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Bad smell coming from boiler??

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hi just lookin for some advice, somewhere i work has a boiler in a little room that has concrete floors, its where we keep our cleaning stuff but for the last few weeks there is a really horrible smell coming from the boiler we think, we have cleared the room out to make sure there is nothing dead in there and we can only put it down to the boiler, it seems worse when the boiler is on, could anyone shed any light on this as to what you think it could be, it doesnt smell of rotten eggs it like a fusty/rotten smell, iv also taken the front off the boiler to make sure nothing is inside it and it kind of smells like copper too.

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I rang NG on Sunday because my co2 detector went off they were out within about 30 minutes. He did a thorough check of the meter and appliances, where he found a small gas leak under the hob, but no reason why the detector had gone off.

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i would ring the national grid (gas) on 0800 111 999 right away.

get them to come and check with their meters and sensors that alls ok.

its free by the way.


first what you need to do is ring british gas emergency who come out straight away, secondly ventilate the room the smell may be carbon monoxide, so dont fall asleep but keep air circulating, if your boiler is ten tears old or older it should be serviced every year

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