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  1. Correct there are reports that Corbyn rejected the deal before it was even released and even if that’s not true he had virtually no time to study it. He is just playing political games.
  2. They need to vote for the deal. Its not perfect but nothing will be and nobody knows for sure what the outcome will be. The alternative, no deal is much more of a risk and remaining will split the country like never before. Life's about compromise sometimes.
  3. Amazing achievement running at 13 miles an hour for 2 hours just incredible.
  4. update. Last week decided to crank the speed up a bit on the long run, big mistake. After about 13 miles had nothing left and was the middle of a 20 mile long run had to really push just to keep running and walked the last mile. So have decided not to think about time and just run really slow on long runs which I did yesterday and completed a 22 miler in 4.30 hours but felt ok at the end. My game plan for the day will now be to complete 15 miles slow and if I have anything left at that point might increase pace a bit but 4.30 will almost certainly be unrealistic now. At the end of the day its all about training and if you haven't done the millage then you won't get the time.
  5. MP’s have let everyone down they have also not done themselves anyfavours at all the way they have behaved in the House of Commons they actually appeared to be enjoying what has to be whatever’s your views on Brexit a total embarrassment for our country.I condone any violence but am not surprised at all that it’s happened people are angry and those who are extremist will always take it too far.
  6. Correct and huge debt to service too. The operators who will survive in this cut throat industry are the ones that are lean and use the internet successfully.I have not looked at a holiday brochure or been in a travel agent for 10 years.The likes of Booking.com and sky scanner are always cheaper even than booking with the web sites of the major operators in my experience let alone booking in a travel agent.
  7. hI Paolo Coopio You sound like me every time I crank up the training I get injured and achilles are one of my regular issues too I guess the hills round here have something to do with it. Like you I have done virtually no running for nearly 2 weeks due to injury but things seem to be improving now so am hopeful to fit a few long runs in before the event. I have been doing some HITT cross training so my fitness is still good. I am hoping to finish in around 4.30 but obviously a lot depends on being able to get some long steady runs in in the next 2 weeks. Have been told I may find it easier than I expect as so much of my running has been on hills and York is pretty flat. We will see. Good luck.
  8. I do not have an issue paying for quality but the Star website and reporting is a long way from that. The Yorkshire post website is much better and they did some really good work uncovering some of the scandal surrounding the felling debacle.
  9. Noticed today its gone subscription. It will have to do more than recycle stories from elsewhere and improve the website considerably if it expects people to pay for it.imo
  10. I thought it was ok , its light entertainment bit like Benidorm, not that funny but watchable and some great shots of Scarborough,
  11. Yes it certainly is about long runs for me as my whole training is based around them as following a conventional training plan with 4 or 5 runs a week always results in injury for me so am spending more time doing the long run and less shorter ones.Have recently bought one of those bladder things for hydration as I probably don't hydrate enough am not keen on taking bottles of water out as I find them a pain to carry!
  12. HI guys. Decided to try a marathon for the first time and registered for York in October ,its a LOT flatter than Sheffield half so hoping that will help training going ok done my long run at 22 miles round Ladybower and Howden as its relatively flat which went well any tips?
  13. According to go timetable its only the last 2 services at night on the 86 that will not run with the last one departing low edges at 8.40 in the week and some early morning services dropped so could be worse.
  14. Cashless is so widespread now that a serious outage would be a disaster and in fairness unlikely to last very long imo. People were putting about the same scare stories when debit cards first got popular.
  15. Been in London this week cashless is everywhere including the bus and tube where you can’t pay by cash and most people pay by card at the bar. Personally I prefer it as it’s fast and saves having pockets full of charge. Can see it taking hold very quickly read an article on Sweden recently where some of the large cities are rapidly becoming totally cashless.
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