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  1. The moral high ground?, behave, we are on a football forum having banter. Bully?, never, just been on here a long time, under the same name, never needed to change it.
  2. OK so you are saying that your owner is lying, you know he is lying, but because you can get away with it, it is ok? You lot were all bleating, all season, that parachute payments are unfair, but because this is your club, this thing is fine, correct?
  3. Of course you will leave me to it, what else could you do? Like I said, saw them all off, no backbone, you will be waving a white flag next, just like they did.
  4. Kevin McCabe moving the club to another entity was not with the aim to fiddle the books, to hide a loss that would cost you a points deduction. Do keep up. I am fine with what your owner has done, as long as people come out of the woodwork and admit he is a liar for saying he sold the ground in your 2017/2018 accounting period. The BBC are even looking into it https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48964055
  5. Illegal?, we are talking about sport, not law Here's what he has done (this is your sole owner and director), he set up a company a few weeks ago in Hong Kong, he then sold the ground that he owns, to the company in Hong Kong (that he owns), but he is pretending that this happened in your 2017/2018 accounting period, which it didn't. He used a local accountant (rather than a Deloitte, type) to sign off the accounts, but he forget (or the accountants forgot, or both), that when you sell something like a football stadium, the Land Registry has to be updated, with the problem being that the ground doesn't seem to have changed hands? The other thing in the accounts, is that (because none of this really happened), he (Chancer) or they (accountants) or both, forgot to put in any mention of paying rent to the new owners, for use of the ground, even though the ground was "sold" in the 2017/2018 accounting period. Finally, and I am assuming you have seen this, in the submitted accounts, it says that there may be an issue in continuing to fund the ongoing of the football club. I don't follow your club, so this is just a businessman's perspective, but which of the above is incorrect?
  6. Brooker11, Top something or other, Frank Snidebottom, LeStat, Titanic 99, Salmonbones.......... I've seen 'em all off over the years pal. If any one of them had a bit of backbone they would still be here, using the same name. There are some good S6 lads on here like Nervy and Hotty and others, but the ones listed above?..........
  7. Is it easier to cook the books if it is called P&S?
  8. Fat Sam won't come mate, but there are other good managers out there. You should just avoid the "Merry-Go-Round" managers, like McClaren, etc.
  9. Rumours (again) that Joao is on our radar. Alan Knill at a game watching him recently, and he (Joao) has apparently just had a big bust up with Chancer at the St. Pauls hotel in town? (is Chancer even in the UK?).
  10. To be fair Nervy, if Ashley walks away, I would not blame Chancer for sacking Bruce and leaving him jobless. I would love him to stay at S6, of course, but morally, there is no way he should.
  11. Wow, I only asked you if it was you that used to post under a different name, it obviously was with your reply. Dear oh dear, "keyboard warrior" doesn't even begin to describe people like you.
  12. Your name came up in conversation yesterday mate! I saw Molodoy in 1978, the singer was dressed like "Alex" in the film "A Clockwork Orange", and if memory serves they were originally called "Reactor" and were from Low Edges? The Push were "Charles Paris and The Push" and the singer was in "Coronation Street" for a few episodes (real name was Ray something or other), Talking of "Charles", The Deaf Aids were "Charles Hawtry and the Deaf Aids" , and one of the lads had the one-side-long-and-one-side-short haircut, like Phil Oakey, he also had half a moustache! Good old days................
  13. Signed three "free transfer" players you mean?, not actually spent any money. And extended contracts, so (of course you already knew this), have not spent any transfer money?
  14. Is it true what someone said on another thread?, that you are the bloke who used to be on here under the name "Top4718", (or whatever the numbers were, the name was Top). If so, why the change of name?, and were you also one of the other "missing in action" posters on here, Frank Sidebottom, LeStat, Titanic 99, etc?
  15. Bigger club, makes sense for the lad.
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