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  1. Now that all this is out in the open, wonder how many still think Mester Chancer is a great bloke who is just badly advised? Oh, and all my "cut and paste" from the EFL documentation, which is now deleted, you can go and find it if you are really interested. Not only does it paint SWFC management in a bad light, it shows that even when they are trying to cheat, they still can't get their act together, hence the fact the books are wrong and the time travel back dating had to be attempted! 😄
  2. Didn't he have the Sportsman pub at Redmires for a time as well?, after he finished teaching?
  3. That's very interesting, what is the name of his property development company and his media business? By "thia", I think you mean Thai? and is Phuket, Malaysia a different place to Phuket, Thailand?
  4. No one really knows why Port Vale are called Port Vale, but there are two schools of thought, both plausible. One is that the club was an off shoot of an earlier team called Porthill Victoria (based in Newcastle under Lyme), and from where (apparently) you can see the Valley where the ship canal runs through, with various ports along the route. The road near to Porthill is called Vale Road. The other is that the off shoot club met at Port Vale House in Burslem, and formed a club called Burslem Port Vale, which was shortened to Port Vale.
  5. Totally agree nikki-red, not sure why people keep trying to bring SUFC into it.
  6. As the old saying goes mate, never assume anything, in business. They raised the money to buy it. They put in a bid with Enterprise Inns. They also paid to have a professional evaluator come in and tell them exactly what the building was worth, as a pub, in the current (at that time) market. Local contractors and suppliers came in and met the community team, inside the pub, and priced up what needed doing (rewiring, plumbing, bringing the kitchen back into a usable state, etc.) this included bringing the upstairs function room back into service, as a room to rent out. So they bid what they were advised to bid (to buy a pub, not housing development land) and also knew what it would cost in refurbishment.
  7. If you could show us all where the EFL handed SUFC an embargo, which they (the EFL) would have been duty bound to let every other member club know about, that would be great. I seem to think you may be talking about when Steve Bettis (the CEO of SUFC) informed the EFL, out of duty to the club, and courtesy to the EFL, that with the owners at loggerheads about who should put how much money in, we would sail close the wind in funding, resulting in giving notice that we would be in a transfer embargo. Within a few weeks, we had signed half a dozen players (including I think, current players John Lundstram and George Baldock), so, not much of an embargo, eh?
  8. You mean apart from the community group who raised money to buy it?
  9. Well, at least someone listens to me! I'll keep an eye on your team next season Monks, will be interesting to see how NW goes about taking you lot up into the top six.
  10. Terrible decision by the EFL and panel, points deduction should have been more than 12 points, for the devious stunt pulled by Chancer's "advisors", and shame on him for going along with it. We'll probably never get the full details of why a company up in West Yorkshire helped closed down "Sheffield 4", via voluntary insolvency, a company that had no bank account, so it couldn't actually trade, but instead of filling in a Companies House form to close it down (five minute job), it took an insolvency team in Heckmondwike area to do it, and cost 18,000 pounds. Charlton have good reason to complain, the points deduction should have taken place this season. Luckily, as at least one person on here keeps reminding us, Mester Chancer is a "brilliant, top businessman", so no doubt the books will be perfect next time around.
  11. Great idea. I assume your design also would be applicable in other areas/industries? I would advise you to patent the idea (this can take time) if at all possible. Anything that can get rid of single use plastics should be welcomed by everyone.
  12. I think everyone knows what the evidence is Nervy?, it's a case of what the punishment is that no one knows, except those on the panel, deciding it.
  13. Mooks mate, you could do a lot worse than keeping Neil Warnock on for a season or two, he knows how to motivate and get teams playing. He splits opinion at SWFC, but I think a substantial number of their fans know, deep down, he would have their team in a top 6 finish, given time. Boro to win this one, Assombalonga first to score.
  14. Wigan - true, but isn't it the case there that their owner has put (or is putting) them into administration? And EFL rules are that this would automatically be a 12 points deduction, which all members of the EFL know. Not much chance of the EFL hiding that one.
  15. Someone said (online somewhere, so take it with a pinch of salt), that they can't divulge the result, because if it were a points deduction, there is a chance that SWFC players could say, "ah well, nothing to really play for now, and no point getting injured for nothing" and they stop being competitive and stop trying. If they stop trying then a team who they should be beating, could beat them, and that could impact teams staying up or going down. So they have to wait until the end of the season and then give the result. Not sure I have explained that very well, but you get what I mean, I hope. Not saying any of that is true, but it sort of makes sense.
  16. No complaints from me, great game plan from Leicester and they are not 4th in the world's best club league for nothing. It's been a brilliant season, apart from the whole Covid thing of course, and apart from the three points that we should have had against Villa. Been some great away days and some great home performances, and top flight footy again for next season. UTB.
  17. What a performance. The pride of Sheffield showing Chelsea how to play football. If Chris Wilder and Alan Knill are allowed to build on the foundations they have already put in place, we could be in for an incredible run. Up The Blades.
  18. Well we managed a great comeback in the away leg, hoping to go one better and win today. No easy games in this league but our "pre-lockdown" form seems to be coming back, fingers crossed.
  19. I would say that a "rumour" is simply that, and nothing more. What purpose would going into administration serve?
  20. Well, it was, sort of, but this time we kept a clean sheet. Good perfromance, Ben Osborn is really trying hard to cement his place in the starting line up. Almost back to our pre-lockdown form, let's keep it up.
  21. Wolves away was a good game and a good day out. This time I think it will be a lot tougher.
  22. Good game and we played well, really wanted the clean sheet but I'll forgive them that. No O'Connell, Fleck and Lundstram was a bit scary, before kick off, but once we got into our stride we looked comfortable. No Luke Freeman option either. Hope the physio team are ready for the challenge of getting those four fit and ready (Lunny might take longer, with the dislocated shoulder). There is a fair bit of ground to make up, to get anywhere near Man Utd and Wolves, but knowing Chris Wilder, he'll have the lads ready for the final push. It's been a great season (apart from the Corona Virus stuff, obviously).
  23. "....As there luck finally ran out...." You don't get where we are on luck pal, not at this stage of the season, it's on merit.
  24. Soft penalty, the slow motion replay looked like a land mine had gone off under his feet, the way his legs shot up in the air...........
  25. As has already been said, if it was Cheleas, Man Utd, Man City, etc., it would have been a different story. Still, 6th in the World's best league is not too bad. If we miss out on Europe by one point, or if Villa stay up by one point (or one goal, difference), then it could get really interesting.
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