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  1. Yes I know , this is my first choice , not sure if he will get a place though, fingers crossed , I went there myself.
  2. We have not found out where my son has been accepted yet , but we have opted for ecclesfield , yewlands ( although not thoroughly looked into this one , but had recommendations) and notre dame.
  3. I can only comment on the behaviour of the kids I see at the bus stop before and after school and the scroats that go into tesco to steal on their way to school. I live nearby and my son is due to start secondary school in september and I will not be sending him there , the kids I see are vile, rude and nasty , im not saying all the children that go there are the same as im sure there are lots of decent kids but from what I have witnessed over the last couple of years there is no way on this earth I woukd let my kids go there.
  4. the sandwich shop on herries road up near Tesco have them
  5. Are you on facebook , look for R J Art , hes really good , of ur not ill send you his number
  6. house of fraser do half sizes, most brands do anyway
  7. no there is no resurfacing work going on, they have not just cut the grass or anything like that, I just thought it was a bit strange doing it at the time they did:loopy:
  8. well first they came along at about 1.30, then again at 2.45 and then again about 3.30, its unusual for them to come along here , normally only see them when its been raining, but at that time in a morning it drove me mad, woke everyone up, I was going to ring council to complain but I suppose there is no point, im not as angry now as I was in the night lol:roll:
  9. as it says above, is it normal practice to have road sweepers out and about between 1.30 am and 3.30 am surely its not, we were woken up 3 separate times last night by road sweepers on our road, never known this before:loopy:
  10. just looking over from Loxley and can see a fire with brigade there, looks like its at stannington.
  11. the hostel has closed I think, doesn't seem to be occupied anymore, whatever happened was outside there with the bargain booze next door to it, nothing there this morning now its all been cleared, hope nobody was hurt.
  12. I found an artist called terry Gorman who does Sheffield paintings with old trams ect they are really good.
  13. I remember Andrew , I used to live next to him, I moved away and not long after saw the article in the paper about him being killed, so sad.
  14. hi Hillsboro, sorry to bring this thread up again but you sent me the info I wanted at the time but I lost it and was just wondering if you would give it to me again please, it was just about the history of who lived at my address, thankyou:)
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