulation or arthritis etc. It will always be lovely for me when the flowers are in bloom and the dog can go swimming in the river etc. ---------- Post added 16-07-2015 at 20:17 ---------- There is an outside chance of Thunder and Lightening tonight as some conditions move up from France, same as last time except the conditions are not quite as obviously ripe for it so the storm cells will be isolated in nature and it will be a bit hit and miss - could well see some stormy weather overnight tonight though!
  4. Oh I got that, I was trying to make light of it but reading back I can see that the post sounds a bit defensive, sorry! It's just been a REALLY long week, nothing more So how about these clouds that are rolling in, huh? The met office are sticking with their usual prediction of 5-10% chance of rain but I think we'll get a bit looking at how the clouds are formed, though nothing that can be described as out of the ordinary for the North of England. My Sunflowers are hoping so, anyway!
  5. What a ridiculous thread. You are at risk anywhere in the Western world really, though the risk is quite small. If IS or Al-Queda or any other terrorist group wanted to target Spain - and I know people from Vigo, they are all lovely and the football team is great - but no offence, Vigo is very unlikely to be top of their hit list.
  6. tut tut you lot I always try to give at least 2 or 3 days warning whenever I think something out of the ordinary may happen! I've been mega busy with work, overtime and more work. Plus I've played 3 football games this week, so haven't had the chance to sit down and so much as look at the weather! I did say it was going to be nice this weekend though, today was wonderful! And tomorrow will be lovely if a degree or two cooler. I'm playing football in the morning so I am very glad that it won't be scorchio. Unfortunately next week the South will be having the fine weather and there's LOADS of cloud coming over the Atlantic so I reckon some heavy rainy spells next week.
  7. It's gonna be dark and dreary for a few days but by the looks of it on Saturday we'll have a ridge of high pressure sat over the North Sea between us and Belgium/Holland giving us temps in the mid twenties but a real active front invading from the Atlantic which will almost certainly bring us storms and heavy rain again. We'll know more in 3-4 days but it looks like the weekend has potential.
  8. I have got 8 very thirsty Sunflowers on the back garden that are winning at life this weekend!
  9. We're lucky to be right on the Southern Edge of the trough - we'll get enough to give the plants a good watering but we should be done within an hour, whereas W and N Yorkshire will probably get twice as much rain as us here.
  10. To be honest I stopped reading when I read this bit, you said earlier in the thread you were in S10 and I was playing at Sheffield University. I'm just going to agree to disagree because the point of the thread was to talk about the weather when it gets a bit lively and I feel like arguing with people on semantics ruins that, so let's both be right and leave it at that? ---------- Post added 05-07-2015 at 15:41 ---------- Yeah, there has been some very tropical weather in historically untropical areas recently, the El Nino and La Nina phenomenons can have a funny effect on the worlds weather! I'm hoping for warm but not destructive for July and August - I want to see England have as much chance as possible of winning the Ashes. Plus playing Football 3 times a week can be exhausting when it's TOO warm. There we are, complaining about the weather again.. Us English eh :hihi: ---------- Post added 05-07-2015 at 15:42 ---------- You're right, in the next hour or two we'll catch some heavy showers but the main bulk of it will pass North of us and the Lightning will be passing probably Barnsley/Wakefield area. We might get some rumbles of thunder, though!
  11. Well, they weren't correct were they? Temperature is easy to forecast, they said 10-20% chance of rain and in the hours before it rained they changed that to no rain at all, and it rained so hard while I was playing football our pitch almost became unplayable because of standing water. Heavy showers but no mention of the thunder and lightening? They got that wrong then. Cloudy for the rest of the day? There is barely a cloud in the sky from my window here looking South East! They also never saw the snow on Boxing day coming, meaning the gritters were not out because the councils rely on their forecast, but I'd warned people about it on here days before! The Met Office are very conservative and rarely like to stick their neck out, they frequently miss bad weather. ---------- Post added 04-07-2015 at 17:47 ---------- Hi Tzijlstra It wasn't - this came up from the South of France right over the Channel and then up through England. In the day I said the clouds appeared to indicate some instability and the conditions were there, it certainly didn't disappoint! ---------- Post added 04-07-2015 at 20:19 ---------- Cheers! The next few days will bit a little grey and slightly cooler, but fear not! By this time next week we should have had a good go at turning the thermostat up and it could be above average temps again, watch this space!
  12. A bin went flying down our road into a parked car and there is definitely a LOT of water pouring down into the valley. Can still see odd flashes but the thunder was the loudest I've ever heard outside the tropics. I did tell you it was coming! I'm looking at you of of little faith in particular:) ---------- Post added 04-07-2015 at 04:10 ---------- Wow, that is a massive covering!
  13. The clouds earlier seemed to point towards some mid-level instability and there is a bit of thunder rumbling over Wales and Cheshire, plus LOADS in the Channel (which is on it's way up). It's going to be the middle of the night when it hits here so many will be in bed asleep, be interesting to see if it's powerful enough to wake everyone up! Time will tell, the conditions are there, I wouldn't like to be working outside in it!
  14. :) You've only had one from me, and I gave 2 days advance warning of a storm that produced torrential rain, hail the size of golf balls, 1,800 lightning strikes and gusting winds which damaged property and cars. It hit Staffordshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, West and North Yorkshire, Cumbria, Cleveland and Durham. I was about 20 miles off, not bad given the Met Office had barely predicted dark clouds nevermind that. Yesterday I said it would rain and drop the temperature, in direct conflict with the Met Office who had 10-20% chance of rain and it staying hot and humid all night. It definitely rained, I played football in it and out pitch was starting yo carry standing water. Can't please all of the people all of the time. Eh?
  15. Ladies and Gents. There are two weather fronts which are set to clash between midnight tonight and 6am tomorrow. (Friday and Saturday). The likelihood is that after another warm day today - with warm humid air being pulled up from the continent - the arrival of a low pressure front will create quite a dazzling storm. Expect there to be thunder, lightening, torrential rain, hailstones, gusty winds and the rest. It's the type of clash in the skies that gives the USA all it's hurricanes in the mid-west, though clearly we don't ever get THAT much energy in our the skies. Where will be affected the worst is unclear but the entire North of England is in the firing line and I'm reasonably certain Sheffield will get some. Don't leave your washing out!
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