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  1. You'd be suprised how much this actually happens, still shocks me tbh. A cowboy can easily pick up a cheap pole and brush, a 25l water barrel and a £15 pump off ebay. A reverse osmosis system and DI resin however don't have a cheap option. I personally use water fed pole and am very strict regarding the level of my TDS, I have over 250 customers who are cleaned this way on a rolling 4 weekly basis and a large percentage have actually mentioned to me how they prefer it, although were a little sceptical initially. Confuse them next time you see them and ask to show you their TDS reading, you should be seeing 000ppm but certainly no more than 010. If they make an excuse, you know you're getting ladybowers finest.
  2. Hi Kaytie, we cover Crookes and use both traditional and water fed pole window cleaning methods to suit our customers needs. Regards Rees and Daughters
  3. Oh I see what you mean, I’d never noticed that before. Not sure how I’ve done that as I’ve never created a site on there, just modified the htaccess file to redirect which it seems to make a half arsed effort at but keeps the url the same. I’ll look into that and thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  4. Oh crikey, I must’ve been tired...thanks I’ll sort that as soon as I get back.
  5. Clicked your link....could having location settings on have something to do with it? My main search terms are: window cleaner sheffield window cleaner barnsley window cleaner rotherham (I currently have poor ratings for Barnsley and Rotherham (26th and 25th respectively) ---------- Post added 28-12-2017 at 20:26 ---------- Google page 1 Google map page 1 Confused...that's after I have totally cleared all history, signed out of google and restarted firefox.
  6. Oh, I'm only too aware of that. I personally never go to page 2 when I'm looking for something unless I'm searching in depth. But am I not right in thinking that once you get a good seo score, even then it will take a good few weeks before that shows on google? So for example, my seo analysis score 2 weeks ago was none existent, now I very between 80-93 (B-B+), would that mean that I can expect things to improve gradually over the next few weeks or is it almost instantaneous? ---------- Post added 28-12-2017 at 20:08 ---------- Done that and I'm now page 1 (Very last entry on page 1)
  7. Am I seeing something different to you? My site is the top of page 2 on both and also shows in the top 3 on maps. Is that not what you are seeing?
  8. I know the owner of the other site you have linked to personally so not sure mimicking his site would go down to well (I know that’s not what your suggesting), also quite interesting that you use that as an example as all the seo analysts I use, I score a lot higher than this site and all my work is my own where as that’s been outsourced.
  9. I own that already and have a redirect in place as I gathered it would be a problem telling people over the phone etc my url.
  10. Stevoroberts, I did ask for honesty but not sure if you’ve been looking at the same thing I look at. 2. It’s says quite clearly who it’s from and a quick google search for either the name on the award or as you mention sheffield window cleaner will display it. 3. Noted ✅ 4. Again noted ✅ 5. I am in the top 20 for 4 of the most common search terms on google although not high on your search term, if you reverse it I am . 7. Address and map are clearly listed on my contact us page. 8. Noted ✅ (It is being considered but not enough photos etc to promote commercial yet) But thank you, some really good points there and will take them into consideration.
  11. If he's leaving marks on your glass and they dry dirty, he's clearly not doing it properly. However I'm convinced he's not doing it properly if he's only charging £6.00 (Unless you live in a very small property) as a water fed system is extremely expensive to build, run and maintain. I'd be surprised if your window cleaner isn't using tap water as pure water wont leave any marks/streaks/spotting at all if done properly. Our water is run through a 5 stage reverse osmosis and then polished through a pressurized de-ionising vessel, which produces a very strict 000ppm TDS reading (parts per million, total dissolved solids). There is also absolutely reason at all why your frames and sills aren't being cleaned and if he was to do them, you would actually find that WFP produces a much better finish than traditional methods as it can get into gaps and vents where a cloth can't. Might also be worth getting him to look into 'Hydrophobic and Hydrophillic coatings'.
  12. I've been messing around with my site for the last few months and just recently started to concentrate on SEO a little more, pretty much all done myself and is apparently scoring pretty high now that I have filtered out a lot of the junk but still some way to go. So anyway, just after some honest feedback how it looks to an outsider as obviously my view is a little bias. Thanks www.rees-and-daughters.co.uk www.reesanddaughters.co.uk www.sheffieldwindowcleaner.co.uk
  13. Ah right, that makes a lot of sense. Well R.I.P Darren, another owl taken before their time, but good to hear the others are ok.
  14. I saw on Twitter but nothing anywhere else that a guy called Darren Haigh lost his fight to cancer yesterday at the game? Could be totally unrelated but seems pretty genuine.
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