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  1. do what manchester done . made 7 great cycle routes and roads safer for all useers not stupid sheffield council they stick stupid plastic blocks all over stopping fire engian getting throu as i seeing it with my own eyes .. crazy also footfall for shops shalesmoor being hiy again 1st they had tam lines 2nd ring road 3rd plastic stupid bollards 4th CLOSOURE
  2. Was a old man in electric wheel chair Thursday couldet get throu because of mud
  3. have any of you seeing the state of the land on the pondarosa park . all grass churned up by large wagons fork lift trucks ext.and that is before any visitors to the event over weekend i hope the council have a clauss in contract to put it back how it was especially as weather going to be bad all weekend.
  4. deff d2 i being useing this run for over 35 years. hope it survives the cuts used to be better to hanley
  5. I being looking on here it says purchase ticket from machine . Not sure if that means tram or car park ticket or both .as we not using tram we going by coach to London ?
  6. Can anybody advise me on this can not seam to Find info anywhere on net ? we traveling to London by coach 6am and getting back about midnight on a wed can we park in park and ride ? how mUch dose it cost to park ? do we have to bye a Tram ticket ? simple answers please Ty
  7. I have a family of foxes over my back wall they cause no problems to me we have a cat he just fine they keep out each other's way .live and let live they not harm us
  8. There's going to be way too many flats in that area soon .. Hope they are for family's and not more student flats
  9. Deffently recommend this place I use it a lot very helpful good wood at a fair price
  10. Yes we have 2 black bins because the size of my family . U have to phone council and request it also prove u are recycling what u can and it it reviewed yearly
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