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  1. A good selection of bus services serve the area between 0500 and midnight if you don't mine a 10/15 minute walk. Supertram (leppings lane stop) is around 25/30 min walk or use services First/TMT 13/13a - 17 - 20 for connections In the event of bad snow or ice a walk from the estate to the White horse Pub is required. Bus Services serving the area. Birley Carr Post Office = First/TMT 17 - Stagecoach 79 - SCT P1/P2 Around 10 minute walk to Halifax Road/White horse Pub = First/TMT 13/13A - First 20 - First 53 - Stagecoach 79A Supertram stop at Leppings Lane is around 30 minutes walk (handy in snowy weather) or you could use 13/13A - 17 - 20 which offer connections.
  2. Just a reminder that D&A is now owed by Boots the Chemist and the D&A brand is being phased out.
  3. Very unlikely as the CO-OP plan is too demolish the rear half of the building and just have the post office and supermarket in the current bit that Burtons rent. When this work will start in anyones guess in the current high street market. May be a Hillsborough History trail is worth looking at.
  4. Mainline brand disappeared years ago! The 52 route is OPTIO Red - the OPTIO orange tickets would NOT be valid for use on the 52 route.
  5. If you buy a Citywide day/week/28day this is a Sheffield Bus & Tram Network ticket The Optio range is only valid on the bus corridor route only.
  6. Any news when the redevelopment of the Coop is starting? Interesting how one new newsagent opened and closed within weeks (former nail bar) then another opens near the Interchange. Saw today that Ladbrooks is now open (very quick shop refit from former fireplace shop)
  7. It boil downs to the business plan of the parent company and how it treats the investment of new buses and all the seperate bus companies in the parent group.
  8. I would say it is a way marked route in the woods - if it has 2 colours this is where it over laps. Various walking/cycling routes are available on the Sheffield CC website or some are on Bradfield PC /Ecclesfield PC websites and maybe try Barnsley Council webite as they all meet at this location.
  9. These double deckers are former London buses and have had a full refurbishment inside includes the filling in of the area taken by the centre doorway.The single seat arrangement is to allow easier wheelchair access.
  10. Each timetable at bus stops has a date of publication it should be Oct 2012 and the 47/48 will have a new timetable from end of Jan 2013.Also each stop has a reference stop number also used for YNB (your next bus text service) The Pte have been known to issue the wrong timetable info before know!
  11. In a book I have Dover also has a minor transmitter for Dover Town ch 26 & 30 basic freeview SD and CH 23 for freeview HD. Now that the Digital switchover has now been completed everyone should pick up 2 freeview SD multiplexes and 1 freeview HD muliplex The other 3 multiplexes provide the more minor commercial tv and radio services and is only avaiable on the major transmitters and major relays.
  12. That could be because you are picking two transmitters up at the same time, your aerial might be better than your neighbours. I think they call it channel interference. If you are picking up from emley moor delete all your channels and do a manual scan of these channels. 47 44 41 51 52 48. I have the same problem and this solved it for me. All the other transmitters and repeater channel transmissions are listed online. I don't think 41 does anything but is listed as a channel on the emley moor site. CH 41 from Emley moor is for the Freeview HD service which requires HD equipment to convert the signal.
  13. Everyone is able is to receive the basic Freeview service via an aerial direct to a digital Tv if you have an analogue tv then you need a digital box or digital PVR - your Old TV will act as a monitor screen. The basic freeview service is All BBC TV & radio plus ITV 1 C4 C5 The Full Freeview Service is as Basic plus ITV 2 /3/4 More 4 etc. It all depends on which transmitter you are on
  14. I would guess the junction would be rejigged so that leppings lane would be slightly longer as Penistone road/Halifax road dual carriage way would be get more green light as the major road. You could also make Herries Road a cul de sac by blocking it off at Hillfoot steel end with access being from the five arches end.This would then make the main road just a T junction with Leppings Lane.
  15. The last 79A towards Chapeltown is 1723 (B&Q) as the 1823 only goes as far as Parson cross ASDA. Warning on Boxing day this service was running upto 30 mins late due to traffic delays
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