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  1. It’s quite easy to find a diet that will allow you to lose weight but it’s much more about mental attitude than people realise.Many people enjoy and look forward to eating high calorie foods.
  2. Flint on Abbey lane are VERY good.They are private only and not cheap but sorted my teeth after years of problems with NHS dentist.They focus a lot on prevention once your teeth are sorted and the hygienists are very good. http://www.flintandflint.co.uk/page557/Contact Flint and Flint Dental practice in Sheffield
  3. I work in a supermarket and totally agree despite their best efforts there are few shortages and we are no busier than you would expect this time of year.
  4. Agree likely to be COVID related as well as the warm summer.Parks as well as the Peak District have been over run with people many having bbq‘and picnics and some showing very little respect leaving food debris and litter behind.
  5. Absolutely, seeing them doing that stuff once was mildly entertaining but now it’s just lame. The only thing that keeps it going at all isAnt and Dec and even that’s waining now.
  6. Agree walking is a brilliant way of keeping fit its free you are outside whats not to like and anyone who says its not vigorous enough try walking up Hangingwater road quickly!
  7. Time to drop this tired and outdated show.
  8. Considering it’s only open 5 hours a day and closed Saturday would not bet on it.
  9. I think in a few years you will only have branches in city centres and possibly shopping centres and only a matter of time before they go.It’s all about profit and branches may provide useful services but so many of the more profitable services are now sold online.
  10. Update finally got it sorted 45 min queue on the fraud line and no indication of waiting time or where you are in the queue. So 3 hours to sort a basic issue.
  11. Yes I really do fear for the future of "physical" banks even the ones still open are trading for shorter and shorter hours and they still try to direct you to either the machines or online. I spoke to a helpful staff member at TSB a couple of years back and when I pointed out how busy they are and asked why they were still closing branches she said the problem is the people using the branches use them for services that dont make them extra profit.
  12. Non existent service from Nat west if you are going to close your branches at least make sure your phone system works. Two hours wasted transfered from one department to another only to be put on hold for 30 minutes plus with no reply 3 times and its the fraud department that does not answer! No "you are xx" in a queue or waiting time just rings forever. Assistant hinted that there are some issues with staff taking/not taking calls from home!
  13. Agree with this.The site is over moderated now.No problem at all with moderated posts that are rude or aggressive but removing posts for minor things like being slightly off thread when someone has taken the time to post is way ott,Have been here 17 years and its nowhere near as widely used as it was but much of that is due to facebook and Twitter.You need to encourage people to post not delete them for petty reasons.
  14. Sadly back pain can be a long and slow recovery. Of course the treatment depends on the issue and would not do anything without taking professional advice as it could make it worse but for me a foam roller worked wonders. Took me about 5 years but mine eventually went was difficult to know what worked because pain would come and go but eventually put it down to stretching and the roller physio said it was a compressed nerve rather than anything to do with bones or discs.
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