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  1. I've just received a PCN for parking behind Farmfoods without a "permit" 😒. I've parked there a dozen times to visit the chiropractors, but never parked that far along, I honestly didn't see any signs about not parking in that area. I thought it was all 1.5 hours free parking (I was only there 44 minutes). Can I try to appeal it saying I was using one of the businesses and that the signage isn't clear enough?
  2. I have joint cover with my partner with the AA which covers all our vehicles. I had to do quite a bit of research as many providers do not cover older cars or motorbikes, and ours range in age from 13 to 28 years old. Make sure you read the small print and get the cover you need.
  3. Is your Mazda an MX-5, Loob? I have a 27-year old Mk1
  4. The only time I've worn ripped jeans was the ones that actually ripped through at the knees naturally. I refuse to buy ones that are deliberately ripped They were so comfy I was gutted when they ripped in the bum and I could no longer wear them 😢
  5. Hellmans do a nice tomato ketchup, it is sweetened with honey rather than sugar, and its really tomatoey. I couldn't find any recently, and ended up buying Heinz, and was really disappointed. That reminds me, I must buy some more....
  6. I've just got a dashcam, not caught anything interesting yet, apart from someone trying to change lanes into me this morning! I wish I had a rear one too for the tailgaters. I seem to suffer from them, driving an old small car
  7. Check the terms of any potential mortgage very carefully, some don't allow lodgers. Also you would need to have some kind of legal agreement with the lodger that they can't lay claim to the equity in the house, as they have contributed towards the mortgage during their stay.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for some advice on submitting for planning permission for our house. The house is a corner plot at the bottom of a hill, so overshadowing should not be an issue, not overlooking neighbouring properties. The boundary wall is in poor condition and will require repairing, so we intend to replace it and make it higher. We would also like to construct a detached garage/outbuilding. I understand from the website that we will require permission, since we are increasing the height of the boundary wall, and the proposed (detached) garage is on the boundary of the property, adjacent to the footpath. We have the red line drawing from the land register, and some level drawings which we have had produced. Are there any other drawings / information / surveys which we will need to submit? Has anyone else done a similar application who could advise?
  9. How does it work if you don't have £100 in your account, and you wanted to put say £30 petrol in your car? Are you not allowed to fill up?
  10. I commented on a thread on here a while back about the pinch point at the top of Halifax Road as you come into Grenoside. It was surprising the number of people who thought queuing in the left hand lane really early is the appropriate way to use that stretch of road. I have a related question. On Penistone Road, travelling from the city centre towards Hillsborough, the bus lane tapers out after the Morrisons junction. This means any buses, taxis and motorbikes have to join the general traffic. Does anyone have priority here? I can see this being a dangerous junction as drivers rush to make it across the hatched markings and don't pay full attention to the bus lane to their left.
  11. I always give the taxi driver a small tip, as I feel guilty for making them drive me home to the back end of nowhere (AKA Stocksbridge).
  12. The fox's mating call can sound quite disturbing, it can sound like a woman or child screaming in distress.
  13. Can anyone offer any advice please? I attended university 15 years ago, but did not complete my degree. I took out a student loan at the time (which I am now paying off as I am working full time). Is it possible to get a second student loan? I am looking at options for studying a (completely different) part time degree course. I have looked on Google and it says you can't get funding for a lesser or equivalent degree, but I don't actually have a degree, so I'm not sure how this works? I can't afford to pay the fees whilst also dropping a day's wages each week. If I could get funding for the fees it might be plausible. The fees have greatly increased since I was last at university, it was £1125 per year back in 2002, but know I am looking at £6000 per year for 6 years
  14. Oops, not been on here for a while. No, I didn't report the car to the police. It was on a busy road, so I'm sure someone did as it was gone the day after. And it was empty when my partner saw it at 4am. I have reported an abandoned car to the police before, but it was in a more remote location. It turned out (from starting a thread on here) that the car was stolen from Deepcar and ended up at Foxhill.
  15. Because there's one parked kind of up a wall and against a telegraph pole in Stocksbridge. I suspect it might have been stolen and the thieves did a runner after crashing into the wall. Either that or someone has crashed it and just hasn't bothered recovering it!
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