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  1. Watched Kick Ass again last night for about the 5th time. Chloe Morentz is just so cool.
  2. I've done that a few times, double the pleasure. I'm wishing I'd have got Hilary Mantel's finale to her story of Cromwell before the lockdown occured.
  3. Looks like she has started incubating the two eggs that are there which indicates that will be all she lays.
  4. In my first year at Uni it was a regular on the crawl. "5 pints of your strongest lager" was the order in those days, usually Lowenbrau. I look back and shudder.
  5. Well this Government seems to have found the mythical magic money tree somewhere. Maybe it was there all along but they decided to spaff money up the wall on appeasing the DUP, HS2, Trident renewal, bunging the Chinese money to build nuclear power stations, garden bridges, brexit etc etc. Austerity never needed to happen, it was an ideological experiment. Ask yourself this...if Universal Credit can now be paid from day 1 of unemployment, why was it designed in the first place to make people wait 6-8 weeks for it? And as for asking for a list of critical businesses, what's so wrong with that? If the government sets out who is critical and who isn't then there is no wriggle room, no business owner claiming that they are critical when they really aren't. All people and most businesses want is certainty, not hints or suggestions.
  6. Since when was an election manifesto worth the price they paid to have it printed?
  7. The whole tricky issue of status would go if tax and NI contributions were the same across the board. Employers' NI meant lots of companies I used to deal with opted to pretend their workers were self employed in order to avoid it.
  8. Announcement about payments to the self employed - "Rishi Sunak says self-employed people facing financial difficulties will be able to have 80% of their monthly wages covered by the government. He says this will be calculated using average monthly profits over last three financial years. He says support will be capped at £2,500 per month, and will initially last three months." Interesting that he then went on to say that in return for this the amount of tax/National Insurance contributions the self employed pay will be looked at.
  9. Yeah, what is it with the tomato puree panic buying? I went to ASDA Walkley yesterday and they had mountains of brocoli and other fresh veg but not dried pasta, no olive oil and no tomato puree. Very odd. They were letting people in as and when yesterday but advising them on entry about the 2m distancing. It can't have been very successful because pictures I've seen today of queues indicate a one in one out policy.
  10. And you would be correct
  11. I rarely cook squid but we do often have octopus and I always have it slow cooked in onions, olives and tomatos. I know in Greece they tend to BBQ a whole tentacle to get the charred effect but our home ovens just aren't that hot
  12. I just feel a bit guilty for having been "working from home" since last Friday but I've been given a laptop with no encription fob. Fine, I'm being paid to do jigsaws but I'd really much rather do the work I'm supposed to.
  13. A lot of it is probably because people don't know how to cook properly. I've got a freezer full of leftover meals that will probably last me a month, store cupboard essentials can be padded out to make more than one meal. Yesterday I bought one sliced loaf, two pints of milk, 5 apples and a bag of satsumas, just stuff we'd run out of. The loaf went into the freezer. I don't have a lot of fresh veg, but if I need some I'll just go and get whenever..no point buying twenty cauliflowers and letting them rot.
  14. Bozo actually sounded rather good today, he seem's to have lost the smirk and sense on entitlement. Still looks like a two year old toddler who has just been told to get of out of bed though.
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