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  1. But why did they have to give everyone else a sledgehammer to the face at the same time?
  2. Sam Neil was brilliant "I know where you live" And Alfie was just mega. There is a spoiler below from series 5.....it's up to you whether you open it or not....it might make you want to watch Series 5 a bit more
  3. And even when told not to by the courts this Government continues to sell arms to the oppressive Saudi regime. It seems like the current "party of law and order" couldn't give two hoots about obeying the law.
  4. 0-7 Johnson's record now as PM as Parliament refuses a government motion for a recess to allow them to go to their precious party conference.
  5. Don't be so ridiculous. A puffed up prancing performance full of lawyer speak and hyperbole but lacking in any detail or humility after his Government's comprehensive mauling in the courts. Is that what you want in a politician, style over substance? And as for Johnson's response, the least said the better.
  6. Gove has referred to Johnson as being akin to Pep Guardiola The Cabinet Office minister told LBC: "I think it is only fair to say that Boris is the Pep Guardiola of British politics." Not sure when the last time was that Man City lost 6 league games in a row then got trounced 11-0 in a cup game. Gove....what a plank.
  7. Rees Mogg has apparently called the judgement of the Supreme Court "a constitutional coup". When asked about this Gove first ducked the question three times then uttered guff about "not recognising that language". I thought the Tories were supposed to the party of law and order now they're throwing their toys out of the pram when judges rule on law, which is what judges are there to do. Still, instead of crying to nanny he could appeal to the European Courts. Lord Heseltine said of Moggs' comments "This is a Tory, this is someone who believes in the high principles of Conservatism, taking about a constitutional coup when he’s lost a legal case. If I’m arraigned on some sort of criminal charge in the courts, and I then said ‘Well, of course it’s a personal vendetta’, people would laugh. Yet we’ve got the leader of the House of Commons talking about the unanimous judgment of 11 judges, calling it a constitutional coup."
  8. Yeah, Annunciata, the bane of the Establishment, the outlaw rebel standing up for the common man against the evil oppressors of the Oxbridge/Eton/Bullingdon elite. Yep, that one.
  9. So the actions of an unelected buffoon in suspending Parliament are ruled to be illegal by the Supreme Courts yet the raving Brexitters claim this is somehow an affront to Democracy? How odd.
  10. Unanimous decision as well which is a shocker
  11. Watched the last episode tonight. It has never hit the heights of series 2 but wasn't as naff as the silly Russian one. All the announcements of series 6 and 7 being in production rather put paid to what cliffhanger ending there could have been. Also like others have said I also have difficulty understanding what is being said sometimes.
  12. It's advertising itself as a bit of an upmarket wine/beer off with tastings and the like. It'll be a huge dissappointment after this wait if they're just going to be selling off old bottles of Owd Tyke
  13. In there now. Between us we've tried all the sours and I've had an IPA. I'm giving the stupidly strong stout a very wide swerve. Card only by the way
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