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  1. I have worked on the Moor for years and it is now as busy as I can remember, do not believe all the doom and gloom stories you hear just go any lunchtime (except Sunday) and you will see for yourself. Can understand some of the food places struggling though at night its really quiet, would imagine they are massively reliant on people visiting the cinema.
  2. I run past there a lot and have noticed that what i assume are often volunteers working on it at the weekend.
  3. If the Drivers are anything to go by its really tough. There was an Amazon driver who did a day in the life of type review on youtube.He was honest and was balanced but you could not get away from the massive volume of work thats expected of them.They were delivering nearly 300 parcels a day over about 180 drops and it looked REALLY hard work.As you can imagine only takes the slightest thing to go wrong and you are in a really difficult position.He also touched on the distribution centres saying that the attitude of some of the staff is horrible.I know someone who worked for Hermes and he said the atmosphere in the distribution centres was really bad.
  4. The state of NHS dentistry at present is not good at all. My partner had he routine 6 month check up cancelled 3 times and had not seen a dentist since before COVID. After finally getting to see them when she was in pain was unable to sort the issue. At considerable expense she has gone private who have sorted her issues which were made worse by not having regular check ups. Hope you get sorted.
  5. Ok guys its confirmed on 26 September. Who up for it? Seen loads out running during lockdown. Hoping for 1.40 ish maybe a pb.
  6. Must say we have been to the Waggon and Horses in Millhouses park a few times and its been brilliant every time staff have been really helpful and the new outside area in the park is fantastic on summer days.Inside is great too really good atmosphere.Can only see this pub going from strength to strength particularly now they have the cafe in the park.
  7. Tea Cake ride is legendary always wanted to try it but they seem pretty fast!
  8. Although there is undoubtedly a break between hospital cases , mortality’s and infections the fact is cases are rising at an alarming rate here and to an extent in Europe.Just wait till all the masses who are now booking holidays to Spain and the like start getting positive tests abroad and have to isolate before returning!
  9. Many mobile contracts now include unlimited free calls to most numbers.
  10. Because they are private.If you have a conversation with your boss particularly at such a high level a person with any integrity what so ever does not go to the press making it public even of they have fallen out not to mention the fact Boris stood up for him previously when he could have easily thrown him under the bus.
  11. He never should have started sharing private conversations with the press in the first place.
  12. Regardless of your view on Boris Cummings is a complete snake the texts he and his boss, Boris exchanged were private and he never should have published them like this.He really is showing himself to be untrustworthy and a bitter and twisted individual.
  13. Yes it’s one thing not being able to meet face to face but now we are being reduced to talking to an auto reply bot on a website that rarely answers your questions.Ridiculous.
  14. Can only generalise but a lot of knee issues are caused by weakness further up. I had medial (inner) knee pain for years and saw a physio who said I had weak glutes and gave me strengthening exercises which in time have made a huge improvement.
  15. Yes and just about any other service you require help with particularly banking. Its getting to the stage where you will only be able to talk via online chat which is what they want as it’s cheaper as they are clearly talking to many people at once judging by the huge gaps waiting for reply’s.
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