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  1. wheres tfh when you need him to reply
  2. try again https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/mar/29/uk-should-leave-eu-with-no-deal-says-former-bank-of-england-governor
  3. ricgem2002

    Electoral reform

    here you go tfh https://www.renewparty.org.uk/team these should be right up your street
  4. care to try and defunct anything else from the link i provided ?
  5. not according to this bloke https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1107502/no-deal-scare-stories-absurd-brexit-ex-bank-of-england-governor-mervyn-king-mark-carney
  6. ricgem2002

    Electoral reform

    seems that you arnt
  7. ricgem2002

    Electoral reform

    jesus christ there were people who voted to have a say in how their country was run away from the eu and what do we have ? people having hissy fits wanting more votes until they get the answer the want . for goodness sake get a grip
  8. out of interest can you give us some examples ?
  9. ricgem2002

    paypal and money laundering

    yes i get that woodview but yes you have a bank account in your name and money paid into is then "in the system"so when money builds up in your account does it then become cleaned ?
  10. could using paypal be a way to launder money and make it clean ?
  11. they did on the 23 june 2016 why you lot wont let it happen beggars belief
  12. whats happening are we going with no deal or deal on the 29 th ??? getting fed up with all these remoaners spitting their dummies out
  13. 10 days time hopefully thenits party time
  14. ricgem2002

    New coal mine approved

    yea and we saw what they did to the building industry thank god for brexit

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