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  1. Sad to read some of the obituaries about him. As a Man U fan and only a child in the 70's he passed me by but the consensus seems to be he could have had a longer and more successful City and England career if it wasn't for a horror tackle by United's Martin Buchan.
  2. The ex-Man Utd and Scotland manager has died after a long illness.
  3. Jamie doing Hercles... It was rubbish the first time and worse this time. Absolutely garbage
  4. Oh no...whatever will I do with the kilo of vodka and beetroot cured salmon I've made......looks like we'll have to have it all to ourselves. Oh the humanity!
  5. It's a shower isn't it? Press conference expected at 4 but a few weeks ago it kept getting delayed. My OH will go ballistic if Strictly is delayed😄 Maybe they should just do like Escape from New York and not let anyone in or out of London. They are now speculating that people leaving London could be spreading the new variant around. Some sort of Berlin wall type structure, Trump should have plenty of unused bricks to sell us.
  6. I'm surprised nobody has started this thread before me. John Le Carre (real name David Cornwell) died last week. I only got into his books recently and I find them on the whole unputdownable. For people who haven't read them and think his spy novels are all paracuhting into enemy territory and shooting villains would be disappointed. He described the tedium, grey margins, deceit and double crossing of a mundane and largely inconsequential trade. Having worked for both MI5 and MI6 his observations held a bit more weight then others of the genre. I love his books.
  7. We hated that. She said she voted for the person "who wanted it more and was more determined" How did she know that? Is she psychic? What did she want Ranvir to do, suddenly start doing leaps and throws during a waltz? Jamie has done a majority of silly dances and you really cannot compare goofing around with Ranvir's beautiful ballroom frame.
  8. Me and Rivelin6 always spend Christams day on our own anyway so no change this year. We did used to pop to the pub but then it started to get too popular and crowded so we stopped bothering. So...get up, bit of breakfast and some coffee. Open any presents we might have (although we've told each other we aren't buying this year), clear wrapping paper away. I might treat myself to a bacon butty for lunch. 3ish....maybe start on the snowballs or sherry 4ish...I start cooking, at the moment it looks like beetroot tarte tattin with roast sweet potato chips. 6ish...maybe some smoked salmon and a glass of bubbly 6.30ish...eat tea 7ish..."Is there anything to watch tonight?"......."No" 8ish.....Rivelin6 goes to bed and I watch a repeat of Misummer Murders with a Laphroaig or two. 10ish...bed
  9. Lets face it, he was on a hiding to nothing anyway. Always going to struggle in the Premiership without the funds to buy a 20+ goal striker. They were favourites to go down before a ball had even been kicked.
  10. Hiya, tried to PM you but apparently you are not recieving messages.....banned again eh? 😉
  11. War and Peace. I've exhausted my "to read" pile, and I can't re-read my Pratchet's and M. Bank's for an eigth time....so I saw Ade Edmundson on some book programme saying this was his favourite so I borrowed it off some one I just knew would have it. It's very enjoyable...but the writing is tiny and the book is massive so it's completely unreadable in bed before sleep. I can't hold it up or squint at the words. Enjoying the story though when I get to read during the week when I'm supposed to be working.
  12. Wow, you praise Boris because you support Brexit, yet Boris voted 3 times against May's Brexit deal. We could have had Brexit ages ago apart from Boris and his chums wanting power rather an a deal.
  13. Amazing that they can knock out multiple vaccines in a few months for Covid but other treatments take years of torturing animals, endless peer reviews, medical panels etc etc
  14. But still we don't have answers to the major question. Scotch Egg...substantial meal or not?
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