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  1. Hi I have a washing machine that works but the last te I used it I opened the door n smoke came out? I have just bought a new one and got the old one stuck in my kitchen, does anyone know how to get rid of it?
  2. It's not that bad!!! God people do exaggerate, yeah there's anti social behaviour petty thefts and burglaries but not.to the extreme, most council estates have the same problem, it's not a no go area in fact there's a lot of nice people there!!
  3. Hi does anyone know If marsh lane or the Hillsborough bootsale is on tomorrow? Or know of any others not too far away I could just turn up at to sell? Thankyou ,
  4. I'm just curious as to what this building was, it's we're the Dragon tattoo shop is now. Down from fire station near manor top. I drove past the other day and my son asked why it looked like a church with a clock on it? Got me thinking what it might be. Someone mentioned a monk place, but I'm not convinced, does anyone know or know were I can find out? Thankyou
  5. Hi thanks for everyone's help. It was just a thought as I have 4 small children second youngest being autistic and unaware of dangers so I thought maybe this would be safer as he really loves the trampoline. So I'm looking at around £150 to dig a hole to fit it in?
  6. Hi I'm wanting to dig my kids trampoline in to the garden so the actual trampoline is level with the garden . Does anyone know how I can do this? It will obviously be a huge hole to dig so a regular spade would take FOREVER if anyone can help please let me know. Thankyou
  7. That's a good point!! There's 2 but ones smaller. Like the moon shape. Always wondered why there was 2! I'll give it a go tomorrow at trying each button thankyou
  8. Hi it all looks like it's filling up but there is one of them bags in there. It's a button for flush. Would I not be able to adjust it with that in there?
  9. Hi this might sound like a daft question but it's really annoying me. My toilet seems to have a short flush, does anyone know how I can make the flush longer so it doesn't have to be flushed 2/3 Times? I'm probably going to get some "nice" responses to this I don't want someone to come and do it but if someone could tell me how I can do it I can do it myself that would be most kind. Thankyou
  10. Hi was marsh lane open today? Does anyone know if there was many there? Just thinking if it's built up with sellers yet
  11. Hi could some one send me the link to the carboot mega thread please don't know if I'm being a bit blonde but I can't seem to find it :-/ thankyou!!
  12. Hi does anyone know we're I can get a charger port repaired for a galaxy note? And how much it costs? Thankyou.
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