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  1. He actually had a Blades win, 2-1
  2. No deflection?, he hits it down into the ground and it bounces in, at speed.
  3. Got the original album with the pull out booklet, with mini biog's of all the local bands.
  4. The Arse fielding a 160 million strike force, but it's the Blades that everyone is talking about. Blades better for most of the first half, Arse better for most of the second, until Chris Wilder made the changes and then Fleck scores and we go for it. We needed to put the early chances away, and it would have been three points instead of one. Still, Man City to come on Tuesday, so we need to start concentrating on that.
  5. I think they were the poorest team to visit BDTBL this season, Deano had virtually nothing to do until the final 10 minutes. The big question for me would be, why would you leave Snodgrass out of the starting line up? He changed the game for them when he came on? For the first time this season, VAR calls a decision in our favour.
  6. "Far Removed" Practiced at Herdings Youth Club, late 70's, played a few pub gigs then played at an international festival called U and U at the Crucible, then split up.
  7. I was talking to the Liverpool lads I used to work with, a couple of days before the game, and they said that Klopp was putting out his strongest team against us, and then would rest a couple of players when they play Everton!, I guess that shows some level of respect. But we never recovered from the early goal really, and they just showed how good they are. Still, 3-0 on aggregate (home and away fixtures) is not as bad as it could have been, they put 4 past Leicester (at Leicester) and five past Everton recently. I don't see anyone getting anywhere near them now.
  8. Never had a problem with Uber (anywhere). London had a massive issue years ago, with what were called "mini cabs", in other words, normal cars driven by people who were not licensed taxi drivers. Uber always send you a picture of the driver, along with the car and reg plate.
  9. Seen it a couple of times, in recent seasons. Drop ball. Either way, an almost full strength Man City team relying on VAR and the ref to win against Sheffield United, like I said, who would have thought it. The majority of their fans (on their forum) were not looking forward to our visit, and you could see why, at times. We almost made it to 12 months unbeaten away, but 11 and a half months is still pretty good. And if our first goal had stood, it would have been interesting to see if our other stat held up or not! (never lost a game in which we scored first, since 2014). Oh, and we only lost by two goals, just in case "Bash Street" is reading this.......🤣
  10. The thing about VAR (for me) seems to be that the actual image they use to judge things on is a really grainy, low quality!, shame for Mousset, could have been a different game, and a ref living within a few miles of the ground was never going to admit to obstruction. Second goal from City though, very classy indeed. Shame Billy hit the wood work in the final minutes. I guess this shows how far we have come, to be disappointed at losing to Man City (away!).
  11. There was a band called "The Prams", if it is the same band I am thinking of?
  12. The last band in your list (Vitamin Z) lists only two people, but has a picture of three, the guy on the left is/was Richard Anderson (Guitar)
  13. He had a great game at their place as well, saving a couple of point bank shots. Good keeper, mid 30's (?), Keepers don't burnt out as quickly as outfield players and can have much longer careers. If we could get him on a two year deal at the right price, why not. On another note, we need someone to stick a foot out when Norwood delivers a free kick like the one he did towards the kop near the end of the game. Curls it round the first man and running parallel to the goal line. Everyone watched it roll past!, stick a toe out and it's in the net and three points to the Blades!
  14. I think this is the crux of the matter; getting an agreement that they could sell the ground to themselves to fudge the figures (which if the EFL agreed to, will no doubt anger some people), but then putting the sale into the previous years accounts, and in the process, selling the ground to a company that appears to have been incorporated a day after Chancer signed off the books (which included the sale). I would also find it hard to believe that if the EFL did indeed go along with the scheme to sell the ground back to the owner, that it would sanction 60 million as the value, when the book value was around a third of that. SWFC vs the EFL, interesting times we live in.
  15. Can you name one? (serious question), his Dad, although getting on in years, is the head of the family businesses and his older brother is the heir apparent. DC is listed in various business shareholdings as "family member", not "Managing Director" or "Head of Business Development" of anything that says he is any sort of businessman.
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