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  1. The reason I needed a cashier was I had a fairly large cheque to pay in and although they offer an envelope service where you write the account number etc from experience getting just one number wrong can cause problems and you don’t have the benefit of a check digit when simply writing it down.
  2. Went in RBS on Church street today. There was one cashier open and a big que of customers, at lunch time. Took about 20 minutes to get served, will avoid using them where ever possible from now on (which is probably what they want).
  3. Fudbeer

    The Millhouses pub

    Yes you are right all metal gone, odd was not up for long,Also recruitment poster up hope the next people have more luck. Its been a bit of a White Elephant in recent years.
  4. Agree with others sad for job losses but dislike their business model.
  5. Fudbeer

    Liam Neeson Interview.

    Absolutely. I don't think for a minute he is saying what he did is acceptable, quite the opposite in-fact. He is opening up about a dark side of his character and something he did that he is deeply ashamed of and will probably hurt his career, a rare thing amongst todays carefully managed high profile celebs.
  6. Fudbeer

    Liam Neeson Interview.

    My first reaction was disgust but when you actually think about it by making this public he obviously knew it would reflect badly on him but what it might do is get people thinking a bit more deeply about their own attitudes towards race.The problem is there is such a media outcry when people say anything like this that its rarely talked about in public but that does not mean the issues go away.I believe it would be much more positive if high profile people were more open about their feelings and short comings in this area instead of just being ultra careful to leave this area well alone as they are no doubt advised, worried that they might be lambasted by the press.He also said he was alarmed at his own attitude so he is basically publicly questioning his own thought process.I think it was very honest of him to open up about his own serious issues in relation to race. John Barnes has strongly supported him.
  7. Looks to me like although they have only said what they might accept it is progress from a couple of weeks ago, time will tell.
  8. May not be guaranteed but would say both are possible now.
  9. Fudbeer

    The Millhouses pub

    Notice its all boarded up with metal mesh on windows can't see it opening any time soon.
  10. Sorry I phrased that badly what I meant was it looked like most MP's were opposed to any deal that May came up with now it looks like they could agree to her deal with a renegotiation of the NI part.
  11. But isn't it now likely that if an agreement is made on that then the deal can go through where as before it looked like a majority were opposed to any deal?
  12. All things considered I think a deal is more likely now if and I know its a big if, the EU agree to a change in the Irish border agreement, the ball is in their court now.
  13. So now they have made it known to the EU a no deal is less likely have they not strengthened the EU's hand in negotiations particularly those who want to see us punished for daring to vote leave?
  14. Fudbeer

    Curb Your Enthusiasm - Series 4

    Yes he walks a fine line between brilliance and cringeworthyness but always incredibly funny.One of the few comedy’s I can watch more than once.
  15. Agree with others Corbyn should have agreed to talks with May, if he can not even discuss it with her then he has the issue and I think many others will share the view that he has put himself and his party above the greater good of the country.

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