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  1. What I cant understand is how these people are allowed to behave like this? for example getting your bits out and having a wee in front of everyone?? if a 'normal' guy did this in the middle of fargate there would be uproar and no doubt police would arrest him. same as the fighting, if it was a normal group of guys fighting at 3.00pm in the afternoon something would be done it seems as these people have drink & drug issues it makes it ok for them to behave like this and we just have to put up with it. It not like you can step in and have a go at them. as they are aggressive and not in their right minds. So you just have to ignore it!!
  2. I went to town today, came out of boots at the bottom of fargate to see a guy stood there having a wee!! He just opened his trousers and did a wee in full view of everyone. This was literally right outside boots where the seats are I was dumbstruck I couldn’t believe it. A guy with his child shouted at him but he just shouted back and carried on Then saw a group of men having a fight next to sainsbury across the road. Another guy walking up fargate clearly out of it and having an argument with himself It’s just horrible. Why on earth would anyone want to go to town to see this when you are just going shopping!!
  3. Was woken up early this morning to a strong burning smell in Hillsborough Kept me awake until 7.30 especially as I have a fear of fire!!
  4. Hi do you know anywhere which authenticates handbags in Sheffield (to check they are genuine)? I have tried the pawnbrokers on London road and they don't do it or know anyone Thanks
  5. Hi I have in the past but don’t anymore and wouldn’t ever use pets at home for grooming again
  6. Not so much funny but very intelligent... I take my dog to work with me, we had to go down to head office for a meeting and I took him with me, he is very good just lays down or gets a fuss off people until the meeting is finished. we were in the meeting room about an hour anyway when I got up to leave he was really keen to get out (not like him), we went out in to the main office and he ran up to and /jumped up and pawed on the water cooler. he was obviously thirsty and knew that's where the water was!!
  7. I would say this is close to what it sounded like ---------- Post added 25-10-2017 at 13:31 ---------- No I haven't got tinnitus, I wake up a lot in the night but have only heard this twice. last night was almost unbearable but its not my ears.
  8. Hey bit of a random post but I was woken in the middle of the night by a loud very low frequency humming/vibrating noise. best way to describe it was that it sounded like a lorry was sat idling this went on for a few hours and kept me awake, I woke my husband up but he was half asleep and couldn't hear it (he is a very deep sleeper) I am sure the same thing woke me up a few weeks ago as well anyone else heard this in Hillsborough (near the park) thanks
  9. Our virgin internet and tv went off on Friday mid afternoon for a few hours. Same happened a few weeks ago as well
  10. Ours weren't collected on Lennox either
  11. by far james lewis, he is amazing. second paul laidlaw
  12. I have a dress for sale that would be suitable for a prom. Only worn once for a wedding size 8/10. £40 ono
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