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  1. The drivers are following company guidelines to allow anyone to travel (with or without face covering). In this case the driver was wrong to refuse travel
  2. In answer to question 1 the driver was wrong to not let the passenger on (remember they can’t police it) and question 2 see the answer at question 1
  3. So stop the bus and radio for the police while other irate passengers who are going to be late for work will start kicking off 🙄
  4. When drivers are on between 20-23 grand a year I think someone being telling you porkies
  5. Take a look here for stagecoach drivers https://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/18525140.cant-make-passengers-wear-masks-buses-says-stagecoach/ The driver can’t enforce the ruling so what can he do about it ? What if the other passenger turned violent against you is that the drivers fault for letting him on (remember he can’t enforce it)
  6. Why not ask the person not wearing the mask ? Why do you think the drivers have to explain to other passengers why someone is not wearing a face covering ?
  7. yes lets listen to the dogooders reply to this https://www.thestar.co.uk/health/coronavirus/residents-fear-their-safety-crowds-ignore-lockdown-rules-and-gather-sheffield-streets-2529745
  8. depends on what bus you use some are 2 hourly but for the latest updates download their app
  9. try here https://www.firstgroup.com/south-yorkshire/news-and-service-updates/coronavirus-covid19-service-information and if you use first buses download their app from the app store
  10. Yes trump’s going to be afraid of the eu when this is over 😂😂😂 he looking after his own you should be applauding him .
  11. Certain bus stops have timing points so the driver has to wait a cpl of minutes before he can set off again . All well and good early in the morning etc but when people are starting to go to work passengers/ people in cars/traffic etc them Times need to be altered. Don’t blame the driver he only doing his job to try and get people to where they want to go . Route times need to change when busy to reflect this but don’t hold your breath
  12. No it won’t it’s a done deal and yes you say international cooperation and unhindered trade let’s see who will try to scupper that 😁
  13. no change in contracts other than the weekly pay situation and it seems after altering their dd/standing orders etc are happy with it
  14. was that after he said that he hadnt had any sexual connatations with that woman (or words to that effect)
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