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  1. Toys thrown out of his oversized pram as he cancels trip to Denmark because they won't sell him Greenland. What a pathetic waste of skin.
  2. The moron in chief has now set his sights on buying Greenland. Although he has pledged not to build a massive golden tower.
  3. It'll never happen. Once we leave the dead hand of the EU and have control or our own destiny we can all retire at 50 and ride around the sunlit uplands on our unicorns.
  4. They should be banged up, but it must take a special brand of moron to pay $450 to go to seminar and drink the stuff.
  5. When I used to work at the tax office and we wanted a clampdown on dodgy taxi drivers the one vested interest that always seemed to get in our way was Rotherham Council.
  6. Do you feel the same way about Blackpool or Skegness...all these people walking around in shorts, bathing trunks, topless and flaunting their flesh? Or is is just gay flesh you have a problem with?
  7. Excellent news. The fantastic Lost Industry brewery are opening a new tap room. They brew some cracking beers and I love their sours.
  8. I took a picture of a package that covered the entirity of a double bed but only contained a slim, and packaged, box. Just mental. As an aside..... If a company has a turnover over £2m and handles over 50t of packaging in a year they have to register and pay for a percentage of the packaging **** they inflict on the market. A public register of all packaging producers is available online. If you suspect some company is putting packaging on the market and isn't registered..then contact The Environment Agency.
  9. He just gets worse and worse. Here he is giving a thumbs up in a photo of a child orphaned in the El Paso shooting by the sort of person he's gone out of his way to encourage and cultivate. He then went on to have a rant about crowd sizes.
  10. Trump is now blaming violent video games and the internet and claiming that the shooters were mentally ill. No mention of gun laws.
  11. It's a poor chicken farmer who blames foxes for nicking his birds. Really...a human being, the pinicle of life on this planet cannot construct a chicken house that a fox cannot get into? I know people who've had chickens ate by foxes and guinea pigs but they are only doing what is natural. Just build better chicken runs/ guinea pig houses. It's a battle of wits...surely humans can win without resorting to the shotgun.
  12. Sometimes I can still be stirred enough to post on here. Rarely though seeing as the vast majority of posters I don't believe are real people.
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