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  1. Virgin Media swapped our Broadband to Talk Talk too, but my OH has an EE mobile so we decided to go the whole hog and have the full package from them instead....2 weeks of incomptency and bare-faced lies from them, a neighbours account linked to ours, failed delivery of router and TV box...hung up on by Customer Services...I filled in a monitoring form to Ofcom because their service had been appalling....can't wait for Virgin Media to put their Fibre Optic system in place as we'll be going straight back to them. Make notes of phone calls with thim, e-mail their complaints dept and tell them you've filled in a Monitoring Form to Ofcom...Ofcom wont at take actual action for your personal case, but the form alerts them to malpractices which they will monitor and then investigate if there's regular complaints of the same nature. Good luck, x
  2. ....hope the pizza and lucozade does the trick, take it easy fella, x
  3. Quite agree, Twirler's updates have been fantastic, informative predictions without scaremongering, TBH Twirler has served better than the BBC/ITV weather predictions, I'm not sure if Daven has followed this post from the beginning when Twirler was prepared to stay awake and follow weather maps to update us with potential disruption. You've been great Twirler, thanks for taking the time to interpret the information available to you and for passing it on. ..... forewarned is forearmed..I used to be On-Call for Emergency Cardio-Vascular events, the emergency staff can plan to swap cover to those who are more likely to get the hospital from home if need be, these are things that have to be discussed/decided if there's a threat of disruptive snow, even if the forecast is not set in stone, there needs to be a back up for emergency care, I thought Daven would've been aware or more appreciative of your info.
  4. Yup, I'm watching it, only because I like Survivalist programmes, disappointed it's *ahem* celebs, it would have been more entertaining with Joe Public...aaahh well...
  5. I really enjoyed the last episode (episode 10). I thought it had quite a lot of meaning, the emotional and physical exhaustion was tense, allegedly Andrew Lincoln reckons episodes 9 and 10 were his favorites, it gave a greater understanding to the title of 'The Walking Dead', he goes on to say the rest of the season is going to be 'crazy. I'll be sticking with it, I'm not hauling ass halfway through the fifth season, it's bloody great
  6. Hi DaisyBoo, welcome to the wonderful world of puppy training, with regards to overnight wee-wees, you'll have to get up at least once during the night as pups have tiny bladders and will need to wee every couple of hours, here's a little bit of info from the Kennel Club, good luck, x http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/getting-a-dog-or-puppy/general-advice-about-caring-for-your-new-puppy-or-dog/toilet-training-for-puppies/
  7. It's probably both, NHS parking up on ONE side in the morning, a few cars move throughout the day...then the mid-afternoon Mummmy-Taxi squad arrive and there aren't enough free spaces, if they're not spot on time for picking up spaces it's fair to say they'll double park and sod it, and seeing as there'll be shifts of NHS staff coming in to the NGH, they'll be vying for spots also....bottle necks occur on what should be clear roads, bloomin' ridiculous!
  8. ...just thinking you could reduce the juices from that for a great sauce...if feeling fancy maybe a splash of Calvados, x Oooo, just had a brain-fart...cooking Beef short-ribs on a bed of vegetables , beef stock and Bourbon...yummy!
  9. Try this place http://sheffieldpetcrematorium.co.uk/ I used them for my old dog last year, fabulous service, single animal cremation and a casket, hugs x
  10. I live on Halifax Road, Wadsley Bridge WMC/Lidl/Speed camera area, Boxing Day was a nightmare, the OH spent a lot of the evening helping push cars to safety. The dual carriageway has been gritted twice today and was (up 'til 10:30pm) clear, a good covering on the pavements tho'... ..just looked outside and the dual carriageway is now white over but ther are tyre tracks, obviously the traffic has petered out as it gets later, a plough could clear it, but the sky still looks full enough to carry on dumping a few more centimetres...so my update is Halifax Road is looking a bit grim, thanks for the updates Twirler...I'll be awake for a wee while yet and can update if anything changes North side of the city, just thought people might want to know seeing as it's an arterial route
  11. No worries! ---------- Post added 20-01-2015 at 20:57 ---------- Do you mean the stables near the Whitley turn off?
  12. Yes, and they don't state exactly where the accident was either! So I'm presuming you haven't seen where it happened and are just posting Sheffield Online's link. A lot of people might not have access to Sheffield Online.
  13. That doesn't give any more info than you put in your title!! Where was the accident?
  14. A lady on Facebook posted on a pet page posted that a Harris with bells has been spotted in Tibshelf, she has photos on her FB profile I'll PM you the link to her page.
  15. As above ^^, Wadsley Bridge WMC on Friday, looks like there bonfire's going to be a big 'un!!
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