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  1. Down you go, to League One, but keep clutching at straws if you want, most people won't forget the inflated price on your books for a rusting, ageing ground. The "sale" of the ground. The huge number of SWFC who have not been reimbursed. What a way to treat working class people, great eh? But justice was served, right at the very end of the last game of your season. As it says on the seats of your ageing, rusting ground, "Thank you, Dejphon Chansiri".
  2. So, a man who some say is a "successful businessman", who can't seem to pay the wages on time, is now expected to deposit 2.5 million quid a year, from the SWFC account to one of his other companies, and people can't see that this could be a problem? Let's not forget that apart from struggling to pay the wages, he has to find almost 7 million quid by September, or risk losing the ground.
  3. You can the get footie results on these new fangled "smart phones" Cuttsie.
  4. Great for the lad to get a Premier League goal at just 17 years of age. If we play like that next season, we shouldn't be too far away at the business end.
  5. Cuttsie mate, we all love your stories about builders of Sheffield, past, flat caps, five park drive, or whatever, but this is 2021, not 1950, are you seriously telling everyone on here, that you have no other way of knowing a football score than "Sheffield Forum"?, no TV?, no Radio?, no Smartphone? Great attempt at a wind up, by the way, but you just finished bottom, below Wycombe Wanderers, enjoy League 1 pal.
  6. I love your optimism Bassett, but I am starting to think you are one of our lads (Blades) on the wind up.
  7. At least you have the memories lads........
  8. Who could that be Jim? (only joking pal)
  9. Told you we would agree! (a Sheffield Forum first! lol) Whose money do you think he is playing with? (serious question)
  10. Exactly. Not exactly the "honorable" businessman that some people keep saying he is. I know you won't disagree with that, because I know you are not taken in by the "successful businessman" stuff either.
  11. A good motto to use, when on social media sites, is don't say anything in writing that you wouldn't say to someone's face.
  12. You are jumping to conclusions. I agree you were deservedly relegated, as were we. It would have been a travesty if you had stayed up, after the stadium sale scam.
  13. None of it is the fans fault, Nervy, don't think anyone would blame anything on the fans. Chancer is the reason for the points deduction, obviously. Not sure why he keeps getting things wrong, because we keep being told that he is a successful businessman.
  14. Show me where I said anything about "bad luck", I'll wait. You just finished below Wycombe Wanderers, deservedly so, for cheating. Plus you were deducted points for trying to deceive the EFL, Nervy, don't forget.
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