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  1. No Robin I'm not, read the post correctly. Rustling Rd is apparently an affluent area so people are up in arms, would the same people be up in arms if say Southey Green Rd had trees felled
  2. Would there be such uproar if this occurred on a council estate, I suggest not
  3. I really hope you are correct with this information, but I don't believe a word The Star says
  4. 5am middle of the night, maybe for journalists who stir up trouble, but not for most hard working people
  5. Here we go again blame the police. Some people need to get a life
  6. There was only one lane open for safety reasons. The other lanes either had debris in or was blocked by the Mini. At least the traffic was flowing be it slowly, road could have so easily been closed completely
  7. Went to Hillsborough college to pick my daughter up who has recently had a plaster cast fitted. Whilst sat waiting for her to come out, two parking nazis pulled up behind me and told me to move on. I explained about my daughter and was told to apply for a blue badge via the council. Now either I'm stupid or the nazi was just being a jobsworth, since when does someone with a temporary plaster cast qualify for a blue badge. I refused to move initally trying to explain she had still not got the hang of using her crutches. Jobsworth shouted to his mate, " He's not moving, get the machine from our car." Livesey Street outside the college does have double yellows granted, however there was no other vehicles around and there was no students to endanger. So a little compassion and common sense would not have gone a miss. But thinking about it I do not expect anything different from this council or it's employee's.
  8. Thanks member, unfortunatley no CCTV nearby.
  9. Thank you to the imberseal who decided to collide with the rear of my car on Far Lane outside the doctors and didnt stop to leave details. I hope that your vehicle is worse than mine and a major failure occurs on a country road with no one else around, just you. Thanks again you horrible individual:rant:
  10. How can I be moaning as usual, not been on here for ages so, me old cocker spaniel you've got the wrong fella and I think you'll find my posts aren't moans or groans. Yet first time I do have a little grumble some jumped up know it all as a pop. ---------- Post added 28-08-2014 at 17:23 ---------- Sorry no, I went through Hillsborough yesterday and saw the sign just in time. There is only one and that is bang opposite Taplin Road. A sign further up would have been helpful.
  11. Bus gate in Hillsborough suspended till mid September, then open it one way, the direction towards town. Well thought out seeing that there are road works on Penistone Road, so keeping the suspension would have been sense for now, or is it the council coffers are running low and the fines will come in handy. There is a one mile cycle path at the other end of town to pay for.
  12. Just been listening to this discussion about the half marathon. Yes the organisers are volunteers but that does stop them having a care of duty for all the participants. And that idiot at the end who tried to blame the police, yet another police hater. Blame the organisers and not a cheap shot at the police.
  13. Just listened to the programme again and I can't believe how rude the presenters are. Cutting people off if the presenter disagrees with the caller and in some cases snearing at callers. BBC what a disgrace. Remember it's us licence payers who keep you lot in a job.
  14. Some poor woman held at knife point, yet morons on here yet again have a dig at the police. I'm quite sure that the police are allowed to have a drink. If they have tea spots then good on them, they are out in the community not in the nick
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