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  1. taxman

    The "I am currently reading" thread

    The Seagull by Ann Cleeves. Never read any of her Vera Stanhope series before and I never watched the TV program either. I do like the Shetland books so gave this one a try. Very good so far and therefore another series for me to look out for in charity shops.
  2. Happy with the "offer" of a wage freeze?
  3. taxman

    Supertram Rail Replacement 2019

    The yellow tram only goes to Shalesmoor in the evenings, the rest of the time it stops at the Cathedral.
  4. taxman

    Jo Brand - Hate Speech vs Free Speech

    It wasn't the news quiz. It was a show called "Heresey" and the clue might be in the title. Hosted by Victoria "hubba hubba phwoar" Coren-Mitchell, it explored areas of jokes that might be too near the knuckle (jokes about disability, mental health, the word "spaz" etc). The whole format of the show was to discuss how close to the edge comedy could go. Was I the only one on here who actually listened to it? Also the irony of Mr "tell it like it is" Farage complaining...what a little snowflake buttercup.
  5. taxman

    Jo Brand - Hate Speech vs Free Speech

    No they wouldn't, they'd have put him on Question Time every week. Oh...they did!
  6. taxman

    The Crow, Scotland Street

    The Food of Gods
  7. taxman

    The Crow, Scotland Street

    No but Chris said they were looking to get bar snacks such as pies.
  8. taxman

    Feeding Fox Cubs To Hounds.

    Some Hunt Investigation Team witnesses were allowed to testify behind a curtain due to the abuse and threats they'd received. And the fact this trial took place so long after the crime was because of spurious claims that police were romantically involved with some anti hunt campaigners. The hunt fraternity threw everything they could at this case and have threatened at every stage. I wish the judge could have taken this behaviour into consideration when sentencing but obviously not. It also shines a light on the effort to get a conviction that a private organisation must make when the police have proven time and time again that they couldn't be bothered. Evidence was there of crimes committed but the Hunt Investigation Team had to install a tracker on a vehicle and then install cameras in order to get it to court. Interestingly this would not have been allowed in Scotland where secret camera film of a gamekeeper blasting a hen harrier to death was ruled inadmissible by their CPS because of RIPA and the fact they hadn't obtained permission from the landowner to install the camera. Wildlife crime is so prevalent but seldom prosecuted and when it is the sentenced are woeful.
  9. taxman

    BBC Bias - "Accidental" Gaffes

    Happened again today, Victoria Derbyshire referring to Jeremy Hunt by his description rather than his name.
  10. taxman

    Feeding Fox Cubs To Hounds.

    Utterly pathetic "sentences" handed out. Suspended sentences and conditional discharges. The judge must have been born yesterday if he believed the **** and bull story from the terrierman about catching the foxes so they could be rehomed.
  11. taxman

    Who next for Tory Leader/PM?

    Andrea Leadsom has said that such a proposed tax cut would never get through the Commons given the current parliamentary make up. Its really saying something when this bat crazy loon is sounding sensible.
  12. taxman

    Tommy Robinson thread - All discussion here.

    Violent criminals?
  13. taxman

    VAR and offside

    Does anyone else think the ruling out of goals due to millimetres measured by VAR is a bit pathetic? Before VAR the common rule was that the benefit of the doubt be given to the attacking player, leading to more goals and better games. Now with VAR we are seeing goals ruled out because someone's arm or big toe was marginally in front of the last defender. If they are a yard offside then fine, VAR was introduced to counter the most egregious of referee errors but for touch and go decisions I think the attacker should get the advantage.
  14. It's the fake remorse that gets me. "Oooo I'm so sorry I took the drugs, ooooh it was a big mistake ooooh" Rubbish, they aren't sorry they took drugs, they are sorry that it might impact on their future prospects. When they were high/stoned/whizzed etc they were happy as Larry.

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