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  1. Why don't they o pen up the public toilets there as there are no public toilets in Sheffield x
  2. We get plastic sacks through our letter box 2 or 3 times a week from organisations wanting your old clothing mainly from charities who collect from the end of your front path or door they are from the nspcc, oxfam mcmillan a few different ones ring oxfam if you have any I think they collect
  3. good for you Lazarus those coping stones have been there for generations when the farm was there more than 70 years ago Amey should put back any damage they have done and leave well alone
  4. when I was a young lad of ten to 12 years old where the medical centre is now there used to be 3 old farm cottages there and that small piece of land were it meats the top of blackstock road. there used to be 3 pigs kept on that land I think they were owned by the people who lived in those cottages there must be some people who moved on to the valley must remember those cottages and the pigs
  5. hi can anyone tell me what going on with the road works at the top of blackstock road near newfield green shops. they seem to have been at it for month with little sign of what ever they ae doing, being completed does anyone know what they are doing. are they putting in a bus lane o divirting cars in another direction. it does seem to be taking for ages to complete
  6. One thing it won't be and that's another pub those days have gone the only new ou Pub I know of is one at Healy that I've forgot the name of
  7. Hi I was at the valley from 1962 can any one tell me the name of some of the teachers there I had a stroke a few years back and memory not that good I do remember mr turner my metal work teacher mr gratton maths teacher with a heavy weighted cane, a mr smelled who we walled whistling Walt there was a young woman who took girls for sport who all the male teachers lusted. After, a mr cuts who thought tech drawing there must be more I've forgotten x
  8. Yer there was one conductor mainly on the 95 bus to intake think his name might have been les he was always joking and if he caught any youths having a crafty fag he would charge them full fare I used to love being on his bus
  9. I always thought that trees were protected and could only be taken down if they were deseaded or a danger to the public trees should be left alone some of these may be over 100 year old so keep your chain saws off them
  10. The lad should have let the robbers take what ever they wanted no he should have put a few twenty pound notes in his own pocket tight gits BP and gone to his GP for a sick note then to a solicitor to sue bP for a few hundred grand in fact he still could for post traumatic shock disorder and loss of earnings
  11. hi I travel on blackstock rd every day twice a day and for the last 6 months there as been road alterations at the top of blackstock road at the top at newfield green. there as been road alterations for the past 6 months and it doesn't seem to have progressed in all that time. we don't know if they are putting a new bus lane there or what there's never a workman there to ask whats happening can someone enlighten me as to what is happening and when it will be completed, frustrated motorist and taxi driver
  12. My mother used to live on grieves st around that time her name then was Kathleen bates she lived there from being a young girl she has now passed away and would be about 85 now regards Steve xx
  13. Thanks for remembering me I had many years working there with bob ant tw other landlords I imagine if it was in the tap room it would be me who served you with your first pint I used to serve any body and never asked the ages we used to get coppers coming in the off sales for a quick couple of pints tell me your name and I will see if I can remember it wasn't Jamie was it who went on to become britains strongest man x
  14. My name is Steve I used to work at the Royal Oak I take for many years I used ti work the tap room and made many friends there maybe some readers will remember me I met my first partner there when the landlord was Tommy Poole I met my first partner there and he used to let me pop over the road to see her for ten minutes they were great times there I left once but soon came back I ask Tom if he had any jobs he lifted the flap and told me to start work I knew all the punters by name and they of coarse knew mine I loved all my years there and having met my firth love of my life there which lasted Severn years great times. Steve xxx
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