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  1. Would anyone have any photos of Richardson. Motorcycles mansfield Road. Around 1976 onwards. Thanks.
  2. Lord Hall the **** head also suggested remove TV lisence and change its name to a housing tax dumbo. Also need money do they funny how they just funded £50 million pounds to BLM. DEFUND BBC
  3. Thanks Zach thought id asked still have a TV with USB thats says serice only and a few projectors with what i thought was a VGA socket. But not got them ones setup at moment to test anything. Thanks again
  4. Could someone tell me why on some TVs /Projectors etc it says to be used by service tech only. Mainly on some of the USB/VGA sockets etc. Would these still be useable in some way.
  5. Bit further away was on Greenwood Close used to go to Acres Hill Infants
  6. What road did you live on when you was on littledale estate
  7. Phone Sheffield Job centre she will have to do it just tell her to ask if there is a ongoing issue on computer. Wont tell her what if there is but least you will know. 0800 169 0190
  8. I phoned DWP for a letter off them that was 0800
  9. They will do a telephone interview if there not happy with what they here they will ask for them to visit Dos not make sense really but they will not ask for bank details .
  10. I would say that it is there leeds office as well regarding statements they will be wanting to know the amount in any Bank or other types of account she is with. If your truly are concerned ring your local job centre up although they will not give any details they can confirm there is a issue
  11. Syds ok i used to buy spokes n rim if need be build it up and let them true wheel for me .
  12. Yes it was for parade until a dick head driver at speed crashed into another car after nearly running over a copper so more rds got closed. Was handcuffed immediately after.
  13. Thanks chaps just found this http://downdetector.co.uk/problems/facebook ---------- Post added 13-04-2017 at 22:26 ---------- Looks like its sorted for now lol
  14. Anyone lost face book connection tonight
  15. No im not into selling or anything just wanted to know if canvas sheets can be put through a laser printer.
  16. Could someone tell me can i print to canvas using a laser printer. Reason i ask is its all for ink jets that i have noticed for sale. Is this to do with heat of a laser printer and not possible ? Thank You
  17. looking like you have adopted another one then lol
  18. Sadly not everyone has net connection maybe best informing RSPCA you have the chap in your care
  19. Yep just checked least there all back now
  20. ****STOLEN**** Ive copied this from face book with the owners consent so if you have any information please contact those people. Or me and i shall pass the information on to them Thanks. £100 reward for there safe return no questions asked. That's more than you will get trying to sell them on. ****STOLEN**** Last night 5 baby (just under two weeks old) ferrits were stolen from the S9 area along side there mother who is mixed coloured leaving just one baby behind to fend for its self. Baby is doing well so far been hand fed etc. The stolen baby's will not survive if split from there mother and the new owners or thief doesn't know anything about ferrits they are too young to fend for themselves. Like I said no questions asked just want them returned home. Please contact myself or Nicola Jayne Wright with any information. Thanks for reading. Sheffield - S9 Littledale Est
  21. Anyone do canvas printing with a laser ive looked on Ebay all im getting is ink jet canvas sheets can this be used or not in a laser ?
  22. complex handsworth £24 ---------- Post added 04-02-2015 at 18:34 ---------- Thank You ............
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