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  1. It's on the main BBC Sports website https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55751219
  2. What is he like?, a young lad apparently? Winger?, Midfielder?, Rumours flying around that his agent his touting him around to other clubs and has contacted us? I can't see it myself, as we have enough young lads already (mostly out on loan), but stranger things have happened.
  3. Bit of a pointless thread. The Prince has already said, in interviews, that he thought it would take around five years to be promoted from the Championship, slowly building the team, adding players, and we went up automatically in our second season. So this has all been a "free hit" and he said that he wants Chris Wilder in charge, no matter what. He won't get sacked.
  4. You Owls fans have to worried when you see Sol Campbell's name up near the top! Eddie Howe's name is only on there because he is currently available, not because he is actually interested in the job. In fact nearly all the names on the list will have woken up this morning and thought "eh?, why is my name on this list?", that's how bookie's make money of course. Best thing you could do, is find a decent manager, go down to League 1, rebuild properly from there with hungry lads who respect the shirt and the club, build the foundations and get back to the Championship. To do that, you need a visionary owner of course..........so........well, you all know where that is going. Alan Pardew......really?
  5. T'owd Chancer eh, always breaking tradition; changes the badge, messed around with the kits, and now disrespects the SWFC Christmas Eve sacking tradition. All joking aside, you have to wonder what on earth is going on inside Chancers head, paying off Monk and now Pulis.
  6. According to the press, it was the players (some of them) who asked the PFA to get involved in the matter, which sounds like at least some of them are concerned. I am confident you will stay up, although the latest late accounts episode means there is a chance of fireworks at some point. I actually think you would have been better taking the 12 points hit, going down, re-grouping properly, and building a hungry, cohesive team, but can understand why not everyone thinks that way.
  7. Said it before, SWFC will stay up this season, almost 100%, only a few of things can derail it, in my opinion. The main one being, Mester Chancer tinkering around with the players pay packets. What is he messing around at here? The players are pretty rubbish, but not bad enough to be bottom three at the end of the season. The delayed accounts have to be an issue, over five months late, and I assume, won't be posted until after any transfers in January. This of course, runs the risk of another EFL run in, and I guess they (the EFL) would be rubbing their hands at having a second crack at SWFC. Last but not least, Tiny Pulis needs to be able to bring in his own players in January, and not have t'owd Paxo stuffing pulling the strings. All things considered, you will make 4th from bottom and be safe.
  8. Yes exactly. More than once that players wages are missed/late, but they have stuck by the club, so it's not unreasonable for them to become a bit miffed when it continues to happen. But Mester Chancer was ready for this wasn't he?, because he loaned almost 6.5 million against the ground, it was news at the time. I would have thought he was going to use that money to cover player wages, etc? He has to pay that back in 9 months, what is he doing with that money? Also, who loaned him the money, and will they be lenient when it comes to repayment? I liked t'owd Milan, said it on here many a time, but Mester Chancer?, not sure what to make of him.
  9. Dear oh dear, what is your Chairman playing at? "...Sheffield Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri contacted by PFA over unpaid wages...." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55401798 Does the Chairman have a mouthpiece at the club, if not, how does he communicate with the players and manager? "...Wednesday's players called the PFA last week to try to resolve the problem...."
  10. That's what the parachute payments are for, to pay the salaries for a few years of the players you have signed.
  11. Keeping a clean sheet was always a big ask when you have 10 men for 60 minutes, but we put up a fight and only the experience of Welbeck salvaged a point for Brighton. Fleck has not been right since his back injury, he needs a few weeks off, Bogle to start and Burke as well, his pace is something else.
  12. Late accounts eh Bassett?, what's he trying to hide this time? He's a character isn't he, t'owd Chancer, let's hope he can get that money together in time for September or things start to get really interesting.
  13. No sour grapes from me pal, the facts don't lie, we are in trouble. I just said that the three teams relegated last season are not having too many problems in the Championship. I watch EFL on Quest most weekends and the quality in the Championship is very poor, outside the top 6, I would have no fear dropping down with a couple of hundred million in parachute payments and going straight back up. Wednesday's main problem is the man at the top, off-field stuff, the team should have no problem finishing 4th from bottom and escaping the drop.
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