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  1. Fudbeer

    Harley Hotel gone?

    Yes I think there is a market round there for a more upmarket music venue not just aimed at students featuring local bands charging a bit more but with good beer and higher standards.
  2. Fudbeer

    Harley Hotel gone?

    Yes you kind of expect a place like that not to be perfect but their standards made it a no go for me am afraid.Pretty sure the hotel was featured in a worst hotel feature a few years ago.
  3. Fudbeer

    Sheffield Half Marathon 2019

    Yes was certainly cold one of the few times I felt a little cold during as opposed to at the start of a marathon.Better than being too hot though. Support was particularly strong in Dore thanks to you guys.
  4. Fudbeer

    Sheffield Half Marathon 2019

    1.46 same as last year happy with that. Well done guys and all those that helped and supported.
  5. Fudbeer

    Sheffield Half Marathon 2019

    Nice work folks. Did my last longish run today (10k) felt good infact one of those "I wish it was the race today" type mornings as I doubt I will feel this good on Sunday!
  6. Fudbeer

    Sainsbury’s arundel gate

    https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/people/police-cordon-outside-sainsbury-s-in-sheffield-s-arundel-gate-due-to-broken-glass-falling-from-high-rise-building-1-9702823?fbclid=IwAR20NE6IZPOsz_DT6jax1gUDbqrb4wkSsXdEq7FC9HNS_dz6z16fx9lcoz8 After the company went bust and the spec for cladding was lowered below the agreed level for planning permission would be surprised if more corners were not cut.
  7. To be fair am not saying I disagree the new restrictions are a good thing.Although I do occasionally break the speed limit its only by a small amount I see more people driving at ridiculous speeds these days than ever before usually young and with those ridiculous sounding exhaust pipes.The bottom line is am sure it would save many lives and that has to be the most important consideration.
  8. Thats exactly what I meant.Many years ago I was stopped for speeding on Bochum Parkway and the Policeman said he accepts that the speed limit is low and in good conditions many people travel a little over the limit and he does not stop them for it but doing 50 was not acceptable, he gave me a warning.I have commuted for over 30 years by car and car shared many times and the majority of people I have shared with have gone a little over the limit at some point. not suggesting its right to do so but they do.
  9. In the real world away from the "I never do anything wrong" world of the forum I think the vast majority of people break the speed limit at some point.Particularly when they consider its safe to do so.
  10. I bet second hand values shoot up when its introduced on new cars!
  11. Fudbeer

    My first marathon!

    Fantastic good luck!
  12. Fudbeer

    Sheffield Nissan Specialists

    Yes I would be interested too have been less than impressed with Bristol Street their customer service seems to have gone down hill recently.
  13. Fudbeer

    Going to a gym

    Good points being close to where you live or work is critical. Going to the gym should not be a big event just finding an hour or so a few days a week getting your kit on and going. Also in many years of going can honestly say I have never noticed people staring at out of shape people, most people respect they are trying to improve.
  14. Exactly it’s hardly surprising that an anti Brexit petition gets a lot of votes nearly half the country did not want it but the other half did proves absolutely nothing just like all those marching today waist of time and effort that’s why we have properly organised votes/elections to decide such things.
  15. Fudbeer

    Sheffield Half Marathon 2019

    Still a great event sometimes nice to soak up the atmosphere without worrying about a time! lol we all been there it creeps up on you I have done it every year since 2006. I had nasty knee injury that would not go away limped round the course for a few years and very nearly stopped running altogether but eventually persevered and learnt how to manage it (basically stretching and cutting back when pain starts) now it rarely bothers me.Just shows that managed correctly you can often still run.after injury, Great to hear familiar names back again good luck all! BTW if there are any first timers don't worry to much about the hills just take them very slowly and you get the benefit of running down hill most(but not all!) of the way back!

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