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  1. It's only football mate, no need to let it worry you, or anybody else. I don't watch your club (apart from highlights on Quest on a Sunday morning), so not sure where the problem lies. I don't believe it is the manager, Monk can only watch from the sidelines. The players (watching the highlights this morning) just aren't interested, which is a slap in the face for the paying supporters. Wednesday pal of mine thinks Bullen is a bad influence behind the scenes, no idea if this is correct or not.
  2. Sorry Hotty pal, it never rains but it pours eh?, I mean, as t'owd Top name changer said, even the Blades lost 2-0 away to Liverpool, so it happens to all of us. Anyway, something is seriously wrong at your club, your manager knows it but won't say it in public, he was on Quest, after the goals highlights, and said the club has "deep rooted" problems. And as for the bloke on here calling for Monk to be sacked and Allerdyce brought in, or Redknapp, both known for taking a bung, they would fit in quite well with the book fiddling. I wouldn't be too worried if I were you, this is the poorest Championship in years, you have only won one game in the last ten in the league, but are nowhere near the bottom three. Leeds went through a horrendous spell but never dropped out of the top two (from memory), strange league this season.
  3. Disagree with the first bold, agree with the second bold. Can you point to your information that makes you think that Chance is a "top businessman worldwide"? The poor bloke is 71 years old, why inflict that on him?
  4. I wouldn't be too sure about that. Just watched the goals on Quest this morning, comedy stuff. Dawson is a shocking keeper but you can't blame him for all of them, keystone cops type defending and that midfield, did any of them actually run at any time?, they just seem to stand watching. What's the time? Five Past Wednesday.
  5. Trying to rubbish Sheffield United by pointing out a two nil away loss to one of the best club teams in the world currently, is clutching at straws, even by your poor standards.
  6. Scrappy game but I'l take the three points.
  7. Dear oh dear, once again you talk nonsense and give people an easy "tap-in" https://www.premierleague.com/video/single/847373
  8. Was that the lad who named himself after some famous Beano Comic characters?, predicted we would be battered every week in the Premier?, record low points and straight back down?
  9. I actually think SWFC will put in a really strong performance tonight, and could cause an upset. The main reason being that the game is on BBC1 (not a paid TV service like Sky or BT) and so the TV audience could be huge, no better time for all the players who will be out of contract at the end of the season, to put themselves in the shop window (althoughI would have expected them to be doing that week in, week out).
  10. Fair play to Reading, they put a real shift in. Looked at the Champ table after the game and can't believe they are in 16th, felt sure they would be top 10 with some of those players. I can seen them climbing the table over the next 9-10 games, if they play like that every week.
  11. Nervy, 60 million quid has not changed hands. There will be enough SWFC fans on here (I think) who know how the deal is structured and can let you know.
  12. Not really though, eh?, all that football fans of any football club deserve is that they buy tickets and in return, the players should give 100%. You don't get into the top flight because fans "deserve it", you get there on merit, by having a team that gets promoted. So how do you work that out?, do you think that 60 million pounds actually changed hands when Chancer sold the club to himself? I thought it was common knowledge on how the deal was structured, part of which is the reason that the EFL took a close look at the submitted accounts and saw glaring holes.
  13. 3 points, that's all we need, thank you Deano for a great save, thanks to Billy for doing what he does and Lord Lundstram for the winner.
  14. Three interesting signings, all young lads with potential, Chris Wilder building for the future. Fifth place in arguably the world's best football league, a great foundation to build on.
  15. Three points, fifth in the Premier League, some interesting new signings, great time to be a Blade. Berge looked good, Lundstram was great when he came on, Mousset showed some good touches as well as his pace and power. Dean Henderson on 9 clean sheets, and only Liverpool have conceded less goals than us this season. Rock solid defence and keeper. First half was nothing to write home about, and if Palace had any creativity, they could have been a goal or two up, but the pattern of "get the ball to Zaha" never changed, so everyone pretty much knew what they were going to do all the time. Up the Blades!
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