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  1. Hmmm, your argument doesn't add up, I will recover from a sprained ankle, but from getting cold water cramp and not being able to get out of deep water most likely I won't survive. Hence open water swimming is obviously more dangerous. Seen people swimming in Dale Dyke at Bradfield, which is owned by Yorkshire Water on a weekend, quite open about it as well. I'm sure they'd prosecute them if caught. I just don't understand it, my next door neighbor does it, just seems a very risky way of fitness if u get into trouble in the water.
  2. The car park is supposed to be free of use for NHS staff only, currently under covid restrictions. Hence the staff ID spot checks in the morning when the barriers are raised. If you can't produce one, you won't be let in. Unfortunately, as with everything, it has been abused, and yes people were observed parking and the walking off down West Street, presumedly shopping etc.
  3. Thank God there was the expert on hand to answer! 🤣
  4. Must admit I've wondered why this have never been solved(usually when driving though it) , especially as there is the river Loxley to use an outlet just a few feet away. Really could do with addressing as it leaves everywhere filthy after drying up.
  5. H1 Bus Service. Northern General Hospital TO & FROM Royal Hallamshire Hospital A normal service ONLY available for NHS staff will continue to run.
  6. Not really just a few blocks and signs though was it, be honest. How about all the gallons of white paint swilled all over the place? Cost? How about all the contractors wages, and this was done on Sundays (over time rate I would expect) because I witnessed them doing it. Cost? What about all the paint removal and wages to complete the road back to some kind of working order. Cost? The hours lost by people sat in traffic due to this complete mess of an 'experiment' So don't kid a kidder and make out to people it was a piddling little experiment, costing a little bit of spending money that won't be missed.
  7. That is a real shame.. can't be many places where your watch is placed in a tray and manually pulled upstairs for repair by the "elves" above on the 1st floor. Sorry to see it go.
  8. Actually a very good idea, and the part about Aldi made me chuckle.
  9. Ah that's nice. Glad to hear she's still about. No doubt she'll have to be very careful during this period due to her medical conditions. Wish you well P.T. x
  10. What a shame. I finally got to see him about 12 years ago in the New Barrack Tavern on Penistone Road, and wasn't disappointed. He played there a few months later and was top drawer again. Glad I finally got to see him and exchange a few words with the great man. Sheffield lost another fine son. RIP Frank. x
  11. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/to-rent/commercial/details/53931316?search_identifier=51e6556abdcb8be5fd8b1e26f976f0d0 Heres the property for rent on Zoopla,
  12. I was at the bus stop opposite last weekend, and did wonder what was happening this shop. Live very closeby, and I think I've been here 10 times or so in 20 years!
  13. I never knew that Timpson's shoe shop was there that early! I remember my mum taking me to Hillsborough from Crookes to go there for school shoes in the late 70's/early 80's ! Seemed a cavernous place with boxes and shoes plied ceiling high, almost like a film set as I remember as a very small boy.
  14. The police weren't remotely interested in attending the incident at my father in laws garage, even though there are visible finger prints all over his car! They could have gathered these to build a case surely once the perpetrators are caught and link the crimes?
  15. My Father In Laws garage and several others were ramraided very closeby here on the same evening. Obviously all connected.
  16. Outpatients have lifts that serve A, B & C floors only.
  17. Well you could well say the same about Sheffield University staff, their staff now pay on this bus, a few years ago they travelled free. Students still travel free though.
  18. think they stopped travelling free about 3/4 years ago now.
  19. Agreed. 8500 lorry loads of fumes into a greenbelt area? nice. Even the Sheffield City Council agree.... "The biggest cause of pollution is transport, especially diesel vehicles. The UK, including Sheffield, has been in breach of the legal limits for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂) levels since January 2010."
  20. Had a look at this and the driving range is wanting to extend it's business and driving range. Looks like it's Hague Plant who've been granted the permit to move the aggregate. There has been an obejction already from Bradfield Parish Council. Quotes from the plan below: PLANNING PERMISSION REF: 15/00502/FUL EXTENSIONS TO DRIVING RANGE AND RECONFIGURATION OF EXISTING GROUND FLOOR LEVEL TO CREATE FLAT DRIVING AREA "PROPOSAL The area to be filled is in accordance with the approved plans ref: "Existing and proposed Sections, A14-169/03 Revision A. The amount of material, consisting of inert soils and aggregates, to be imported to achieve these levels is 77,000 cubic metres. This will amount to 8,500 truck movements." https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=PZU7JINYMX500&activeTab=summary This is the link above to the application. The planning application number is 15/00502/COND1 is anyone wishes to object or send comments to planningdc@sheffield.gov.uk Hope this helps.
  21. Actually STH fund this bus, out of their budget, therefore their staff travel free. SCH don't contribute, so their staff pay to use this bus.
  22. Absolute death trap this junction, hate it. Seen plenty of accidents here, and thats just me passing thru to meadowhall of an evening every so often. Thought if a black spot had a spike in accidents then action was taken? like cameras or junction rethink?
  23. People finishing work popping in for stuff for evening meals?
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