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  1. The amount of people who do not have internet access in this country is tiny about 7% and of that at least half do not want it.Much cheaper to just give that tiny % it for free.
  2. There are so many reasons Corbyn lost the election the press may not have helped but anyone with internet access can check their site like I did to see what their policies are . Most of their ideas did not strike a cord with the majority of voters imo free internet access and re nationalisation(at major cost) being 2 examples. Their Brexit policy was fudged too as even Labour MP's now admit. Most of his front bench are not exactly popular with voters in fact some are clearly a negative, The whole campaign was a mess and a lesson in what not do to win an election.
  3. Yes some good points there for me Brexit policy was a big mistake I read from their own website what their policy was and I did not believe it was a clear or a fair having remain as an option again all but negates the result of the first referendum whatever spin they put on it.Its also clear Corbyn never really connected with his core working class voters.A fatal mistake.
  4. Used them once never arrived despite them having said they sent if three times seems to have the worst reputation if you read trustpilot hundreds of bad reviews.
  5. Been once was OK but not sure why it will survive this time when it has failed so many times in the past Robin Hood seems to get most of the trade round there.
  6. Would have put Brexit strategy as number two if not number one, how Corbyn can expect people to vote for him when he would not give his view on the main issue was a massive error.
  7. Was always likely how can the leader of a party not declare their opinion on the main election issue.
  8. Love train travel but the last 3 times have been a disaster the northern train from York to Sheffield was cancelled at the last minute and replaced with a 3 hour bus ride and 2 trips from London to Sheffield on a Sunday were so overcrowded we spent the entire journey sat on the floor inbetween carriages, the seat reservation system failed on the train so not chance of getting reserved seat.
  9. Am a huge fan of contactless it is incredibly slick and quick in London but agree there are issues in Sheffield and in fairness don't think it is all the passengers fault sometimes the machines do not seem to read cards as they should. I think if they could get it sorted then there is an argument for making bus travel cashless or at least make it unattractive to pay that way as the cost and time savings must be considerable.
  10. Yes I can certainly imagine that is an issue they always seem to be advertising for staff.
  11. I preferred it when they had a long tap room and a separate "best room" much better lay out.
  12. Love that road used to be on my regular cycle training route that I did most days. As you say there are dangers but not if you drive sensibly.Sadly some treat it as a race track. The pub is poor these days was in one Wednesday night a few months ago it was virtually empty a couple walked in and asked for a table and they were asked if they booked when they said no they were told it was fully booked and they sent them to the grouse!
  13. I agree.I don't know if the mistakes he made make him guilty of manslaughter.My personal feelings are that there were many factors to blame here and the changes made following the disaster prove this not least removal of those horrible pens.Having the evidence presented to a jury in a court of law is a far better place to judge a person than trial by media and I respect the outcome.
  14. Ohh you were lucky there I saw that and was tempted as its way cheaper than all the competition, they obviously sold far more than expected as they withdrew the deal after 1 day despite saying it was on till Dec 12.Lots of negative feedback about them removing it online too.
  15. I worked in (electrical) retail for a good many years and will give an outline of how it used to work, its changed a little but many of the principles are the same. When an event is on be it Sales, bank holidays or black Fridays you basically have 3 types of offer. Firstly you have the vast majority of products which will either have a very small price change or no change at all but often a new sale ticket. Secondly you will have what appear to be the best deals these are products which will show massive sales savings maybe half price.These look good but are usually product bought in specially for the sale and sold at a ridiculously high price for a month or so before to get around the legal rules for pricing. Then you have a very small amount of items which are real bargains maybe just a dozen or so out of thousands of lines, they make very little margin and sales staff will use every tactic to switch sell you as these products usually sell out very quickly particularly online. The majority of sales come from the first group which sees a huge uplift in sales with the extra people in stores despite little if any extra saving.
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