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  1. Is everyone getting some extra running in (within the lockdown rules of course) never seen so many runners.Have lengthened mine a little.
  2. Yes they did the right thing, was seriously considering breaking my record of doing it every year if they went ahead as it just did not feel right to be racing in these circumstances.
  3. Ok its creeping up on us again who's ready (the usual suspects?) hows the training going? Did a very cold rekey up Ringinglow today and trained a fair but over the winter. Going for sub 1.50 again.
  4. Thats over 3 hours on a bus and probably about the same time queuing for rides lol.
  5. Totally agree no matter how they dress it up its still a burger, which I bet is still fairly high in fat if you want quality meat you would surely go for a steak.
  6. Wow that 74% poll sums up the situation perfectly.They really need to take note (but it looks like they are not)
  7. Good post. For me their broadband policy summed up how far removed from voters Corbyn had come. With all the issues that voters are concerned about they come up with a policy that addresses something that virtually nobody has an issue with. and I doubt convinced anyone to vote for them. Its time Labour started listening to its voters again virtually all the surveys say that Corbyn along with his Brexit policy WAS the issue. Yet Long Bailey gives him 10/10 You couldn't make it up! A company that does not listen to its customers does not do well.
  8. Agree.Long Bailey is an absolute gift to the Tories almost unelectable imo.
  9. Agree there are a small amount of cases where 0 hour contracts are ok but the vast majority are purely to save the employer money and offer the employee less benefits.They are massively abused by people like Sports Direct.
  10. This reminds me of when the left was firmly in charge during the early 1980's when they were internally supporting candidates popular with the party but unlikely to get them elected and that did not end well! There is so much work to be done to make them electable again starting with a leader that is an asset to the party not a hindrance like Corbyn clearly was.So far they don't seem to think theres a problem let alone trying to fix it.
  11. Long Bailey would be a gift to the Torry's watched her interview on Sunday about getting rid of the house of Lords but when asked what she would replace it with she clearly had very little idea. She also recently gave Corbyn 10/10 quite unbelievable really I fear for the future of the party at least when Foot was in they realised their mistakes and knew they had to change.Now after a disastrous election there seems to be little admission they did anything wrong.
  12. Does that mean the entire block/blocks will now be developed? Also I know its only for repairs but for a massive project like that does not sound a lot of money.
  13. Exactly. Process and paperwork is a critical tool in managing the cleaning process and ensuring staff carry out their duties.Its not a guarantee that it’s being done correctly but if it’s not in place there is a far higher probability that it’s not.
  14. Ours operates a triage system where you speak to the Doctor on the phone between 8.30-9.30 and if needed you will be offered a same day appointment, works pretty well but you are usually waiting at least 15 mins to get through but worth it for a same day appointment imo.
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