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  1. So was he shagging her before he got her a job in the Department of Health? Seeing as she supposedly already has two full time jobs elsewhere it seems he managed to wrangle her a nice taxpayer funded role just so she could be on hand for office nookie.
  2. What a shame. I'm sure they only had the football pyramid's best intentions at heart and I was so looking forward to Real Madrid and Juventus bringing back Bury into League 1.
  3. I honestly cannot see him getting another job in English football.....mind you I thought that after he was sacked by Man. Utd
  4. How disrespectful....Gor Bless 'Im and all who sail in im, Ees our better so doff yur cap and tug yur forlock....Gor Bless 'im...I've got rickets I av, Gor bless 'im. You think this weekend is bad, wait for next weekend
  5. One of the highlights of the year when they start nesting again...lets hope for an uneventful and happy outcome this year
  6. I wouldn't have thought a eulogy from the Salisbury Poisoner was any great achievement...he was popular amongst Tsarist Russians because he was part of their Royal family. The Bolsheviks should have done a more thorough job.
  7. And you will have cut off your nose to spite your face...Labour may have lost their core values but you'd be happy with Tory values instead. A plague on both their houses.
  8. It got worse....secret triplets separated at birth.
  9. He just trades on stuff like this, it's all a great act. If people just ignored him he'd go away...like that silly Fox bloke.
  10. I've got the point where I'm just hoping against hope that there isn't an unknown evil twin involved....almost as poor a plot device as "..and it was all a dream"
  11. Just started Not Dead Enough by Peter James, one of his Roy Grace detective novels. The plot is turning out nicely but it's yet another ......(Imagine deep Holywood blockbuster type voiceover) "He's a cop with issues! His wife is missing and his boss is looking for an excuse to fire him! He's one more mistake from being sacked! Can he solve the case and keep his job?" Never read any of these Grace books before so will be interesting to contrast with John Sim who will be playing him on ITV next week.
  12. I don't recall being asked if I minded paying for a renewal of Trident either, or for a new media centre from which to peddle lies that cost the equivalent of 77 nurses annual salaries. The argument that we are a destitute country that can't afford to properly fund pensions, civic society, social care, NHS etc etc is a false one. We are the 5th/6th wealthiest country on the planet.....it's all about the choices the government make.
  13. Yeah, but it's a good diversionary tactic to keep the sheeple happy.
  14. "Let them eat claps" I'm sure all those virtue signalling Tory voters who stood outside clapping the NHS staff won't see the irony. Meanwhile let's all dig deep to refurnish No.10
  15. Yeah, the ending to episode 2 shocked me though...was not expecting that. I think his missus is still alive, but then maybe we are meant to think that. Great stuff.
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