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  1. We only use the Co-op as a very last resort. They are overpriced, run down and alot (certainly not all) the staff treat you as if you are an inconenience. They need a damned good shake up. We always check our bill before we leave any shop.
  2. I believe that my Grandad Jim Reynolds was a melter at Englidh Steel at the River Don works. He would have retired in the mid 60's. A small man in stature but as hard as nails and very proud of his job.
  3. The Carlton on the Cliffe is small enough to be a micropub! We used to call it someones front room cos thats what it felt like being in.
  4. My sister Jill and I used to catch the No2 or 59 (outer Circular) from the junction of Carterknowle Road / Bannerdale Road to Waltheof school after we moved from Darnall. Not a bad trip when the weather was good but a nightmare in the snow !
  5. Had my tonsils and adenoids out at Shirle Hill in about 1964, also had 6 sinus washouts there that didnt work and had to have an operation at the Royal on West Street to sort it out.
  6. Went in on Sunday Andy and the only options were the Burito and Mozzarella burger. Had the Son and Daughter in Law with their daughter come up from Nottingham so we thought we would give the Waggon a try. The Son and Daughter in Law had the Mixed Grill and they said it was very nice and thier little girl had a pizza which she enjoyed. My other half eats fish and had the scampi, about 6 bits of scampi and chips. I had the Mozzarella Burger and chips, Burger quite dry and had to put sauce on it and the few chips pretty tasteless, no salad. Sorry Stefan but for the same price at the Woodseats Palace Weatherspoons last week I had a really nice Mexican Veggie Burger, with Onion Rings, Chips and a side salad plus a pint for virtualy the same price as your Burger. We will come in again as I like the pub and will try your food again but think you need to improve on your range for Veggies. Bob
  7. We had a look around the museum a couple of sundays ago and are really sold on the idea of having our wedding there. Ring up and book an appointment to be shown around. and they will take your e-mail address and send you the costs. We are having guests from as far afield as Kent and Dublin so it will be great to be able to show off Sheffield's history.
  8. Went to the New India gardens last night with a Groupon voucher and was really dissapointed. Been before and it wasn't bad so we gave it another go. Firstly we were shown to a table and althought he place is clean and tidy it was pretty cold. We were given menus and ordered drinks, when the waiter came over to take our order he only spoke to me asking what I wanted and not my partner. The starters were nice but they got the main meal wrong but it was nice when they sorted it. We were going to order coffees but someone just plonked a plate on our table with the bill on it without asking if we wanted anything else.. Not a patch on the Viraaj or Kashmiri gardens, we won't be back there.
  9. Came down Manor Lane this morning and they have done nothing with the hole, apparantly sat and looked at it for a while. The fences that are supposed to be the footpath were knocked down and scattered into the road. We certainly don't need the road calming measures now I wouldn't drive more than 30mph now with the craters about !
  10. Saw someone this morning starting work on the new lamp pole that was installed over a month ago on Manor Lane. It is on the narrowest place on the road near Seaton Crescent and the the hole has been left open all that time with a temporary fenced off footpath. Why dig a hole and leave it open for a month making it dangerous for pedestrians?
  11. We visited Kelham Island museum last sunday and was told by a very helpful young lady about a gentleman who works in a little workshop there and makes Sheffield steel wedding rings. Give them a ring and ask for his contact details
  12. Marco@milano is very good and we go occationaly as a treat, Kito's is homely, friendly,has nice food and is really good value. We went into La Scala on friday and had a lovely meal the staff were attentive and friendly and it was excellent value for money. Would be very happy to go in any of them again.
  13. Used to know a couple of working girls that went in the Royal Oak on Broad Street (sadly demolished for a posh car companys car park). They used to call in after a ''shift for a few drinks and were really nice girls and a right laugh. Was once propositioned after visiting my sister in the Jessops hospital and when I said no thanks I'd rather buy beer with my money I got a right load of abuse.
  14. Thanks for that Andy, shown to our lass and she's well up for a visit. Be nice in the summer, nights walking in the park and calling in for our tea (or as our lass calls it dinner, she's one of them southerners)
  15. Hi Stefan, are you doing anything for us weirdo veggie people ? If you are thinking of doing veggie burgers go for the Quorn classic type burgers instead of the normal breaded mashed veg things, taste alot nicer and no where as dry. Looking forwards to visiting.
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