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  1. Hopefully, the news that tramlines is back on this year means that we can start going back to football matches next season. The one good thing about being back in the Championship (for personal reasons), will be getting a decent away ticket allocation and getting to away game, and making a weekend of it. Hardly had the chance in the Premier League, teams giving us less than 2,000 away tickets, meant me and the Mrs always struggled to get any official tickets, and some of those grounds are a long way to go, in the hope you can buy one from someone when you get there, long journey back if not. Getting away weekends in Preston, West Brom, Cardiff, Bristol, Sunderland (that whole Northumberland coast line) if they get promoted, Peterborough if they get promoted. It will be great, interesting places and usually some decent pubs and decent beers to try.
  2. A real shame this, Chris Wilder arrived when the club was in a real mess, and in a fairly short space of time had fostered an "us against the world" siege mentality, that united the players, the supporters, and the club. That first season, when things clicked into gear, you could see the possibilities of what he was trying to build. Peterborough away being a great memory, when James Hanson headed over the keeper to Billy Sharp, who nodded home the winner and the crowd went nuts. The first season in the Championship we were flying, until that horrific leg break for our pivotal player, Paul Coutts. Second season, we didn't leave it to chance, and stormed up the table, those last half dozen or so games were some of the best (and nail biting) games in memory, Madine getting sent off in the first half, leaving us with 10 men (for over an hour) against Brentford, where we went on to win 2-0, Leeds away, our big rivals that season, with the "Basham's arriving" goal, and Hull away, where it looked like men against boys and we won 3-0. It was that game, on a bank holiday Monday, that I knew that we were going up, as I drove back to Sheffield. The only decider was would we go up in first or second place. It came down to the last day, but that didn't matter, because we were promoted before we journeyed to Stoke, and most of our team looked like they were still half drunk! I like Chris Wilder as a bloke as well, down to earth, one of us, a Sheffielder. The stuff like still catching a bus when he goes out for a few drinks. The time when he was trying to lose a bit of weight, and would jog down to Bramall Lane on a Saturday morning, saying "hello" to everyone he passed. Leading the team to the town hall steps on two occasions during promotions, beer in hand. It took us over a decade to get back in the top flight, and I don't think we would have got there with anyone else at the helm. I wanted the fairy tale ending, with a 65 year old Chris Wilder retiring from SUFC to a full house of supporters, giving him the send off he deserves, but football (these days), is not like that. I started watching the Blades when TC and Woody were playing, but these last five years have been my favourite. Good luck for the future, Chris!
  3. Love it when Wednesday fans follow everything SUFC to the smallest detail! 😄
  4. Pukki will be rubbing his hands in anticipation.
  5. They were rubbish but we made them look like Barcelona. Very poor, we need an entirely new midfield, and we need players with pace, the top flight is full of athletes, most of our fouls are not cynical, it's because the players are half a yard short every time. You think McBurnie had a bad game?, did you see Enda and Lunny?
  6. I'm laughing at the number of times I have read "my mate is a taxi driver, and guess what he overheard" or recently one was someone stood in a queue at a supermarket, and the bloke in front of him was on the phone, talking about players, it's always third hand and none of it ever usually pans out. I am not being naive, it's my job not be (in the real world, away from here), I am sure things are in motion for who is staying and who can go.
  7. I'll take the 1-0 with only 10 men.
  8. Thought we played OK in the first half. I think this was the first league game we have played, since CW arrived, that didn't have any of our usual back three? I was never expecting anything against Liverpool though, even though it was the usual defensive error's, leaving players unmarked, that gifted them a win. If we can coach some finishing skills into Burke, we will have a real player on our hands, the lad is never going to come second in a race for the ball, will always get to the by-line first for a cut back into the box. He's built like a rugby league player, but with the pace of an Olympic sprinter, I can't imagine any defender feeling confident with him charging towards them.
  9. From a purely personal point of view (and once Covid is behind us), watching football on Saturday afternoon at 3pm will be great. None of this midday on Sunday or 8pm on Monday night nonsense. Saturday afternoon is football, always has been, always will be.
  10. Well, that was beyond poor last night. How can you start any game with David McGoldrick and Jayden Bogle on the bench? Two of our best players and not involved until it was too late.
  11. Great game and a great performance. To say that "Football is a funny old game" is a massive understatement tonight. Watching Rashford, Martial, and Pogba walk onto the pitch, before kick off (along with our old boy, Maguire), I think we all feared the worst. What happened after that just tore up the rule book. This was Sheffield United of last season, Fleck getting over his injury and looking like his old self was great to see. We still need a miracle, but that performance will give the team some belief.
  12. Former Blades player, Luton Shelton, has died aged just 35 years old, of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease). That's no age to die. R.I.P. Luton Shelton https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-united/former-sheffield-united-striker-luton-shelton-passes-away-aged-just-35-3110436
  13. It's on the main BBC Sports website https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55751219
  14. What is he like?, a young lad apparently? Winger?, Midfielder?, Rumours flying around that his agent his touting him around to other clubs and has contacted us? I can't see it myself, as we have enough young lads already (mostly out on loan), but stranger things have happened.
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