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  1. Well said. I work in retail and age plays very little part in it there are people of all ages who do/don’t observe social distancing.
  2. Exactly no disrespect to those that work there but its a pub not a bank I very much doubt they have been fully trained on data protection rules!At least with the wetherspoons app some data protection should have been built in unlike scraps of paper floating around!
  3. I love pubs but will not visit those that require pre- booking and have so many rules that it makes the experience not enjoyable.Have read some of the rules and they seem to be going out of there way to stop you visiting. I think wetherspoons will be a winner here their rules seem sensible without being over the top. You also don't get entertainment in wetherspoons I bet in other places where you pay a premium for the entertainment (which is no longer happening) you won't get cheaper drinks!
  4. This.He may connect with a few particularly in London but when it comes to your traditional "working class" northern Labour voters they felt let down and thats who he needs to win back.
  5. Corbyn totally lost touch with traditional labour voters particularly in the north where they just did not connect with him at all as was shown with the disastrous election result. People like Long Bailey who gave him 10 out of 10 are similarly out of touch.
  6. This reminds me of Kinnock a few decades ago when he stared to take on the left wing of the party, could be a long process. However I suspect the torries will be much more fearful of him than Corbyn, bit like night and day infact!
  7. Thats brilliant wish I had seen it before thanks.
  8. Impressed by his quick action here.Saw an interview Long Bailey did in the election campaign and she was beyond poor.
  9. I see many people with skips outside their house full of garden waste and they are not cheap so I think people would be prepared to pay a reasonable fee to go to the tip and not have to wait an hour or more I know I would.
  10. Went to Blackstock late afternoon today still big queues along the road causing issues so went to Shirebrooke well over an hour in a queue what a nightmare. Not being funny but why don't they open early morning say 7 and close at 7 at night I bet people would even pay a reasonable fee if they did that and the wait was reduced.
  11. But we already know that do we really need an expensive enquiry to confirm it?
  12. What ever he had done he would have been criticised a week before the lockdown hardly anyone was suggesting we should do it things happened very quickly.He took advice and went for what started off as a fairly strict lockdown but it was abused long before he lifted restrictions ,something he said would happen.Compared with many other countries our population is very concentrated which caused more deaths. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.Sure he made mistakes but I think anyone would of he did nearly die in the middle of it!
  13. Sorry for the staff but they ruined it with the last re fit imo, went twice paid over the odds for beer and had to wait ages while they faffed around making cocktails, was not busy either. Remember it from years ago was an iconic pub used to have forum meets in there too lol.
  14. Ahh right thanks for that thought it was everyone in the pub which did seem a bit over the top.
  15. So if you go in say Wetherspoons for a quick beer and someone in that pub comes down with the virus a few days later then you will be contacted and told to self isolate for 2 weeks? Not saying its wrong but makes you wonder if its worth the risk especially with so many people only just getting back to some form of normality.
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