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  1. Very good avoiding of the question . I agree Islamic extremists yes . I also agree they will kill anyone to suit their warped beliefs . Surely you must agree there beliefs are ... ISLAM all be it a warped version And they are MUSLIMS again all be it evil murderous ones
  2. You make a good point I've often wondered why so many ... Haters of the west , choose to come and live here and other western countries . It actually just confirms what my belief is ... They are jealous .
  3. Which in my eyes makes it worse . By there way of thinking anybody who isn't a Muslim should be killed then !!! What do you think of people who think this way ? ---------- Post added 24-09-2013 at 19:01 ---------- Islam is the flavour "at the mo" ........ No , islam is the most murderous evil dangerous cult "at the mo" worldwide . FACT
  4. The only people who can stop muslim extremism is ordinary muslims . Any attempt by a non Muslim to sort the problems they cause is seen as victimisation .
  5. Excellent post . Funny how its not been responded too .
  6. 3 British people killed in Kenya for the crime of not being a Muslim . http://news.sky.com/story/1144908/kenya-terror-attack-hostages-held-in-mall If you couldnt recite a Muslim prayer you were killed .
  7. Things have changed since then we've lost our best player haven't had the rub of the green . Now we have investment and are trying to build a team from scratch so time will tell .
  8. We were the better team and lost. That's all I can say .
  9. Give him time . Avoid relegation this year then next season you watch us go . Hope the board believes in his plan as I do .
  10. This is where it gets complicated the older brother has supposedly evaded capture and that was the reason for the helicopter was searching the surrounding areas for over an hour . However all police personnel including the helicopter have now just in the last 5 minutes left . So fingers crossed .
  11. They all just arrived about 20 of them and arrested one of my neighbours for murder . The stabbing on the manor last night
  12. Gazza it doesn't bother me one bit pal really it doesn't because at the end of the day they've got a right to work just like me and you have , and if there profession is football then that's what they are going to do . These players will never be hero's for obvious reasons but they can still be good players at our clubs , regardless of what they've done previously . If your in prison for a crime you've committed obviously your not playing your serving your sentence , but once released then its upto them what they do .
  13. Why was the Uaf formed in 2003 and the edl 6 years later in 2009 then ?
  14. I'd go and pick him up from prison when he has SERVED HIS SENTENCE and is a FREE man , for 1 reason and 1 reason FOOTBALLING ability
  15. Comparing Myra Hindley , Peter Sutcliffe and Gary Gliter to Marlon King Il just let people judge you on that ridiculous statement :loopy::loopy: ---------- Post added 18-09-2013 at 22:12 ---------- I want what's best for Sheffield United and right now that's Marlon King His PAST convictions are of no concern to me . Simple
  16. Yes it's about everybody sitting on their high horses judging somebody they don't even know . Half of the people judging him won't even be at the game Saturday because they don't attend . He has committed crimes and served the sentences , so what now he never has the right to work again ? Then we move on to the " he is only here for the cash " remarks ...Newsflash ...they all are . ---------- Post added 18-09-2013 at 22:02 ---------- Do you know him personally not to be able to stand him?
  17. Isn't that what all footballers care about , or just the ones with criminal records ? ---------- Post added 18-09-2013 at 21:48 ---------- Like I said .... Do gooder
  18. I'm not selling anything . I'm watching my team and don't care which EX criminals are in the crowd , selling pies or scoring goals .
  19. I call it done the crime and served the time ... Move on .
  20. Excellent summary of the EDL What about the UAF ? They are the reason for (at least) half the police bill
  21. Although I share many views with the EDL I can't think of anything worse than going to a march , let alone one at sheffield lane top
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