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  1. He is Sideshow Boris, popular on a satirical panel game but unable to answer a straight question without lying. And people really want him to be PM? It's as if we are in some weird dystopian nightmare where the stupidest contestant on a reality tv show gets to run the country and people vote for him "because it will be a laugh", akin to voting for Shaun Ryder or Bez.
  2. Any chance the 95s can run properly? Doubt it. My OH was forced to get a taxi tonight because of the mysterious Walkley Triangle where all the 95s suddenly stop running.
  3. Why should there be any respect for it? If a majority of people voted to jump off a cliff would you follow them?
  4. Chris please..I don't know why Shirley likes him so much.
  5. Two people killed it has been confirmed.
  6. Looks like the police arrived pretty sharpish, which is excellent.
  7. Just watched first episode of War of the Worlds. Absolute pants. Rubbish.
  8. Bit of a shock that one. One of the first UK superstar chefs.
  9. Alternatively Corbyn organised the Apr. 1977 defence of Jewish populated Wood Green from a Neo-Nazi march EDM3933 7 Nov. 1990: Corbyn signs motion condemning the rise of antisemitism EDM634, 11 Apr. 2000: Jeremy Corbyn signs motion condemning David Irving for being a Holocaust Denier EDM1124, 6 Nov. 2000: Jeremy Corbyn praised the ‘British Schindler’, Bill Barazetti, for his WW2 kindertransport EDM742, 28 Jan. 2002: Jeremy Corbyn signs motion praising football clubs for commemorating Holocaust Day EDM1233 30 Apr. 2002: Corbyn was a primary sponsor on a motion condemning antisemitism 11 May 2002: Jeremy led a clean up of Finsbury Park Synagogue after an anti-Semitic attack EDM1691, 23 July 2002: Corbyn condemned attacks on a synagogue in Swansea EDM123 26 Nov. 2003: Corbyn officially condemns attacks on 2 Istanbul synagogues EDM298, 16 Dec. 2003: Jeremy Corbyn signs motion commemorating International Holocaust Day 2004: Jeremy condemned news that anti-Semitic hate crimes had risen for yet another year EDM461, 21 Jan. 2004: Jeremy Corbyn condemned the French government’s moves to ban the Jewish Kippa in French Schools EDM717, 26 Feb. 2004: Jeremy signed a motion praising Simon Wiesenthal for bringing Nazi perpetrators of the Holocaust to justice EDM1613, 8 Sept. 2004: Corbyn co-sponsored a bill expressing fears for the future of the United Synagogue Pension Scheme EDM1699, 11 Oct. 2004: Jeremy Corbyn condemned arbitrary attacks on civilians in Israel and Palestine EDM482, 12 Jan. 2005: Jeremy Corbyn signs a motion commemorating International Holocaust Day EDM343, 16 June 2005: Jeremy condemned the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in east London EDM1343, 11 Jan. 2006: Jeremy Corbyn signs a motion commemorating International Holocaust Day EDM1774, 8 Mar. 2006: Jeremy Corbyn led condemnations of an Iranian Magazine soliciting cartoons about the Holocaust EDM1267, 16 Apr. 2006: Jeremy Corbyn condemned Bryan Ferry for anti-Semitic remarks EDM2414, 26 June 2006: Jeremy Corbyn praised British war veterans for their efforts to combat the Holocaust EDM2705, 10 Oct. 2006: Jeremy signed a motion marking the 70th anniversary of Cable Street EDM271, 14 Nov. 2007: Jeremy co-sponsored a motion lamenting the poverty and social exclusion East London Jews suffered EDM153, 12 May 2008: Corbyn praised the efforts of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto during the uprising of 1944 EDM2350, 27 Oct 2008: Jeremy Corbyn signs a motion marking the 70th anniversary of the horrors of the holocaust EDM173, 8 Dec. 2008: Jeremy condemned the Press Complaints Commission for refusing to sanction The Times for antisemitism EDM461, 14 Jan. 2009: Jeremy Corbyn condemned a wave of recent anti-Semitic incidents targeted EDM605, 27 Jan. 2009: Corbyn signed John Mann’s motion condemning antisemitism on university campuses EDM917 26 Feb. 2009: Jeremy signs a motion condemning antisemitism on the internet EDM1175 24 Mar. 2009: Corbyn signs a motion praising the heroism of British Jews during Holocaust EDM337, 2 Dec. 2009: Jeremy Condemned Iran’s treatment of Jewish minorities in Iran EDM850 9 Feb. 2010: Jeremy joins in calls for Facebook to do more to fight antisemitism EDM891: 22 Feb 2010: Corbyn co-sponsors a motion calling for Yemen’s Jews to be given refugee status to the UK EDM908 27 Oct. 2010: Corbyn praises work of late Israeli PM in his pursuit of a 2 state solution EDM1360, 27 Jan. 2011: Corbyn co-sponsored a motion praising the ‘never again for anyone initiative’ EDM1527, 3 Mar. 2011: Corbyn backed Ian Paisley’s motion condemning the anti-Semitic remarks of Dior’s lead fashion designer EDM2870, 14 Mar. 2012: Jeremy Corbyn condemned the sale of Nazi memorabilia at an auction in Bristol EDM2866, 14 Mar 2012: Jeremy Corbyn co-sponsored a bill condemning the rise of antisemitism in Lithuania EDM2899, 20 Mar. 2012, Jeremy Corbyn condemned a terrorist attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse EDM168, 12 June 2012, Jeremy co-sponsored a motion condemning anti-Semitic attacks during EURO 2012 in Poland EDM 195 13 June 2012: Jeremy attacks BBC for cutting Jewish programmes from Its schedule EDM 1133 1 Mar 2013: Corbyn joins a chorus of calls condemning antisemitism In sport 1 Oct. 2013: Corbyn was one of the few MPs who defended Ralph Miliband from Daily Mail antisemitism EDM 932 9 Jan 2014: Jeremy praises Holocaust Memorial’s work on antisemitism education EDM 165 22 June 2015: Jeremy condemns a Neo-Nazi rally planned for a Jewish area of London Sat 4 July 2015: Jeremy co-planned a counter-fascist demo in defence of Jewish residents at Golders Green. The march was re-routed 18 Nov. 2015, Corbyn used one of his first PMQs to challenge Cameron to do more on antisemitism 9 Oct 2016: Corbyn, close to tears, leads commemoration of the Battle of Cable Street 3 Dec. 2016: Corbyn visits Terezin Concentration Camp to commemorate Holocaust victims In 2017-19 Jeremy introduced 20 new measures to combat antisemitism in the Labour Party
  10. Well my fantasy footy team has just bee shot to hell...what was wrong with a nice 0-0?
  11. I'm going out on a limb here...but I bet you don't say that about the victims of the Rotherham Pedo gangs...hmmm, and I wonder why
  12. Rubbish....is it Sheffield Council that instructs First to cancel 95's in the afternoon so they can be used for school runs?
  13. Lol...you really are beyond parody. Another useful law now thrown in the rubbish bin because of this stupid Brexit obsession. Legislation, named “Helen’s law” in her memory, was designed to require parole boards to take into account any refusal to provide information about remains when deciding about release but its passage through parliament has been halted due to the election.
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