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  1. Underwhelming? He's been Everton captain and had 40 England caps, he won't be playing week-in week-out but he's got plenty of experience which some of our lads won't have at PL level. When things get tough and we're losing game after game his experience could be valuable. Plus it's Wilders back-up plan if we don't sign Henderson and Moore get's injured
  2. We had that too under Warnock, just a different season
  3. As much as I love CW/AK and their style of play, this season still wouldn't beat the "Triple Assault" season in my opinion. With the players we had, Warnock and Blackwell worked wonders taking us to two cup semi-finals and a play-off final.
  4. Early reports suggested two Somali women were stabbed but from what I’ve been told it was a Somali man who attacked a male and female outside the bakery in the store. The attacker did a runner through the staff enterance to the shop floor towards the warehouse where security caught him and managed to pin him down. Awful thing to happen but given the area and past crimes associated with that area, not a surprise.
  5. Martin Keown recently stated as Aguero was subbed off that it's rare to see him be taken off. The stats show he's been subbed in almost every game he's played this season, 17 out of 22 games I believe... It's just lazy from the "pundits" they do very little in the way of research. They're not interested in putting the time and effort to back up what they're saying. Thankfully, these days I've got little time towards the pundits, when I watch a game i'll watch the game and nothing more, I don't need a presenter and pundit to give their opinion on something I've just watched, I've made my own mind up on the game.
  6. Brilliant, a great turnout and a moving tribute. Hopefully they'll make the memorial a more prominent display in the park.
  7. I never like it when we're on Sky but either way, it's a very tough game and one of two huge games coming up (Leeds) which could be season defining. I'll take a draw right now but have a feeling WBA will take the three points.
  8. Washing machines live longer with Wilder.
  9. Rumour has it she's still stood outside Hillsborough waiting for a D-Taxis cab to show up.
  10. There is a road which I've drove on which is the NSL but I wouldn't do more than 30mph on it due to the blind corners and how narrow it is. Funnily enough the best time to drive on it is during the night when you can see lights approaching through the trees and overhanging bushes.
  11. Drugs can make you do odd, silly, dangerous and stupid things.
  12. I’m not making excuses for him, the fact is, he was found to be in possession of drugs which makes him either a dealer or buyer.
  13. If you read the Star article linked in the OP then it states he was found to be in possession of drugs. These drugs could have led to his actions.
  14. But multiple knife attacks in Sheffield in 2018: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/shame-of-sheffield-s-22-knife-attacks-in-2018-that-have-killed-five-and-injured-23-1-9308567
  15. Why do the "mentally ill" always seem to carry knifes and whatnot.
  16. Forced... No-one can force you to have a picture taken, just say no thank you. I've been up the Rockefeller Centre and World Trade Centre who both try to sell photos, a polite no thank you is more than enough. Most tourist attractions do this nowadays to make that bit extra money, they're used to people refusing.
  17. Does anyone have information about the big wheel in town, I’m wanting to know the price but I can’t seem to find any information about it online. All I can see is the Xmas market opening times, there is a big wheel isn’t there?
  18. These new Tram/Trains aren’t getting an easy first few months are they...
  19. According to Wikipedia, "The "Sheffield International Linking Committee" promotes Sheffield overseas, especially with five other cities:" Chengdu, China Anshan, China Bochum, Germany Donetsk, Ukraine Esteli, Nicaragua A further four cities have a "Friendship Agreement" with Sheffield: Kawasaki, Japan Kitwe, Zambia Kotli, Kashmir Pittsburgh, United States of America
  20. It adds up, youth these day's are a bit fik...
  21. Never understand when people say “it was only a penalty”. Firstly we’ve got to put ourselves in a position to be awarded a penalty and then we’ still got to convert it. It’s not like their keeper won’t be trying to stop it. We’ll end up playing everyone eventually, worse team or not, we can only play who the fixtures dictate and when. One goal more than Hull which if my maths are correct, equals three points which is a win. I don’t think too many people are getting carried away, it’s only October, a long way to go but I’d rather be up here than down there.
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