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  1. I never heard the phone ring, I think it was on silent. Our cat has just come back in, very very skinny but OK. We stuck flyers up in Loxley, in the post office and through the letter boxes of our neighbours who were out. I think someone must have checked their shed or garage and found him! Thanks for all your help!
  2. Badgers prefer dead meat, and chances are it found the cat already dead. They don't tend to kill.
  3. See if your bank can help. Doesn't have to be a Credit Card, and doesn't have to be over £100
  4. Still got my Amiga 500, and my C64.
  5. I'll upload a picture when I get back, I don't think I have one on this computer. I just want to know he's OK really, he's a hunter so he wouldn't go hungry but I just need to know he's not been injured. ---------- Post added 19-06-2013 at 10:19 ---------- Here's some pics : https://www.dropbox.com/sc/gavy3jnscfhkqat/qUy1PbCuZ6 ---------- Post added 19-06-2013 at 17:34 ---------- Still not home
  6. No. It increases the likelihood of mental health problems.
  7. If anyone walks their dog along black lane (the one with the shaped tree's) can you keep an eye out for my little black cat? He's neutered, a bit skittish and is/was wearing a sparkly red collar. Probably looking quite cross at his collar as he's not a fan of this one. He's not been back for two nights, and it's completely unlike him. Last seen on Monday lunch, when we came home there was a present in the kitchen but that's the last we saw of him. We've set our cat flap to in-only, but he's not come back yet. Our dog is pining after him His name is Ninja, and he's all black, except when the sun shines on him and he's got faint red tiger stripes. He's got a few white hairs on his chest. He's microchipped, but the address is the one for our old house at Walkley. I doubt he'll try and make his way there, as we've not lived there for over a year.
  8. All because the lazy can't be bothered to get jobs and want free houses?
  9. All slim TV's will have poor sound. The speakers are flat and tiny.
  10. Cheers, Oliver rang me earlier. Sorry for airing this publicly, but nothing seems to get done when I ring up.
  11. Its genuinely faulty. Drops connections locks up etc. Reported several times.
  12. Come on Pete! I've been chasing up a replacement Zyxel to replace my faulty Cellpipe. I got fed up of waiting and bought a HG612. Can I get a Zyxel please? It's not like I've not referred enough customers to you. And I'm on the MAX package.
  13. Are you sure it's a great price? Japan is normally more expensive than here. ---------- Post added 07-05-2013 at 22:54 ---------- 16gb wifi/cellular is 53,800 yen which translates to £543.54 Over here the same one is £499
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