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  1. The lack of a provision for affordable housing was one of the numerous objections to this particular project. 300 two (or more) car households stuffed into a river valley. Given that are experiencing more flooding year on year at the moment and are already building too many new houses on flood plains, anyone with a rudimentary grasp of flood management and the history of Loxley Valley could see that building 300 houses in that location would just be tempting fate
  2. It was all over the news yesterday, first story on all news broadcasts, major incident declared, CCTv footage released within 24hrs and a suspect apprehended. Police were treating it as a random stabbing, if he'd been targeting people the police would have treated it as a terrorist/hate crime. That might still be the case but we'll have to wait until any charges are brought to find out.
  3. Application has been refused on a number of grounds including damage to greenbelt, unsustainability, flood risk, poor transport links and a failure to by the developers to enage with planners before application.
  4. Cadet Bone Spurs "I got bone spurs Daddy, don't let me go to war Daddy! Bone spurs! Bone spurs!
  5. Looks like they've employed the old racist climate change denier as trade envoy. Is there any old real Conservative on here who, hand on heart, can support this shower?
  6. Hiya, I remember you from days gone by. I'm only an occasional poster nowadays but still like to put my oar in about Tories, Trump and pubs.
  7. Meanwhile major oil companies want to ramp up production of virgin plastic to help compensate them for more electric vehicles and demands for cleaner energy. They don't mind drowning the world in plastic as log as they can continue making their trillions.
  8. The problems with plastic will never be stopped until companies stop manufacturing virgin plastic items. There is enough plastic already in existence, it should be reprocessed and re-used. Unfortunately it is not a level playing field at the moment. There are many more UK companies exporting used plastic across the world to places like Malaysia than there are reprocessors. They get the same £ per tonne but reprocessors need factories, land, machinery and workforce. An exporter just needs a list of contacts and a computer. In Q2 this year the accredited companies exported 203,005 tonnes of plastic packaging waste but only reprocessed 111,823 tonnes. We should be encouraging more reprocessing and less exporting.
  9. I'm afraid his PMQ "performance" this afternoon just shows what a spineless and morally bankrupt shyster Johnson is. Can't answer a straight question so bumbles on, evading and avoiding. For once in a very long time the speaker was forced to intervene. Charlatan.
  10. Failing Grayling resigns in a sulk after failing to win the Chair of the Intelligence and Security committee. Awwww diddums.
  11. After the phenomenal success of the Government's Track and Trace programme it's only right that Dido Harding be given the job of chairing the agency set to replace Public Health England. What are her medical qualifications again? Ex Chief Executive of Talk Talk and good mate of David Cameron.
  12. This is what happens when the government use the Covid 19 crisis as an excuse to enrich their pals with untendered contracts. They have also given PPE contracts worth over £100million to a pest control company, a crisp manufacturer and a familiy hedge fund. One multi million contract was handed out, untendered, to a company with assets of just £12k. It's all very reminiscent of Failing Greyling and his ferry contract to a company with no ferries and the terms and conditions of a pizza delivery firm.
  13. Finished The Mirror and the Light, the last part of Hilary Mantel's Cromwell trilogy. I found it quite hard to finish because we all know what the ending is. The descent into the inevitable. I think it suffers in comparison to the first two books because, although we know the story of Henry and his queens, it was told from Cromwell's perspective, but now it's his time to die it felt somehow sad. Someone I'd been with for about 2000 pages, and suddenly gone.
  14. I'm confused, why would you want to get rid of the ants?
  15. They were happy to restore the whip to the sexual assailant Elphicke when they were desperate for a vote or two.
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