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  1. Seriously?, you are surprised? Can you name any "huge companies" that DC "owns"? Who are these "Top Accountants"?
  2. In other words, simpleton's error. I mentioned a few times that the "books were cooked" and there was a mistake in them. Looks like someone spotted that mistake (I didn't read the books, by the way, but someone I know said, "by the way, did you see....", etc.). The EFL would have had no choice but to investigate, with glaring errors like that. "Selling" the ground, trying to back date the sale, selling to a company that were incorporated after the supposed sale went ahead, and the glaring error in the books. A points deduction and a transfer embargo won't be the end of the world anyway, too many poor teams in the Championship to lose sleep over.
  3. That's true, whatever happened to Bash Street, does he still post on here?
  4. The pride of Sheffield, tearing up the rule books and bringing Chris Wilder's brand of football into the national spotlight, yet again.
  5. Good point on the road, terrible soul less ground, make Milton Keynes look good! Baldock needs to spend the next seven days practising shooting from close range! 7th in the Premier League, who'd have ever thought that 3 years ago.......
  6. Great performance, only one team were going to win tonight.
  7. I must admit I didn't expect any team to put everyone behind the ball, but we need to be aware that some teams will and we need to be able to unlock that. Luke Freeman or Dave McG will be able to do that I think (once McG is free from injury)
  8. Well we played really well, to say we were facing the European Champs. I will look forward to the Sky Highlights or MOTD and hope that they give us a fair shake and not just Liverpool attacking. No Billy and no McG told a story today, just one of those things. Great game though.
  9. Great result. Egan was immense and that assist from Lundstram for the final goal was first class. Mousset is a real nightmare for defenders, a big lad who runs like an Olympic sprinter!
  10. Well, as always, if anyone ever finds a beer that is similar to Wards, let us all know!
  11. Well, we all know how real estate values can change, eh?
  12. I think that the price of all the assets was set, as of July this year. I am sure that is in the (incredibly long!) summing up of Judge Fancourt's decision. It was probably the fairest way to rule on this. McCabe has to sell for the price he triggered the sale at, but also gets to sell the ground, academy, etc., for market rate as of July 2019. The Prince gets to buy the club at a low price (McCabe triggered that price point) but has to buy the assets rather than rent them. In the long run, McCabe gets to retire and become just a supporter of the club, The Prince has a Premier League club, which he has always wanted.
  13. Got to be a lot more clinical in front of goal, we should have won that game 3 -1 . Saints players get top marks for diving though, thought the ref had a shocker, how that handball in the box wasn't a penalty I will never know.
  14. I remember someone on here (years ago) saying the closest drink to Wards, these days, is Banks Best Bitter from the West Midlands. I remember about 10 years ago, a "Wards Best Bitter" being on hand pull at the Sheaf Island, bottom of Eccy Road, it wasn't real Wards, of course, it would have been the Vaux version (I think Jennings Brewery in Cumbria had the rights to make a bottled version), a decent pint, but nothing like Wards. The old head brewer wrote to The Star years ago, when the Vaux version started appearing, explaining why you can be the best brewer in the world, follow the exact recipe, and it won't taste like Wards. The high sulphur content in the water that was used to make Wards is what gave it that terrible smell when it was off!, but also added to the flavour when it was well kept.
  15. "...The main drawback in our marketing is that whe·n we commenced marketing, the building was very tired and the upper floor flat had been stripped out. Since then, there have been at least four break-ins where substantial damage has been caused and we are now in the position that any ingoing tenant would need to completely re-fit the interior of the premises, both upstairs and down, not to mention spend a considerable sum on the structure...." The upper floor flat has been stripped out?, for what reason? Four break ins?, well no doubt there will be records with a local police station, complete with incident numbers, etc., unless they mean when Spacepad work men ripped out the nice old marble fire places, in broad daylight?
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