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Spurs on Sky Sports AGAIN!!


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spurs are on Sky again tonight, they seem to be on the box every game they play, they are on tonight then sunday and the sunday after,then there,s the europa league in between. I,m sick of the same team week after week, they (Sky) must be keeping Spurs afloat with the match fees!, and to think they,re a one man team(Bale)!

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Im glad Spurs are getting some TV air time... Fed up of seeing, Man Utd, Chelsea etc getting it all the time.


Spurs havent had that many leagues games on Sky this season, which SKY would have control over who is televised. Yes Europa League is ITV.


Id hardly say Bale is carrying them, yes he is on fire and on his best form, but every season now he has been getting better and better.


Yes he is scoring all there goals, but they don't have anyone else to score them with Defoe out injured and Addi.... well, lets not getting started on him. Hes scoring goals, because he isnt afraid to try a shot and is also cutting in to the centre as well as playing out wide.

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You can add Man City, and Brazil to that now and possibly a couple of teams from China...


It's supply and demand at the end of the day , they show games that appeal to world wide audiences , Norwich vs Fulham will not have the same draw around the world as say Man Utd vs Chelsea would even though the 1st could be the most entertaining . Top level footie is a world wide audience now ain't it

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