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Should we ban meat imports from Europe?

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Remember when there was the BSE crisis in Britain? Europe quite correctly banned imports of British beef. The French continued the ban long after the BSE problem had been dealt with because they saw it as a good way to protect their own farmers and their incomes.


Should we do the same now? Findus imported meat from a French processing factory which in turn bought the meat, whatever it is, from Romania. But we have farmers in this country who produce top quality meat in a much more humane way than a lot of places on the continent.


Why do we need to import Polish chickens? Why do we need Dutch Pork? Why do we need French horse beef?


Until the provenance of imports can be determined, and as a way to help our our farmers, why not just ban imports?

I believe that children are our future. Unless we stop them now.


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Turns out it might be donkey now.


But whilst it could be "anything" why still import the crap?


They're saying it's against EU rules to ban, as there is no health danger. But if they don't even know what it is, and aren't very sure where it came from, then how on earth do they know?

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