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  1. In better news Bolsonaro tests positive.
  2. The Fit and Proper rule needs overhauling, totally not fit for purpose.
  3. Pubs can re-open from 6am tomorrow morning. See you all in The Bankers Draft
  4. That's a shame, I've enjoyed some good nights in there and some nice Sunday lunches.
  5. Which is a pain because both the Blake and The Welly are regular watering holes for me. We've decided to wait a week to see how things settle down before going out. The Raven is opening on Monday 6th which seems sensible but we'd rather wait a bit until places have had a chance to put the new regulations into practice and people might have calmed down a bit after the first week.
  6. Will you be clapping for the bankers this Thursday as Boris suggests? “My friends, I am not a communist … Yes, of course we clap for our NHS, but under this government we also applaud those who make our NHS possible, our innovators, our wealth creators, our capitalists and financiers.”
  7. To be fair only classy people go to Whitby.
  8. Yep not illegal and apparently the correct decision at the time because the virus "was not considered to be widespread in the community." which seems a bizarre line of defence seeing as the rest of the country was pretty much in lockdown after March 23rd
  9. An announcement from Abbeydale brewery "It is with great sadness that we must announce that the Devonshire Cat will not be re-opening as an Abbeydale Brewery pub. With the underlying trend of a reduction in footfall over the past years it has become increasingly challenging to run the Devonshire Cat as a viable business. This is despite every effort made by our team to make it a warm and welcoming venue with a fantastic food and drink offering, and we’re hugely proud of what we were able to achieve in our little corner of Sheffield. It is, therefore, inevitable that the Covid-19 outbreak has had a devastating effect on the viability of this business. Unfortunately, the rateable value of our city centre venue was too high to benefit from the grants offered at this time. Given the uncertainty surrounding the future of the hospitality industry and the prospect of long term changes to social interaction, we have come to the decision that we are not in a position to re-open. We would like to take this opportunity of recognising the efforts of our truly dedicated and hardworking staff members and we are now focussed on supporting those who are impacted by this course of events. We have ensured that all of the local suppliers and breweries that worked with us before the country-wide closure in March have been paid. We will miss the Devonshire Cat so much, and wish to thank all of our customers over the years for their amazing support. We are disappointed not to have the opportunity to have a proper goodbye but would love to see all of you up at the Rising Sun, which will continue to represent Abbeydale Brewery into the future. Kittens out."
  10. I've just ordered The Mirror and the Light, the final installment of Hilary Mantel's Cromwell trilogy. To get me in the mood and up to speed on the characters I'm binge re-reading Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies.
  11. An original Van Der Valk. I remember it being exciting and cutting edge. In fact it was terrible. Awful story, shaking camera, naff sound recording, looped videos of trams and cyclists. Like Crossroads crossed with Acorn Antiques
  12. It has just been announced that former snooker player Willie Thorne has died. He had been placed in an induced coma after a respiratory failure but has passed away. Another memorable character from the great era of snooker.
  13. That would constitute a great success after last years disaster.
  14. Even some Tories were saying that this issue wasn't a hill worth dying on. Looks like Johnson has agreed.
  15. This "announcement" was two lines at the end of a Telegraph opinion piece on statues. Its just a sop to try to be seen to actually do something but in reality it's just kicking the can down the road again. Various reports have already been commissioned and completed but presumably they contained stuff the government didn't like so they've just ignored them . Maybe with Johnson's chum heading this one it will reach a result that he approves of.
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