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  1. Good game and we played well, really wanted the clean sheet but I'll forgive them that. No O'Connell, Fleck and Lundstram was a bit scary, before kick off, but once we got into our stride we looked comfortable. No Luke Freeman option either. Hope the physio team are ready for the challenge of getting those four fit and ready (Lunny might take longer, with the dislocated shoulder). There is a fair bit of ground to make up, to get anywhere near Man Utd and Wolves, but knowing Chris Wilder, he'll have the lads ready for the final push. It's been a great season (apart from the Corona Virus stuff, obviously).
  2. "....As there luck finally ran out...." You don't get where we are on luck pal, not at this stage of the season, it's on merit.
  3. Soft penalty, the slow motion replay looked like a land mine had gone off under his feet, the way his legs shot up in the air...........
  4. As has already been said, if it was Cheleas, Man Utd, Man City, etc., it would have been a different story. Still, 6th in the World's best league is not too bad. If we miss out on Europe by one point, or if Villa stay up by one point (or one goal, difference), then it could get really interesting.
  5. If you are a season ticket holder, the club (SUFC) have paid Sky Sports for 2 day passes for everyone. You will get them via email and you get two code numbers, each one will give you 24 hours access to Sky Sports on the Now TV app. So you get to watch two games of your choice.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52833725 Shame it is behind closed doors of course. "...The Premier League season is set to restart on 17 June with Aston Villa v Sheffield United and Manchester City v Arsenal, the BBC has learned. The matches are the two games in hand. A full fixture list would then be played on the weekend of 19-21 June. Clubs are still discussing the idea at a meeting on Thursday, but it is understood all have agreed in principle at this stage..."
  7. Could be to do with the change of ownership (on paper), to tie it in with the new companies accounting period maybe?
  8. A long time?, you mean since we were last in the Premier League?
  9. Fair enough if you think that's the solution pal, everyone entitled to an opinion.
  10. There will be no festivals this Summer. My guess is that they either refund everybody or they give the option to postpone to next year (in other words, you don't get your money back but you get a ticket next year instead).
  11. Can't quite fathom this bit "...people can lose as much money as they can afford ,if like our man has loads of cash being made by other companys,if spending doesn't count how come all top league clubs spend big?..." I think you are saying that you should throw more money at it, as you think that is the only way to get promoted. What I am saying is you tried that, and it didn't work.
  12. So spending money is the key to getting promoted to the top flight is it? If that's the case, how come you haven't done it? Mester Chancer has spent a load on players to date, hasn't he?
  13. Read it again, I simply stated a fact, I never said anything about earth shattering or the biggest game in living memory. I stated the fact that, to go along with the biggest home win in a Steel City Derby, this was the biggest away win. That's all. There is only one top dog in the history of the Steel City Derby, we all know that. I also think that the Wednesday tradition of leaving early, streaming out to leave an embarrassing number of empty seats on view for the camera's, started that day. The pre-match and post match comments from the Owls fans that day make hilarious reading. Agreed. Watching the game again from the comfort of the living room, with all the multiple camera angles, showed the huge gulf in class between the two sides. Just "passion" and "momentum" according to some. It's taken us a long way hasn't it, all that passion and momentum. It was also fun to see two of my Wednesday pals appear so prominently on TV!
  14. Biggest away win in Steel City Derby history.
  15. It's only football mate, no need to let it worry you, or anybody else. I don't watch your club (apart from highlights on Quest on a Sunday morning), so not sure where the problem lies. I don't believe it is the manager, Monk can only watch from the sidelines. The players (watching the highlights this morning) just aren't interested, which is a slap in the face for the paying supporters. Wednesday pal of mine thinks Bullen is a bad influence behind the scenes, no idea if this is correct or not.
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