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  1. Daily Mail: "There is no running water in the crumbling one-bedroom house she bought with Mr Spirescu for £2,000 two years ago in the village of Pelisor, which is 200 miles north of the capital Bucharest." The Mail should check their facts, Pelisor is less than 100 miles North of Bucharest, and is in Muntenia, not Transylvania.
  2. We should not be paying for the upkeep of these scum. The whole family should have been extradited upon conviction.
  3. Produce supporting evidence for that, and proof that it was caused by austeruty measures, please.
  4. Clegg?! He certainly talks a load of "fertiliser"!
  5. If you like industrial abstract, there's a guy called John Wilkinson who's very good. http://www.kiac-sheffield.org/we-are-not-in-the-least-afraid-of-ruins.html
  6. It's not just labour that are saying it. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2447393/Royal-Mail-valued-1BILLION-small-investors-hit.html "Gert Zonneveld, managing director of stockbroker Panmure Gordon, said he was convinced the Government’s official valuation of Royal Mail shares was too low, and added: ‘I think this is going to be massively oversubscribed." And the daily Mail is hardly a left-wing propaganda tool!
  7. Given that Cameron's idiot neighbour, Gideon Osborne, has under-valued the company by about 1 Billion Pounds (The companies property portfolio is worth the sale price on it's own!) I would buy shares in order to realisea short term profit.
  8. You know nothing about the cases involved, so kindly refrain from commenting. I have six members of staff that have been with for nearly twenty years, so I can’t be that bad to work for. Two were dismissed for failing to adhere to safety regulations thus endangering both themselves and others. The other missed a specification in a tender document that, had another engineer not have spotted it, would have cost the company thousands. It was the third time he had done this.
  9. Oh, I don't know............Fat belly, two black eyes, if you put them together they fight...................sounds pretty Scottish to me!
  10. I'm sure they'll be a great loss and that their going will make a huge difference to us all. Presumably, the crook running the country has scammed sufficient money out of the Commonwealth and he now has enough Bentleys.
  11. You'd be better going through the panels suppliers such as Saftronics (Leeds), Switchgear and Instrumentation (Bradford) and Controline (Halifax) etc. ---------- Post added 02-10-2013 at 15:29 ---------- You've obviously not been in may control/switch rooms, and have no understanding of the industry.
  12. I cannot envisage a situation whereupon I would be dim enough to believe in a made-up figure.
  13. Faith unites deluded idiots into groups that believe in the same imaginary friend. Each group then work themselves into a frenzy and try and wipe out other groups who have a different imaginary friend. It's lunacy.
  14. There is a farm in Grenoside (just down from the Cow and Calf) that stores caravans. Sorry, but I don't have a ny contact details.
  15. Sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda and leave them for a few days. Bicarbonate of soda absorbs most smells and neutralises them.
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