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  1. Cashless is so widespread now that a serious outage would be a disaster and in fairness unlikely to last very long imo. People were putting about the same scare stories when debit cards first got popular.
  2. Been in London this week cashless is everywhere including the bus and tube where you can’t pay by cash and most people pay by card at the bar. Personally I prefer it as it’s fast and saves having pockets full of charge. Can see it taking hold very quickly read an article on Sweden recently where some of the large cities are rapidly becoming totally cashless.
  3. Cycling slowly and moving out of the way for pedestrians I am ok with but a couple of years ago a friend of mine was very nearly knocked down leaving Sainsburys when an inconsiderate cyclist was going way to fast past the front of shops.
  4. I guess the question is if a fortune was spent improving services with modern buses and more regular services would people leave their car at home? Maybe some would but I bet the majority would still use their car and many of those services would not be used. Previously before the major cuts a few years ago some services which had buses "every 8,9.10 minutes" saw many buses running close to empty.
  5. Wow that’s grim news about the 86 stagecoach run a great service at night and on Sunday nearly always on time and nice new buses too having no service in the evening for Hutcliffe wood is bad news for me.Is there any more information on times yet?
  6. Andy is on the money as usual. As a regular visitor to London their bus service is superb but it is heavily subsidised, They are also very forward thinking with the Oyster card and no cash rule speeding boarding. Some but not all services in Sheffield are very good I use the 86 every week and its nearly always on time and they have clean and many new busses however they are often nearly empty when I use them. Many things need to change to get people who have a choice of car or bus to leave the car at home.Would take the bus all the time if I worked at peak times as it is quick and regular but when I work till late am not prepared to wait for half an hour in all weathers when the traffic is light and its easier to take the car. Sorry to see the 86 going to first on Sundays and evenings as its a great service and more reliable than first in my experience.
  7. Whatever your view people want it sorted they are sick of it now. Boris has to get us to leave by October or he have will failed on his main pledge and he knows it. Corbyn has been worse than even May over Brexit imo, he even told the Torys they should hold another referendum but refused to say if he would do so himself!
  8. Such a shame to see the decline of our once great bus service.With more and more using cars and the roads getting ridiculously congested there seems no end to it.Its a sad fact that many times when using the bus in the early evening there are often only a few passengers on or even just me sometimes.Clearly not worth them running these services.
  9. Not sure and the discounts seem lower at present.I agree with your basic point I only buy new with a hefty discount and Fords seem quite good for this.The net does seem to make buying new cheaper than ever if you shop round no wonder dealers are struggling.
  10. Not for me as you can get massive discounts now my current Fiesta was nearly 17k list and got it for 13k after using carwow and quoting it at the dealer, this was less than they were selling nearly new ones for.
  11. Used cars are a nightmare to buy I know it’s more expensive but new car sales are much safer not just because of the obvious reasons but it’s also far more competitive as it’s much easy-to compare like for like
  12. Not saying I agree with him I don’t but I do think it’s part of his appeal to a lot of his supporters.
  13. Part of the problem and it is true to a lesser extent with Boris over here is so many people are fed up with carefully scripted political speeches they like the fact he appears to do the opposite even if they don’t always agree with him.
  14. Thing with Trump is the more extreme he gets the more he appeals to his followers and the more those who dislike him dislike him.Having spent some time travelling in the states the Republicans seem much more right wing than conservatives here.
  15. Exactly he is happy telling the tories to hold a second referendum but will not say if he would do the same maybe he should be making his own Brexit policy before telling others what should be in theirs!
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