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  1. Ponds forge is a fantastic venue but poorly managed. The web site and IT side has been woefully inadequate for years infact if anything its got worse rather than better. a member of staff admitted that to me and to be fair most of the staff are great. A few years ago even finding pool alterations which happen all the time was virtually impossible online and often ended up having to phone them.This went on for months. They also often only opened a few lanes in the pool despite the rest being empty and it being busy. They paid a lot of money a few years ago for a car park system which was so bad they ended up taking it out and making it pay and display. The booking system for classes when they opened last year failed regularly. And as you point out they recently spent god knows how much rebranding everything Sheffield City Trust I eventually gave up. So sad really as its a great venue.
  2. Well went back on what I said as was invited to the Waggon and horses by friends.Really well organised and managed not to break any rules or be told off!
  3. Thanks Andy. I love my pubs but think I will leave it until at leat May and probably June. I don't blame the pubs but during the previous lockdown it just feels like you are constantly being told what you can and can't do and SOME staff need to work their communication skills. I understand why they need all these rules but for me it takes all the fun out of going for a relaxing drink.
  4. Just as well judging by the updates on twitter been even worse than usual this past week.Will wait till it rains! Credit where its due though at least they doing something positive.
  5. Yes its all very strange why did they not say about the smaller store option withe the original release? Vey poor unless this was the plan to make it look like they have compromised after listening to public opinion.
  6. Yeah it’s not just car parking that’s the issue is it it’s location of parking, navigating the Roads to get where you want and that’s before you get to the prices charged.All of these work in Meadowhall’s favour.
  7. Yes I agree with that.I dob't doubt its a negative but don't think its the force that it was. I know a lot of people having worked in retail for years but hardly any visit the physical store now, some buy online and a few visit the cafe but that is not going to pay the bills.
  8. I know to a lot of people it is seen as a critical shop in the city centre but genuine question how many people actually regularly purchase from there? Not online not at Waitrose not buying the odd coffee in the cafe but actually buy products from the physical store because I don't know many. The store is extremely dated and you can see much larger ranges of things like electricals online or at one of the massive out of town superstores like Currys.You have places like Ikea selling bigger ranges of items for the home and although it would not be my choice the likes of Primark serving the cheaper end of the clothing market and sports shops selling a lot of the designer gear like north face ect.
  9. Phone shops are moving online too particularly as most phones look the same these days.
  10. Much as it is a big blow and very sad there are still positives about Sheffield centre many companies have invested heavily in the area and in fairness they are not as popular as they used to be can’t remember the last time I bought something from them or went in t the store.
  11. You can’t queue on Blackstock rd and with good reason during earlier lockdowns there were long queues meaning traffic that wanted to go straight on had to go on the opposite side of the road or wait 10-15 minutes in the queue for the tip which is never going to happen.Was an accident waiting to happen.
  12. No excuse for fly tipping and would never do it. But Blackstock road does not help the situation. There is currently big demand yet their hours have not changed at all to reflect this and could be much longer I mean closed all day wednesday come on. In my experience the only time you can get on easily is in the week when its raining hard!
  13. Yes basically scammers have found a way to text you and it adds it on to a previous text number you have received texts from making people think it’s from them when it’s not.
  14. Yes I never answer unless I know the number. If its important they will leave a message, Never had a scammer leave a message! Worryingly scammers have found a way of making a message appear in a "string" that looks like it is from a legit number such as a bank!
  15. Could be,One thing for sure something has gone wrong. If you don't know a few reliable ones chances are you are going to struggle or pay over the odds or both.
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