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Opinions of Birley Carr, Sheffield please


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Hi all

Would be grateful of opinions of the birley Carr area, as thinking of moving there

Near the post office area of fox hill rd..

There are a few posts in the the archives, but no up to date opinions.....

Don't know the area very well as I live on the south side of sheffield..

Any advice welcome...

Thanks in advance...

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It was once a self-contained community,highly prestigious but is now engulfed by some rather drab post war estates.It seems rather isolated from the more interesting parts of Sheffield,but there are some great period houses at good prices.I feel you would need a car there.

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i've lived in birley carr for twenty years and it's a nice, quiet neighbourhood yet convenient for hillsborough and the city centre.the motorway at tankersley is 10 mins away. the back edge and beeley wood are nearby for nice walks. depending where the house is, there are good views over to middlewood , worral and the city centre. fox hill road is a bit nose to tail in the morning rush hour and as frededwards says, some drivers treat it as a race track. there's a decent pub ( fox and hounds ) a short walk away. a sainsbury supermarket is due in the area soon.

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A good selection of bus services serve the area between 0500 and midnight if you don't mine a 10/15 minute walk. Supertram (leppings lane stop) is around 25/30 min walk or use services First/TMT 13/13a - 17 - 20 for connections


In the event of bad snow or ice a walk from the estate to the White horse Pub is required.


Bus Services serving the area.


Birley Carr Post Office = First/TMT 17 - Stagecoach 79 - SCT P1/P2


Around 10 minute walk to Halifax Road/White horse Pub = First/TMT 13/13A - First 20 - First 53 - Stagecoach 79A


Supertram stop at Leppings Lane is around 30 minutes walk (handy in snowy weather) or you could use 13/13A - 17 - 20 which offer connections.

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Birley Carr is quite nice, but it's a bit too close to Fox Hill for my liking.


Is that part finished estate by Artisan in Fox Hill or Birley Carr?






Its Fox Hill Crescent. I'm not really sure where the boundary is between the two areas, is estate to the left below the old church Birley Carr (if you are going down Fox Hill Road)?

Fox Hill Road gets bad for driving when there is a lot of snow or ice, so maybe not ideal if you have any mobility problems, but the area is well served by buses, as someone already said. There are frequent buses to Meadowhall (17) and the city centre (79).

There are a few shops: newsagents, takeaways and a laundrette within walking distance.

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