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  1. Gibberish much? I don't like the woman or what she has done whilst in power but at least try to have a rational argument against the things she's done as an elected Councillor baring in mind that the CEO of the council earnt about 5 times as much. As for the comparison between public and private income, a report was commissioned by George Osborne into just that. It was called The Hays report. He wanted to allign public and private pay but the report showed that to do so he would have to actually raise public pay, so the report got shelved.
  2. I went in there last night with friends and had a good time. When we got there at half 8 it was heaving and really hot and loud but most people seemed to using it as part of a crawl and went off to The Florist/Monkey/Wlakley Cottage. A good through flow of customers and attentive staff woh remove glasses and wipe down tables when people leave. Beers good, prices fine. May go onto our Saturday night rota.
  3. On the back of this thread I looked up their menu. Hello the 1970's your time is up. £11.50 for a scampi starter....a melon fan....prawn cocktail...whitebait. It's like an homage to The Good Companions hotel in Douglas, Isle of Man, I used to visit for TT races back in the 70's. Vegetable pancake...Mushroom Stroganoff...it just gets better 😅
  4. Finished watching the 3 part Dracula. Loved it and Holly Wells playing Van Helsing stole every single scene she was in.
  5. I'm sure they won't be queuing up at a food bank any time soon. Poor Diddumses.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/08/helen-mccourts-killer-to-be-freed-as-ministers-appeal-rejected Here is a consequence of Brexit. The government spent so much time looking up its own jacksy that they failed to pass the laws they promised. And whilst red faced gammons can get off on having blue passports again in the real world people need a government to deliver on a range of issues, not just one loud and stupid one.
  7. If he really want's to pee suppliers off he could start a cup cake company in Sheffield Ahh cup cakes..the thing that never was, but pretended to be the best thing since sliced eel sushi.
  8. What beers did they have on?
  9. A lot of pee and wind from Iran last night...sending rockets into US camps after informing the Iraqi authorities (and so the US) allowing for them to get all righteous about reaping revenge whilst ensuring no US casualties.
  10. Apparently the response of European countries isn't helpful enough for the yanks, unlike their vassal states in the Middle East who have creamed themselves over the strike. Well maybe if they'd had the good grace to inform their allies what they were up to then there might have been a different reaction. Not from Johnson of course...too busy on the beach to even pretend to be the PM.
  11. It improves and makes money when brought into public ownership but the Tories obsession with privatisation means than as soon as it is successful they sell it off again.
  12. Shaun The Sheep - just right for a New Years Day morning 8/10
  13. taxman


    The International Football Association Board have restated that VAR should only be used for "clear and obvious" mistakes, not a nipple, armpit hair or a toe being offside. Anything that requires 15 different camera angles to re-assess cannot surely be "clear and obvious".
  14. Nah, not when their unicorn arrives with its blue passport.
  15. We've just tried purchasing online and after the faff of registering the card, inputting your details (why do they need to know my phone number and DOB?) etc etc you still need to download some stupid app. They know my travelmaster card number why can't the new ticket just be loaded onto it online? Why do I need an android smartphone and app? Or I can pick it up on board...which rather defeats the whole object.
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