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  1. Quits Labour Party due to antisemitism then describes people as having "a funny tinge". Will this independent group take swift and determined action to combat the racism within their party? Have they even signed up to the definition of anti funny tingism?
  2. taxman

    The "I am currently reading" thread

    Milkman by Anna Burns. The 2018 Booker prize winner. I'm finding it incredibly hard going though. All prose and no breaks. Definitely not holiday reading. May have to give up on it.
  3. taxman

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Were you the same when you were 15 than you are now? Or were you a fully formed adult? Your argument is the same as those used by men who have sex with underage girls.....
  4. taxman

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    The Chump has now declared a National Emergency in a bid to get the US to pay for the wall he repeatedly said would be paid for by Mexico. Mental.
  5. taxman

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    He's been a breath of fresh air and a lovely bloke.
  6. taxman

    Child Genital Mutilation

    Unless his own or his chum Bone in which case he never raises an objection.
  7. taxman

    Child Genital Mutilation

    Respectfully....that's ******. He puts his own bills forward on a Friday afternoon and he never objects to his mates bills. This whole argumant about "doing what is right" is blown straight out of the water. He's a git. Full stop.
  8. A vision of a future Britain we can all be proud of
  9. We've gone from sunlit uplands to scrambling around foraging for seaweed
  10. taxman

    Child Genital Mutilation

    Even his own constituency party seems fed up with now (despite his massive majority). Funny how it's all about a point of principle when he objects to certain bills but not when he puts forward his own or doesn't object to his mates bills.
  11. Those who took it to court all the way yes...some couldn't be bothered or didn't have the time. Do you think it was right for the police to arrest someone for tooting a musical instrument? It's just bizarre that plod would think that worthy of arrest.
  12. They were found to have broken the law. Their "victory" was built on deceit.
  13. Confirmed that the contract has been withdrawn. Must be bad news for whichever snouts were in the trough when the contract was given.
  14. It wasn't Constable Plod who came up with the wheeze to use Trade Union Legislation against peaceful protestors, it was the council's legal team, directed by Dore & Co.

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