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Which 7 seater?

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Hi I'm looking into buying a 7 seater some point later in the year once I've saved a few pennies :-) I'm just wondering if anyone can advise me on which would be better? Are there any good diesel ones? Or is petrol better? I'd still need boot space with all seats in use too. One what's not too expensive for parts or what seems to be the most reliable? I'm hoping to buy for no more than about 700? Is that a reasonable price? Iv been thinking of a Zafira but heard bad reviews, what's your opinions on any 7 seater?

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Most important question, what is your budget and what age of car are you after?


If it's younger than 2008 then don't get a diesel as it will have a DPF(diesel particulate filter) and, if you're mainly doing short runs, it will clog up.

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Zeb, I would not have thought you would get much of a people carrier for £700.If you do get one at that price it will be quite old and you know what the body is usually like on old vehicles.


When I was interested in one I wanted the Toyota Previa with the D4D diesel engine for the reliability.

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If the people you want to put in the very back have got legs, you don't want a Zafira.


Not too bad if they are kids, especially if just short journeys. (but I feel a little uneasy having anyone travelling so near the back of a vehicle, in case of a rear end shunt).


The OP also wanted luggage space when all 7 seats in use. To achieve that, they will need to be a step up in size from the Zafira/Touran/Carens/Verso/Scenic type of vehicle where the two seats in the back take up all the boot space when in use. Alternatively, have a permanent roof box.


The bigger, proper 7 seaters are such as the Toyota Previa/Citroes C8 (& Peugeot and Fiat equivalents)/Renault Espace/VW Sharan (& Ford Galaxy equivalent)/Kia Sedona/Hyundai Trajet.


I agree with an earlier post that the OP cannot accept much for £700. I would think they are in early imported Japanese territory (Previa, Mazda Bongo, Granvia etc), or an early Citroen C8/Renault Espace. Also, Japanese imports include big 4x4s such as the Mitsubishi (both the "jeep" style as well as the "minibus style" delica). Early versions might come into the reckoning. There is a little industry importing bits for these Japanese vehicles, so spares availability shouldn't be an issue. If considering one of these, it would be worth asking about them on forums for the specific vehicles.


Another possibility might be an estate car with occasional back seats in the boot (such as made by Volvo and Peugeot IIRC). But then there is the same problem as the Zafira size of vehicle - ie you cannot have 7 seats AND luggage space at the same time. Also, the back seats are even more "for occasional use only" than the Zafira type. Another odd one to consider is the Fiat Multipla - only 6 seats, but they are reasonable size AND you still have luggage space behind.


These would all be quite old (and probably high mileage and generally tatty) to be down in £700 territory, so I don't think there is much to say that one make is better than another, its more down to the condition of the specific vehicle, IMO.

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