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  1. going to Barcelona in june for a long weekend..can anyone recommend a centrally located hotel..? cheers
  2. these pipes are approx. 100mm in diameter
  3. anyone know what the purple coloured pipes are for on top of the new m1 central reservations are used for..?
  4. anyone know where I can get old cameras valued.got about 12 that I need valuing and possibly selling. cheers
  5. try citynites http://www.booking.com/hotel/gb/city-nites-london.en-gb.html
  6. cheers...................................
  7. anyone having problems with Hotmail...?
  8. I use western digital (Thailand) hard drives and find them to be the best that I have used so far
  9. on VM broadband 120 at the moment at 2.4ghz just wondering if I switch to 5ghz network how this will affect my units as running xbox 360,2 no laptops(asus and Packard bell both mediocre laptops) Samsung galaxy tab,lenovo ideatab and I phone.. or do I simply stay where I am..? cheers
  10. cheers went there and got some..yes £4.87 but wanted some for my father..;)
  11. hi does anyone know where I can buy sarsaparilla locally.. thanks
  12. hi, just a thought.i have recently bought a lg smart tv.it is connected to the wireless network superhub via wi-fi.I have a TiVo box in another room downstairs.Can i connect the tv to the TiVo box wirelessly or do I need a couple of powerline adapters and connect them with Ethernet cables..? cheers in advance
  13. hi does anyone know where I can my nexus 7 repaired.?the usb charging port on the tablet has become damaged and may replacing..? regards
  14. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/police-hunt-cross-dresser-who-struck-on-train-in-south-yorkshire-1-6347712
  15. http://www.siammap.com/samui-guide-map.html
  16. I'm waiting for a guy to email me some prices back to give you an idea of the price of a jeep for a week.get yourself a detailed map of the area(usually in the tourist info places or the local filling stations) if you decide to go into the hills there are loads of little off road tracks that can be driven on.I spent 2 weeks on samui including a week driving the hills and mountains and hinterland of samui on a daily basis 9am till 3 pm and I must admit it was one of the best experiences I have had in Thailand.Lots of little shacks selling fruit and bbq foods amazing views refreshing ice cold spar like lagoons to take a dip in during the hot tropical climate. ---------- Post added 03-01-2014 at 18:47 ---------- https://www.google.co.uk/shopping/product/12810492854568661228?q=koh+samui+map&rlz=1T4DSGO_enGB503GB503&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.58187178,d.ZGU,pv.xjs.s.en_US.EeLgqkzqnSg.O&biw=1350&bih=603&tch=1&ech=1&psi=aAXHUtqxAu-V7AbYwIDYDA.1388774757354.3&ei=agXHUuKpKIuM7AbUt4CgAQ&ved=0CFcQpiswAA
  17. use your cards at atm machines outside the banks.. http://www.kasikornbank.com/EN/Pages/Default.aspx or https://www.krungsri.com/en/consumer-detail.aspx?did=166 bank of ayudhaya best rates ---------- Post added 03-01-2014 at 18:12 ---------- no more of a risk than here.. ---------- Post added 03-01-2014 at 18:13 ---------- waiting for a weekly rental price for you for a jeep ---------- Post added 03-01-2014 at 18:22 ---------- don't get juped into renting a car from the airport or your resort go into chaweng and have a look for yourself same as booking further accommodation..look before you book...
  18. Rent a jeep (Suzuki jimmy or similar about 1,000 Thb per day) in Chaweng and go into the mountains that time of year it will be lush with beautiful waterfalls.Take the asphalt road at Naton by the tyre place up into the hills and over back down to Bo Put Hard driving in places but worth the drive for the amazing views and waterfalls/waterholes.Get into the coconut plantations on the way to see the working gibbons(real not show)Thb is about 54 to 1 now but should increase to about 60 in the next few weeks.I always stay at Relax Resort on Chewang Beach..Usually quiet but right on the beach.. ---------- Post added 03-01-2014 at 16:52 ---------- https://www.facebook.com/IdanMotorbikeAndCars ---------- Post added 03-01-2014 at 16:56 ---------- http://www.rentalcars.com/SearchResults.do?dropCity=Koh+Samui&doMinute=30&location=-1&driversAge=25&doHour=11&locationName=Koh+Samui+(All+areas)+&searchType=allareasgeosearch&doFiltering=true&puSameAsDo=on&city=Koh+Samui&puHour=11&dropCountry=Thailand&puDay=10&filterTo=20&dropLocation=-1&driverage=on&doDay=17&countryCode=&dropLocationName=Koh+Samui+(All+areas)+&country=Thailand&filterFrom=0&puMonth=3&puMinute=30&doMonth=3&doYear=2014&puYear=2014&fromLocChoose=true ---------- Post added 03-01-2014 at 17:00 ---------- IdanKadosh@hotmail.com for Idan motorbike and car rental Koh Samui
  19. me grandpop had one vehicle for 75 years on a clean licence...:P:P:P
  20. motorbike chase in the great escape is the best movie scene of all time...
  21. run a bead of clear silicone along it that should cure it..
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