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  1. Has anyone got a Mazda CX-3 (Sport Nav in particular)? If so what do they think to them?
  2. In Castle Market wasn't the tripe hung on a washing line and it looked like bed sheet and they'd cut bits off?
  3. Listening to Jimmy Saville on Radio 1 playing Gary Glitter songs, then rush home and watch It's a Knockout with Stuart Hall on TV. The good old days.
  4. To the tune of UB40's There's a rat in my kitchen decking what am i gonna do
  5. Goes thru me to have to pay for some kit if I'm being honest. Its not just the fouling that gets on nerves its more they seem to have put off the birds coming into the garden using the feeders, you can see them stalking the birds, then after they've had their fun they leave the dead bird and bloodied feathers for me to clear up.
  6. Are you allowed to squirt water using a water pistol at cats in your garden if they are using it as latrine? Or is there some law against it?
  7. I've 5 bird feeders in my apple tree and nothing from the smaller birds just wood pigeons that have figured out if they bash the feeder the seed falls on the grass and they hoover it up. But haven't seen any small birds use them, its odd.
  8. Every time I decorate I dread unwiring it as I know when it comes to reconnecting I'm sure it sounds different. Think how I've got it set up now is right, I did do some tests and got the best sound I could out of the speakers. Has one got one of those Ruarks https://www.johnlewis.com/ruark-r4-mk3-dab-dab-fm-radio-cd-bluetooth-all-in-one-music-system-with-oled-display/p2057503?s_kwcid=1dx43700022334676631&tmad=c&tmcampid=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIifjsurS02gIVirztCh1SRwxOEAAYASAAEgLHhPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds I've 2 of the Ruark R2s, as I like to still use the ipod for convenience.
  9. The Barnardos charity shop next to Tesco on Abbeydale Rd have a lot of CDs. I'm never sure if I've wired my amp properly, I've bi wiring speakers. Each cable for 1 speaker has 4 wires, labelled L- L+, H-, H+, back of the amp there's 4 screw down terminals, 2 red, 2 black for each speaker. I've looked online but it can still be confusing!
  10. Sounds like there's some serious audio equipment lovers on the forum. How much do people spend on their gear and do they think it makes a big difference the pricier the equipment the better the sound? I'm still using my cambridge amps and cd player from 25 years ago. I do have 2 ruark r2s for the ipod and the DAB, but the sound from the CD player sounds so much richer and deeper. As for CDs, personally I like having a collection/library to look at and thumb thru. Also its probs psychological but I like to have something physical in my hand when I buy music.
  11. What coincidence! Gilbert and Kate Searle are mentioned in a national newspaper today. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/how-big-hearted-sheffield-offered-12333859
  12. How do most people listen to music now, CDs, streaming, downloads? And will they miss record shops like HMV when they eventually disappear? Personally I still buy CDs, never buy downloads. In my opinion the sound quality is better. But I still have an ipod for convenience whilst out and about, but much prefer popping a CD on the separates when at home, for some reason I feel I pay more attention.
  13. Marriages Sep 1939 Denby Mitchell & Elsie Smith Sheffield 9c 1746
  14. Hello, I've just dropped you a private message, hopefully hear from you.
  15. Do many people still get a Christmas bonus/gift from work? We've been given a £150 hamper
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