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  1. https://crosspool.info/2019/06/18/local-pub-set-for-demolition/
  2. They look like they are in a bit of a mess as First are now trying to sell their UK division. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/may/30/firstgroup-to-sell-greyhound-as-it-bows-to-activist-investors
  3. Was surprised by 3 things when I used one.How straight forward most tasks were, how much they charged for doing them and how long they take to actually do things. The thing that would stop me doing it myself would be knowledge of the legalities and tax issues.
  4. One of their few road systems that works so they get rid! I don't understand how what is effectively a timed arrow/cross over a lane can be that expensive to maintain.
  5. To me it’s MP’s that will cause the damage. The way the vote was set up by Cameron in the first place with little though to a leave outcome and the way MP’s from all parties have delt with it afterwards including leaving to much till the last minute has left us in this ridiculous position and I seriously hope they are held to account.
  6. Yes if I was taking it would have an accountant and a solicitor go over every detail in the terms and conditions so I knew exactly what was needed to make a decent return and not just in the first year! Think you are right though the accommodation does make it slightly more attractive would probably still run a mile though to many things stacked against you even on a level playing field the fact the Robin Hood and now the Wagon are very well established businesses in the area will make it hard work to gain regular trade.But if as seems likely their terms mean you are having to pay far more for beer then making a consistent profit becomes almost impossible.
  7. I agree. This made me laugh too " Currently, the customer base is predominantly local who enjoy pub games" . Would be more accurate to say currently the customer base is pretty much non existent!
  8. People on both sides feel let down and angry with the way politicians have failed to sort this out. Its no surprise to me the Brexit party is doing so well people are fed up with them and want to send a clear message. They will get a massive vote imo.
  9. Mine does that sadly minus the unharmed bit! Judging by the amount she brings in they are pretty much everywhere.
  10. I dont see it as "being taken" to me they are installing and maintaining seating for the benefit of their customers and no doubt other members of the public to enjoy the park.
  11. Hi Think you may struggle there Amazon and Argos seem to have the market pretty much cornered, fwiw I find the cheaper non fit bit ones look ok but often lack quality.
  12. Closed again and looks like they are looking for yet another change of management. The words extended barge pole spring to mind! If the people who got it busy a few years ago could still not make it pay then I doubt anyone can. Probably end up as flats. https://www.findmypub.com/properties/view/3429
  13. Same here had no idea.Its quite possible he either didn't know or forgot or did not make the connection.Its hardly ever mentioned.Why would it be?
  14. If he was racist he would not be stupid enough to post a picture like that on social media to advertise the fact.He thought it was funny for other reasons already explained.
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