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  1. Hi all We are Sheffield Aurora fc.. looking for new players in all positions to boost the squad... we play in the above league in Saturdays with kick off times at 2pm... full 11 a side 90 mins with roll on /off rule.. Home games played on quality pitches at Phoenix sports club, Brinsworth... usually about 20 games per season and runs Sept to March... Normally train on Tuesdays , which consists of a light warm up and then practice match.. Great bunch of welcoming guys who just want to enjoy their football ... so if your over 45 .... want to get /stay fit... enjoy your football ... send us a msg for more details... Regards Peter
  2. Still looking for players for this 2019/20.. all positions over 45s great set of lads and pitches ko times normally 2pm Saturdays pm me if you want to get fit and still enjoy football cheers
  3. Hi all old thread , I know .. but all still applies... anybody still interested or interested now message me... as you can see don’t visit this site much now, but will for the coming months to check for messages cheer all
  4. Ha ha.....Gm, it ain't April fools day you know... Need a bit more bait and a bigger hook !!!!
  5. Pm sent Patrick ---------- Post added 12-05-2015 at 11:51 ---------- http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1331134
  6. Where does it say SOME in the original quote???? More personal insults, threats and again why this section is dead... And the reason 'I'm outta here' Good luck with it...
  7. Unfortunately yes, sheffield city council charged me £60 when renting with reed gains 2 yrs ago....
  8. Because there are also quality posters post honest opinions... Grappler and longy ,corks,uk, amongst a few.. But too many others who spoil the section.. Most threads just turn into arguments..
  9. I am normally far too busy to be posting on here... This is my first post in ages on this section, because in my opinion it is a poor section with poor posters on both sides.. So i will Leave it to the experts... Have a good weekend??? Up the owls , rust bucket included
  10. Great win at brighton for the massive.. Stevie may decides to join yorkshires top team.. And the icing on the cake, our neighbours in the region all fall.. Now if a certain lager could do Saturdays!!! Bit quiet on here, where are them top posters poundsworth and cb.. Up the owls..
  11. Hi all We are looking for a few players aged 45 and over to play in the above league.. All positions required... Our home games are played at quality facilities at the phoenix, brinsworth with a 2/3pm saturday kick off.. Season starts in september and runs till feb/march and we play around 20 games.. Normal 11 a side rules with roll on /off substitutions.. We also have regular training on tuesday, which consists of a 10 min easy warm up , then a 5 a side game... Great set of lads... So if your 45 or over, enjoy football and want to get/stay reasonably fit then get in touch by pm or leave a post on this thread.. Many thanks
  12. Hi all.... The wedding is booked,venue is booked ,photography booked but are looking for catering options and ideas.... It is in october this year... The numbers are 45 at around 4pm and 120 at night reception... Was thinking of having hot roast sarnies /pie n peas afternoon and cold buffet at night and needs to done on a tight budget.. Any recommendations??? Cooked pork joints/beef joints etc?? Outside caterers?? Any thoughts or ideas much appreciated ... Many thanks
  13. Hi shazza Spoke to mick in march/april this year about doing some mot work... Told me he had some health problems and was unable to drive.. Agreed to take the car to him , but said he would get back to me to arrange this.. But never got back to me, so took my car elsewhere Hope this helps
  14. Thanks senwar. Yeah, been in barack tavern , good range of ales in there, is the food any good? Anybody know. Apologies, as I'm from the south of sheff. Wheres queens and yew tree?? And do they do food aswell?? Cheers
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